Person Steals Animal Trap With Skunk Inside

Someone must have gotten quite the smelly surprise after stealing an animal trap with a live skunk inside.

At a park in Tennessee, it was reported that someone stole an animal trap that belongs to the city. The trap was holding a skunk.

There have been no arrests made and no suspects identified in the theft of either the live animal trap or skunk.

Source: Crossville Chronicle

5 Responses to “Person Steals Animal Trap With Skunk Inside”

  1. Pam says:

    Awww…. I hope the skunk is not being maltreated by whomever stole the trap. Not funny.

  2. kaefamily says:

    May be it was accomplished by a skunk sympathizer or a rescue organization. Hey, I am trying to positive for the sake of the skunk.

  3. Velvet's Dad says:

    How did they know a skunk was trapped? If they were aware of it, why didn’t they remove the skunk? Just left it there injured? Hope whoever stole the trap assists the skunk.

  4. kathy says:

    If the trap had a skunk inside it it must have been a “live trap”, the skunk almost certainly was not injured. The city workers were probably trying to figure out how they were going to remove the skunk. Don’t worry, the skunk will give the theives what they deserve, I just hope they let it out.

  5. Lynn says:


    I wouldn’t be too sure of that [that if trapped, the animal was caught in a “live trap”].

    Ever seen what one of those leghold, steel-jawed traps can do? Animals have intentionally amputated their own legs just to escape. And yes, some places still use them.

    And if the workers don’t know how to remove the animals their traps can potentially trap, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS SETTING TRAPS.

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