Pet Crocodile Falls From 12 Floors And Survives

Crocodiles as pets?

A crocodile survived a 12 floor fall off of an apartment in Russia after trying to jump out of the window. He walked away unscathed except for a broken tooth.

Concerned neighbors say that Khenar, the pet crocodile, makes it a habit of diving out of the window. They say that this is the third time that an incident like this has happened.

Residents called emergency services when the crocodile fell, and animal rescuers carefully took Khenar away.

The owner was not at home when Khenar jumped out of the window.

The crocodile was then put in a local aquarium, so he could recover. A zoologist examined Khenar and was surprised that the crocodile survived the high fall onto concrete. He said that he had no broken bones and was doing well.

After a few hours, his owner came to pick him up and drove him home in the back seat of his car. The owner said that Khenar has lived with him for the past 15 years. He also said that his crocodile barks like a dog and has frightened burglars away.

Khenar has returned back to normal after two days of rest.

Source: MSNBC, Russian News and Information Agency

2 Responses to “Pet Crocodile Falls From 12 Floors And Survives”

  1. Melissa says:

    I think after spending 15 years in an apartment in Russia that the croc might just be trying to commit suicide or at the very least escape. Three jumps out the window and authorities just give the croc back?

  2. catmom5 says:

    Just like the “pet” bear, this is a wild animal and should not be kept as a pet. My nephew “adopted” a baby alligator (much to my dismay) but we convinced him the gator would be a lot happier living with other gators in a more natural habitat. He sadly gave her up and she’s doing very well. This poor croc should be taken away from its owner!

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