Pet Food Deaths in China Date Back to 2005

Many readers have wondered if a silent epidemic is killing pets in China, as melamine has been killing pets in the US. At least one article says pets also died from tainted pet food in China:

Yu Zhi, who took care of about 50 homeless felines in her house in Beijing, said 38 of them died last month.

She said they became ill shortly after being fed with Xiduoyu, a brand of a Tianjin-based cat food manufacturer.

Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau said it had received complaints from dozens of pet-owners whose cats had also died or become seriously ill after eating the product.

The article blames deaths on lead in food consumed in December of 2005, but says the deaths cannot be conclusively linked. Chinese media reports are light on the details as they are controlled by the state. Sadly, the suffering extends beyond North America.

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  1. e wem says:

    Chinese media is not allowed to report negative news. That sad state keeps problems from being solved and makes it a dangerous country to do business with

    Ban the eating of poisoned voles in China

    Article on extinction of white fin doplphin in China mentions fishermen now use explosives and poisons to fish which could have led to the extinction

    poisonous vermicelli in Beijeng

    lard contaminated with unlnown waste oils containing pesticides in china

    poisonous duck eggs , ducks fed industrial dyes

    17 year old rice sold as new

    300 poisoned by tainted meat

    underground factory makes beverage bottles from plastic waste

    poisonous ginger

    Searching the epoch times for ‘poison’ under category ‘china’. This site has extensive coverage of China news

  2. Rhonda says:

    I’ll add to that:

    banned rat poison causes deaths people/dogs in China

  3. Rhonda says:

    I loved this quote from the above plastic thread:

    The renowned news commentator, Mr. Chen Pokong, pointed out the nature of the trend of counterfeiting and illegal production in China, “It is the vicious hearts, more than the poisonous products, that hurt most. The low morality level in China is an inevitable product of China’s political system. After fifty years of systematic and calculated devastation, the Chinese Communist Party has completely ruined the idea of morality. Chinese political system is a system that refuses transparency and supervision, protects illegal merchandises, and spawns corruption. China now is a heaven for corruption and poisonous products. It is doubtless that things will be only worse if China’s political system remains the same.”

  4. alabelreader says:

    e wem,

    Took the time to read those articles, you provided links too.
    What a wake up call, everyone should read those articles….

    This one in particular is so telling……esp the last two paragraphs.

    I knew it was bad, but not this bad. I am horrifed.

  5. OtherLisa says:

    A word of caution here - the Epoch Times is the Falun Gong’s publication - unfortunately they frequently mix real reporting with gross exaggerations. I would recomend looking for a second source to confirm what you read there.

  6. Sandy says:

    I feel sorry for the regular people of that country who have lost humans and pets to junk like this.

  7. Nina says:

    The news on pets over here (I’m in Hong Kong) is very poor. There’s so many issues in China w/ animals which are NEVER reported in the Media.
    Here’s a few to name:

    1/ Operation of cat and dog meat markets in China. There are vast cat & dog meat markets where animals are kept in small cages and beaten to death when they’re bought for food (I actually have pictures of this through a Rescue Operation that I work with here…it’s heart-breaking).
    Here’s a petition against this very problem (WARNING - IMAGES IN HERE ARE DIFFICULT TO SEE)

    2/ Dog culling. There’s been several big bouts of dog culling in China ahead of the Olympic Games (with Rabies as the excuse). We’ve been very active in the Rescue Operations trying to raise awareness of this, but it’s been very difficult. This is an article from last year:,00.html

    And many, many more….even in Hong Kong, which is a fairly “modern” city we have dog poisoners who work the streets.

    It’s heart-breaking and sickening, you have no idea.

  8. Traci says:

    I also question such a source as you have given as being factual:

  9. molly says:

    not to add to this attack on the Chinese, which really isn’t an attack, I mean, we cannot know what goes on over there for sure, but I think we can all agree that it is fact they clubbed dogs in the streets, pets and otherwise. they are barbarians , most of them, certainly the ones in charge to encourage that kind of behavior.

  10. Traci says:

    “most of them, certainly the ones in charge to encourage that kind of behavior.”

    “Most of them” are not “in charge”

  11. molly says:

    no, but some of the ones not in charge agree with the ones in charge, like I said not to attack them, but look at how they treat dogs, we all know that happened.

  12. Traci says:

    “but look at how they treat dogs, we all know that happened.”

    Yes, that mysterious “they.”

    Do you have their names?

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Before we get too heated over the subject, lets make sure that we can separate the following groups when we say “they”: the innocent people in China, the government, the greedy companies, and ones trying to make an honest living. I’m sure no one wants to be a racist or appear as one.

    Simple rule: Generalization is bad. Specific facts are good.

  13. Traci says:

    Many cultures around the world consider Americans or most Americans barbarians, maybe before we start ranting off the sins of a few in other places we ought to be looking at that?

  14. molly says:

    Itchmo admin is right, I didn’t write that to get into a heated debate with you, we are all on the same side here. don’t you feel we should simply boycott Chinese imports?

  15. Traci says:

    “don’t you feel we should simply boycott Chinese imports?”

    Because they have a corrupt government that protects corruption and regulates and checks nothing, yes.

  16. Traci says:

    also using their own poorest citizens as slave labor.

  17. Nina says:

    Sorry! I may have started a rather heated discussion!
    I would have to agree that we need to separate the “they’s” in here. The 2 massive dog culling operations which happened last year were a Government-sponsored deal. There were actually alot of protests against this, by animal-lovers in Hong Kong and China. Unfortunately, the government quickly cracked-down on the protests in China.

    Like everywhere there is good and bad here.
    -> We have alot of animal lovers and wonderful people (of all nationalities, including local Chinese) who work to try and raise awareness. I’m lucky to be able to work with some of these people.
    -> There is also alot of ignorance on the subject of humane treatment of animals (thus, the cat and dog meat markets)…Unfortunately the “old” local culture is not traditionally animal-friendly. However, I am hopeful this will improve over time as more awareness is raised, and people see the beauty of animals and pets.
    -> Lastly, there is the Chinese Government which is a whole other problem. They regularly suppress & undermine their people in many ways.

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