Pet Food Industry Feels Aftermath Of Pet Food Recall


It has been almost four months since the first pet food recalls were announced. As pet owners, we will never forget how this has affected us and our pets. We continue to fight for stricter regulations and answers to our questions. We hope that our pets did not die or get sick in vain.

Meanwhile, the pet food industry says that they are still feeling the effects of the pet food recall. Petco says that only about 15% of the pet foods that were recalled are back onto the shelves. Dave Bolen, chief merchandising officer of Petco, says that half is expected to be stocked back in stores by July 31. Sales are below pre-recall levels but ahead of last year.

At PetSmart, the biggest pet food chain, only a few recalled cat and dog foods have made it back to the shelves as of now. A spokesperson says that the most of the recalled pet food products will be returning to shelves in the next few months. Some products will take longer to return and some products will be discontinued. Also, some Iams products aren’t expected to come back until next year.

From LA Times:

Pre-recall, pet-food sales were growing about 5%, says Terry Block, president of Nestlé Purina PetCare’s North America division. For the 12 weeks from Feb. 25 through May 19, sales were up 4% year-over-year, he says. Nestlé says it’s gained share since the recall.

Friedman says Menu’s products are taking time to return because Menu is crafting and applying new safeguards to prevent problems, including more testing of raw ingredients. Petco also says some brands reformulated products and packaging.

Some pet food brands are “reformulating” products and packaging. So, by “reformulating”, they mean trying to make pet owners forget that their pet food was recalled. Yes, we pet owners are so wowed by new colors and spiffy designs.

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37 Responses to “Pet Food Industry Feels Aftermath Of Pet Food Recall”

  1. kira s says:

    Yeah, if pet food sales are up, why has Petsmart suddenly started sending me coupons in the mail … at the rate of 2 or more a week for the last month-and-a-half?

    (Nothing against Petsmart, mind you! I feel a bit sorry that *they* lost money just because of unethical pet food manufacturers. Not sorry enough to start buying commercial pet food again, though.)

  2. Donna says:

    Keep cooking. Pet food companies do not give a darn for your pets.It’s all about the money.A hundred years ago,………….no pet food companies and pets did fine sharing with the family. Keep your fat content low,protein values good quality.And study what is good for your pet.They do not need BHT,BHA and food dyes.Cancer,in pets is at an all time high,…………..wonder where the “problem ” comes from ? Junk food and toxins,never brings health.But ,will build the east wing of some mansion for some vet or pet food CEO ! Do not “trust” them again.

  3. pat says:

    i for one will never forget what the pet food industry has done to us. i will continue to tell everyone who will listen to boycott all commercial pet foods. and i will continue to demand accountability from FDA, that toothless, gutless government whore of agribusiness and the pharma industry.

  4. Lynne says:

    i will continue to feed my dogs Pet Promise, one of the foods not affected by the recall. I also will continue to bake my own dog biscuits. I don’t trust even that anymore.

  5. Debi says:

    Yeah, speaking of pet food companies not caring, I saw Nature’s variety has a new dry dog food, it is mostly comprised of protein, but the next in
    gredient is a very harmful product called tapioca[ yeh, like the pudding]. I e-mailed the co. on the 8th of this month about why they have this in the food, still waiting for a reply……… I guess even with a reputable food co. we must be cautious, maybe they really weren’t aware. Lynn, the food pet promise is made by Purina.

  6. Carol says:

    IMO- What the Pet Food Industry does not get is how they have handled this nightmare with poisoned food, not just the poisonings! I don’t have a marketing background but I can see how this was mishandled from day one with first MF not having enough staff for pet parents to call with questions and then not having informed operators taking the calls—the individual pet food companies apparently (from reading posts here and on The Forum) handled it just as poorly—denying claims, not returning calls, changing websites, etc. I’m not sure if I would feel any differently if there had been better handling and contact with those of us affected, but I know that I and no one in my family will ever use a MF product again and have stopped shopping at WalMart (as that is where I bought my cats’ food for the last 10 years–it’s all they would eat–”Special Kitty”-really special right?). I had been feeding my two dogs NV but changed when I found out the canned comes from MF and I was only using the kibble. Pet parents have been victimized at least twice–first when the pets ate the poisoned food and then a second time when calls for help went unanswered/denied. I hope that some good comes out of this nightmare and maybe the fact that our food is not as safe as we all thought or hoped has come to light is the “good” info we all can learn from. I hope the Pet Food Industry learns that we are not all morons with wallets. They need to start proving they care about our pets not just talking –because after all it is our pets that have made them their billions.

  7. DonnaC says:

    The aftermath of what the pet food industry did to itself cannot touch the aftermath of what the pet food industry did to pets and their owners.

    Hopefully, now pet owners will see through the glossy advertising and seek the truth.

  8. Debi says:

    the USDA issued a memo to the meat processing plants today. It basically states that as of Sept. 07 downer cattle will not be allowed to be processed for human consumption. To me that may mean that the sick cows will be okay to use in pet food. Also, the stun device the processers use on the animals is prohibited because if the cow has BSE[bovine spongiform encephalopathy] the device could drive the brain tissue into the mucsle meat which is what we eat.

  9. Lynne says:

    Lynn, the food pet promise is made by Purina.

    Where did you find this?

  10. Mia says:

    All I can say is “Greed! Greed! Greed!” I will never voluntarily buy canned food again. I wont ever trust a certain brand again. My little dog was sickened by contaminated rice gluten. Thank God I can cook.

  11. Debi says:

    Lynn, you can actually call the # on the can, the lady that answered my question actually admitted that, yes, they are affilated with purina, you can also find this info. on the site.
    A spokeswoman from the USDA just called, wow, she said the downed cattle could go into the pet food, the USDA does not regulate pet food only human food. The FDA regulates pet food, yea, now we know where its headed.

  12. Merlin says:

    I looked at and I don’t see anything about pet foods. Can you tell me which heading that is under? I’ve also looked at the Pet Promise website and there is nothing there to indicate they are affiliated with Purina. They list partners and affiliates and Purina is not mentioned.
    I like Pet Promise food, I used it for a while and my cats really liked it, but I switched off to grain free, which unfortunately Pet Promise is not. I would go back to them if they made a grain free version.

  13. Debi says:

    Merlin, I guess you can acsess the site by going to,then click on the link; I hope the info. is still on the site, if not just call 1 800 416 4700 and talk to Tracy. Deb.

  14. Merlin says:

    Thanks Debi, I found the pet food link. Digging a little deeper into the Pet Promise webiste under their “in the News” section, the first news item talks about launching the Pet Promise brand and it says

    “Natural Pet Nutrition has partnered with natural producers like Petaluma Poultry, MBA Brand Smart Chicken, Coleman Natural Beef and small family-owned farms for all of the meat and poultry used in Pet Promise dog and cat foods.

    Nestlé Purina PetCare will provide the necessary production resources and manufacturing needed to maintain the Pet Promise purity guarantees. Additionally, New Chapter Inc., a leading vitamin and supplement manufacturer in the natural channel, has developed probiotic supplements that will be part of the Pet Promise product line.”

    I wonder what “necessary production resources and manufacturing” means. Could mean anything from they just make the stuff at Purina plants to Purina supplies the other ingredients. Pet Promise makes a big deal (rightfully so) about where the meat comes from, but I’d be happier if I knew where the other ingredients came from as well.


  15. DonnaC says:

    “A spokeswoman from the USDA just called, wow, she said the downed cattle could go into the pet food, the USDA does not regulate pet food only human food. The FDA regulates pet food, yea, now we know where its headed.”

    The FDA has regulatory authority ?????

    They cannot even “demand” a recall of contaminated product.

  16. Lynne says:

    Debi, thanks for that information and website.

  17. furmom says:

    I noticed substantial discounts of up to 25% on a number of commercial pet foods, the manufacturers must be hurting if the consumer can squeeze that much out of their greedy clutches. I am a cheapskate, I would love to save a little on pet food, but nothing would make me go back to commercial stuff. My pets are thriving on raw meat and bone from the butcher. I get human quality lean meat for fifty cents to a dollar per pound, just chop and serve, pretty simple, with a side of cooked rice or pasta.

  18. Merlin says:

    Furmom, what you stated isn’t a balanced meal for cats. Search for raw diets on the internet or go to I’m pretty sure that isn’t even a balanced diet for dogs. It won’t hurt in the short run, but you are leaving out important nutrients necessary for them.

  19. Judy says:

    Petco just opened a new store in my town I went in and looking at the cat food I was disappointed. They are selling Purina products at twice the price of the grocery store and almost all the other brands are made by Menu Food. The only brand I would consider buying is Castor & Pallock Organix and my cat doesn’t like it.

    On my way out I asked if that was all they were going to be selling and expressed my disappointment with them selling only Menu foods.

  20. Katie says:

    I am and will continue to cook for my dog. Hurt, saddened, frustrated, disallusioned with the pet food companies, FDA and gov’t - I don’t feel safe. Looked at the ingredients on some of the new packages even organics: still see corn gluten meal protein, etc. Being more knowledgeable now about ingredients, don’t want to put them in my dogs food bowl. And, my dog is so much healthier now. I can’t accept the idea of going back to her being a “walking, breathing landfill”. And, I don’t think this is over. I don’t think we’ve been given the truth. When I had my haircut yesterday, the young girl told me her dog went off his food last week, cramped up, so sick. Sniffed the food bowl and ran away. She’s been cooking rice and eggs. Now, she’s putting the eggs on the food to get him to eat it. I told her throw it out! Gave her a list of what you all have had success with. So, I don’t believe it’s over.

    And, I love hearing PetSmart saying Iam’s may not be back on the shelf for a year. I hope NEVER!


  21. Ramdog says:

    Hey Debbie what’s wrong with tapioca? Also, do you have any idea who makes Natures Variety? I know that they are a raw manufacturer but do not have the capabilities to make their own food. Thanks for any info.

  22. Elaine Vigneault says:

    I bet they’re changing product names…

  23. Debi says:

    Ramdog, on the wysong website, Dr. Randy Wysong has a lot to say in regards to tapioca, thats where I found out about it not being so great for dogs in the long run. As to the NV dog food the canned is made by menu, but not involved in the recall [whopee], the dry food is made by M.I. industries- phone# is 1-402-466-8302, and the frozen and freeze-dried is made by the N.V. co.

  24. bw says:

    This is a bit off topic, but I have been trying to access the topics and have read a many pages long topic about Natura Innova Evo dry cat food. Evidently there are many concerns about it, and I have been feeding it to my cats for several months now, and feeling SAFE!
    Well, according to this thread, my pets may NOT BE SAFE! I have been trying to reply to messages and post questions, but I am NOT ABLE TO REPLY OR POST!! The link I used to click on to reply or post is GONE, at least on my screen. Is there a new way to post or reply to a message in the Has anyone else had this problem? What am I missing here, what has changed, or what am I simply not seeing. I’ve looked and looked. Thanks to anyone who can help me. I’m quite upset about the EVO problems being discussed. My cats won’t eat people food, I have tried, though I am going to try again. I would gladly cook people food for them, if they would eat it. So please if someone knows how I can reply or post questions, I would appreciate it. I used to just go to the top or the bottom of the page and there was an option to reply, or to start a new thread etc. Thanks in advance

  25. Leslie k says:

    bw-I’ve been having all kinds of problems with the forums also. Try adding canned fish or the liquid on top of the homamade. Also do your cats like flakes of meat or pureed ? Some are quite picky. Make sure it is warm;they like it body temp like prey.

  26. klondike says:

    Filbert has been working to fix some forum problems. I think that is all that is. It is not just that Innova thread.

  27. petslave says:

    bw–check the ‘pet food recall facts’ website, bottom of lab reports. This is what started the thread (not found in Evo at this time, but read all the comments in that thread when the forums come back online in the morning). Now people are finding all kind of objects in the foods they have so are really getting upset about it. I think a few people are sending it in for ID & testing.

  28. HighNote says:

    I thought Menu Foods made Natura Pet Products which are Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Innova, Mother Nature, Karma. Of course Menu Foods would only make their fresh products and Natura pet products may not continue to use Menu in the future? Am I right about this or not?
    I also thought that Pets Promise was a small owned company in Kansas and Purina only helps them manufacture their pet food. They probably do supply some of the nutrients to put in it as well. Maybe you should compare your pet promise to a purina product and see if there is any difference. They may only package it.
    I say if you find a pet food that your pets really like and they are well and not showing any illness then feed it to them. It is too scary to switch all the time and the pets tummy’s get upset when we do this too and then we would only wonder if the pet food was doing it. So.. I would not switch if I found a healthy food that my pets enjoyed at this time anyway.
    With all this rain that we are having in Kansas and some other states I am concerned about having bad corn gluten in some of the foods in the future too. This has happened several times in the past.
    I feel all of our main concerns right now (and that is no matter what type of food we are feeding our pets) is the vitamins and things we add to our fresh and the same vitamins that are in the dry and fresh manufactured foods. The U.S. does not make a lot of these nutrients any more and they are coming in from foreign countries. Like China and certain things from Switzerland, and Mexico. So we all should have a lot of concern about them..
    Another very big concern is the fresh meats. Our human grade meats are tainted too and we should be very concerned about any of this being used in our pet food and commercial food too.
    This will probably last for some time to come I would think. Their young would have it in their systems as well and it would take some time before it would be out of their systems.
    Yes I am sure our pets will eat downed cattle in the furture and this is also of great concern since none of us really know if any of the downed cattle could have mad cow. What would that do to our pets? After all they only check 1 percent of our herds and that is not much!
    it is all too much! I don’t feel that any of our food is really safe any more. They do not have the resources to check anything really.

  29. MARY ANN says:

    highnote,Please go to natura pet web site there is a video from the CEO .they are building a plant to make their can food back In march Natura CEO’s were the first to step up to the plate and fix this mess.i trust the co they tell u were their rice is from USA not china. call other pet food co’s and asked them were their rice and wheat comes from, your get a bunch of BS.

  30. Linda says:

    Is anyone having problems with bonemeal? I stopped doing half ca nat. (natura) since I don’t trust it or any commercial pet food anymore and just fed home made, but as soon as I added some bone meal my dog is back on medication with digestive issues and throwing up!!! This all started when she ate natural balace venison treats. I don’t know if she will ever be back to normal again!?!

  31. Katie says:


    In place of bonemeal you can use ground dried egg shells. Does the bonemeal look very finely ground, if not, it can cause some intestinal upset. If egg shells are not finely ground, they can do the same thing. Some dogs are bothered by the sharpness of bone or shell. Be sure your bonemeal is marketed for human consumption.

    For digestive upset; it was suggested to me to use slippery elm powder (especially when I made the change from commercial to home cooked). Slippery elm eases irritation in the intestine and also helps animals with gassey stomach. You might want to ask your vet about it. I purchased mine at the natural grocery store. Honest Kitchen has a product called Perfect Form that contains slippery elm and digestive enzymes, friends of mine use it and swear by it. They are online.


  32. Ramdog says:

    Debbie, thanks for the info on tapioca, I learned a lot. I didn’t know that M.I. Industries could extrude pet food. I thought that they were strictly a treat plant. I get very concerned when companies out source for their products. Really cuts down on the quality control issues and is very difficult to know what really is in the products.

  33. Bill says:

    Re Natura/Innova/Evo comments above.
    Natura has its own plant for its dry foods, but its cans are done at the Menu Foods plant in South Dakota, which some pet food companies claim was not involved in the cross-comtamination recall as were the other two US plants in Kansas and New Jersey and the plant in Ontario, Canada.

    I have been feeding my cats Innova Evo cat & Kitten Food dry food since the recall, and so far they are doing very well.

    I too would like to hear from anyone whose pets have been sick while eating only the Innova dry food.

  34. Debi says:

    does anyone know any hard stats. about how safe a raw food diet is? I am tempted to try it, there is one called PRIMAL that our local feed store sells, since my husband and my one dog can’t tolerate my cooking, I need to find a safe alternative. Had been feeding her Brandon Farms organics, dry, but the chicken hydrosylate in it worries me since I read that it is one more import from the infamous China. So the dogs are all singing “it sucks to be me”, while I,and all the pet parents just want our kids to be safe, and will go on in our neverending quest to find that one safe, and healthy pet food.

  35. MARY ANN says:

    highnote,who is giving you all this wrong infro on natura pet food? as bill said go to their web page and call the co up ask them the questions. i think because so many of us pet owners are now feeding their pets natura food,innova,caifornia natural another pet food co who is loseing sales big time is spreading some nasty rumors about natura pet foods.with the stress i’ve gone through with my pups getting sick from nutro ,natura pet food co is the only one i trust right now.

  36. Glam says:

    I for one would NEVER use commerical pet food again! Don’t really care how they change it or how pretty the bag is (that is insulting!!!).

  37. cooler than you losers says:

    you people have no idea what you’re talking about, especially you tapioca woman! thanks for the laughs…

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