Pet Food Recall Documentary Looking For Dog Owners

Yap Films LogoA high-profile documentary film project is looking for dogs and owners affected by the recent Menu Foods pet food recall to share their story on international television. The film will investigate the realities of commercial pet food, focusing on critical issues only recently made public by the Menu Foods recall.

If you are interested, please contact:

The main criteria that the film company is looking for are:

  1. Dog owners
  2. That are part of a class-action lawsuit due to the Menu Foods recall.

We’ve talked with the film company and we think that our readers’ participation can help tell our side of the story. Please email them if you meet the above criteria.

Please see Yap Films for more information.

6 Responses to “Pet Food Recall Documentary Looking For Dog Owners”

  1. nora says:

    I am very excited to see the finished product on this documentary. I will be waiting!!!!!! Thank You to Itchmo and Thankyou to whomever is bringing all this to light. I feel it is VERY important and hopefully it will break a barrier that exists with the uninformed and unconcered general public who are petowners.

  2. purringfur says:

    Thank you, Yap Films! Although this doesn’t seem to be the focus at this point, I hope to see more documentaries/investigative reports on WHAT REALLY KILLED THE PETS!! And, it WASN’T MELAMINE FROM CHINA!

    The investigative reporter to crack this scandal will receive the highest journalism awards. Just delve into the information on itchmo, petconnection, and petfoodrecallfacts.

    I wonder how many people involved in KNOWING what went on will reveal what they know on their death beds? Or will they still be too callous, while clutching their money with their last breath? What a pitiful image!

    I wonder how the wives, husbands, and children can even look at these people involved! They must be disgraced to be related to them while living off of the blood money from the dead pets.

    The truth will come out! Too many pets have been sickened and killed for the truth NOT to come out!

  3. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thanks so much, this is great. But what about the cats!!! My cats died, and lots of other cats did too!!!!!!

  4. SMITH111 says:

    Why is the focus on Dogs? I love dogs also, but my heart bleeds just as much as the dog owners, after losing my two cats because of poisoned cat food.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope to see more documentaries/investigative reports on WHAT REALLY KILLED THE PETS!! And, it WASN’T MELAMINE FROM CHINA!

    Everyone in the world has said and followed the problem back to china!! And the building that was producing the tainted gluten has been bull dozed by china’s government. And there are several people in jail in china due to taking money to help get the product into our country.

    That has got to be the most ignorant statment I have every heard. Read some real facts not facts off of a house wives soap box. GET INFORMED OR SHUT UP!!

  6. Ruth says:

    IMO: this company should also include cat owners.

    I am glad that someone has taken an interest to make this film.

    I also feel that they should have a segment of all those pets who died from unrecalled pet foods. Our pets died too.

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