Pet Hamster In Exercise Ball Found Running Loose In Neighborhood

HamsterImagine walking on your neighborhood street and then suddenly seeing a hamster running around in his exercise ball next to you.

That’s what happened to a six-year-old boy when he was riding his bike outside. He saw the rolling hamster headed straight for him in his exercise ball.

The boy and his family have taken the hamster into their home, but they have put up signs in the neighborhood looking for the owner.

The family hopes to keep their new pet.

The boy’s father said: “Alexander [the boy] was delighted to have found the hamster. He came in saying: ‘Dad look I found a hamster’. I couldn’t believe it.

“They are all hoping we can keep it but I have told them that it may be another child’s pet so not to get their hopes up.”

The family has bought a cage for him and have enjoyed taking caring of him, so for now the hamster has found a good home. The father suspects that the hamster did not escape but instead someone let him out on the street.

We’re glad that you found a new loving home, Mr. Hamster. Remember no more running out in the street.

Source: Bucks Free Press

18 Responses to “Pet Hamster In Exercise Ball Found Running Loose In Neighborhood”

  1. Lynne says:

    Hamsters from heaven?

  2. catmom5 says:

    Glad the hamster rolled to the right family! I love happy endings.

  3. 8tiggers says:

    I’m wondering if someone was trying to duplicate the British gaming (NES? Wii? Xbox?) commercial where a hamster’s exercise ball (with hamster in it) is used as a soccer ball.

  4. Pit Bull Lover says:

    The Hamster Fairy? Hamster Claus?

  5. highnote says:

    hope they get to keep him. Sounds to me that some little kid did not take very good care of his hamster.

  6. Bridgett says:

    Some little kid probably took him outside to play and just lost track of him. I am glad that little hamsters adventure ended well.

  7. Lynn says:

    I’ve never seen one of those exercise balls before. The picture doesn’t clearly show airholes for ventilation, though I am sure they must be there.


  8. Kira says:


    When you look at the picture, there are little vertical slats to ventilate the ball. If those weren’t there it would be hamster death, not a hamster exercise ball!

    It is very cute watching a hamster roll around in one of those. My sister-in-law was talking on the phone to a friend and took her eyes off her son’s hamster ball and it ended up rolling down some carpeted stairs! She caught it halfway down, but the hamster looked more than a little startled from what she told me!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    hi i saw that to

  11. Gavin says:

    Lucky Hamster…. lol…. My Hamster is like grease lightning in his ball…. I have to supervise him at all times…. as he also has figured out how to escape from his ball! as for the person who questions if and how his sisters hamsters can escape… my hamster can, i had to replace his casge as he boared a whole through the base of his cage…. i now hav to padlock the cage doors lol. they are plucky little characters, with more brains and skill than people give them credit for!

  12. katie sanger says:

    dear can you tell me that dow you haver got a more hamster

  13. sarah says:

    aw such a cute story hope u have fun!!!! my friend has a hamster and i think she is really cute:) her name is Carmela:)

  14. Jenna says:

    HI!!! Oh My God!!! I hope u have so much fun with your Hamster u found!!! Its so fun having a hamster!!!! I just got a Hamster today and her name is Carmella!! She is so sweet,nice,funny and a bundle of Joy!!
    The girl named Sarah who said my friend got a hamster named Carmella thats me!! Hope you have fun!! Bye!!!

  15. kate says:


  16. annika says:

    WOW!!!! Im glad the hamster found the right family who knows what could have happened to the poor little thing…..

  17. Limelimelaid says:

    Hi! I am going to get a hamster and I was researching them so I can take care of it. Then I found this… If only there was someway to tie a string to that ball so you can walk your hamster! lol That would be so cute!

  18. Kevin says: glad the hamster found a good home to stay in..i hope he stays safe,i also got a hamster yesterday.

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