Pet Owner Reports PetSmart PetsHotel Employee Hit Dogs, Employee Still Has Job


A pet owner from Alexandria, Virginia said that he saw a PetSmart PetsHotel employee strike several dogs while he was waiting to pick up his dog from the PetsHotel.

Matt, the pet owner, said he watched a live video stream of the day care room and saw an employee in the middle of a group of dogs. Both Matt and his wife saw the employee raise his hand and hit a dog. After telling a front desk employee about the incident, the couple saw the same employee hit a few other dogs.

A store manager came out and said that the situation would be investigated and that he would watch the video of the employee. The next day, the store manager said the actions of the employee were “horribly inappropriate” and that the employee would no longer work with dogs.

The next day, a District Manager called Matt and said that a full investigation needed to be done, and that the employee would still be working with dogs while they were investigating.

After ten days, Matt said the District Manager called after watching the video. She said the employee was simply playing with the dogs and not striking them. She refused to let Matt and his wife watch the video again.

Here is what Matt wrote about the PetSmart PetsHotel experience:

On Sunday, October 21, my wife and I picked up our dog from the Petsmart Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia (at Potomac Yards) where he had been boarded for one night. As we waited for our dog to be retrieved, we watched a live video stream of the day care room on a monitor facing us. The room appeared to be overcrowded with more than a dozen large dogs in a relatively small space. One employee could be seen in the middle of the crowd of dogs. Suddenly, both my wife and I saw this employee raise his hand and strike a dog. We were shocked by what we saw. Outraged, we immediately pointed this out the desk employee and requested to see a manager. As we waited, we continued to watch the video feed and witnessed the worker strike two or three more dogs. The Pet Hotel manager came out and we explained what we saw. We asked that this matter would be investigated and that the individual we saw strike the dogs would be removed from caring for dogs. We weren’t looking for any deal from Petsmart or to threaten any legal action — we just wanted a firm answer that this employee would no longer be left in the care of any animals.

The following day we received calls from both the Pet Hotel manager as well as the store manger. The Pet Hotel manager told me personally that she watched the video and found the worker’s actions “unacceptable.” In a separate conversation, the store manager stated that he watched the video “about 12 times” and also found it horribly inappropriate. Next we received a call from the District Manager who was incredibly evasive in her statements and stated she would get back to us after a full investigation, but that the employee in question was still working with dogs while the investigation took place. Ten days after the incident, the District Manager called us back and stated that she watched the video in slow motion, and that while she could understand how we interpreted the employee’s gestures to have been inappropriate, that she has concluded that the man was just playing with the animals, did not in fact strike any dogs, and was not inappropriate. In response, we very reasonably asked if we could watch the video with her so she could show us what she saw. She said no.

Since this incident, we have canceled all his future stays. We are outraged by what we saw and even more troubled that despite two managers having told us that they agreed that the employee was inappropriate, the district manager not only concluded otherwise, but refused to show us her interpretation. Petsmart has handled this in the worst possible way, excusing the conduct of an employee who hit dogs he was entrusted to care.

We feel the right thing to do is to let the community know about this incident so that dog owners can consider this incident when finding care for their dogs. Needless to say, we feel strongly that Petsmart Hotel is not a dependable or safe place to trust for care of D.C.-area pets.

Source: The Consumerist

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I worked a Petsmart near Marietta Ga. for a time being trained for a grooming position, so I worked as a bather/recetptionist and assisted the groomer. I NEVER Groomed or was ever trained. I always did bathing and the brushing out simple stuff ( I worked in the show field for some time before moving to Ga), Anyway That tub room was DISGUSTING! The Groomer had FULL Control of the Grooming facility and it seemed as though the manager didn’t really care about my concerns. I also had my own schedule from Petsmart Management, which I never missed a day. THe GROOMER though had a tendency to change the schedule on my days off to suit her needs and never said anything. I reported it to the management and said to follow my schedule. I cleaned and arranged and even YES SANITIZED the kennels and tubs in the back room. I was told that I WOULD be gettting my reg check plus commussion now that I was doing the job of 3 people.
    I saw the Groomer put a small poodle on the table that had never been groomed before, she put her in the grooming noose and LEFT HER! THe dog freaked out and about strangled herself to death! The groomer was mad at me because I was bathing a DOG! I Never went back, I told the manager I would be in for my checks. I went in and I they said they sent them to me. I never GOT THEM and I went to there to talk to the manager and he said that I wasn’t going to get paid for the time I had worked Over 3 weeks! I even called corporate and they said there was nothing they could do.
    DON”T WORK THERE and CERTAINLY don’t take your animals to be GROOMED THERE Either! THey are HORRIBLE and THEy DOn’t WAtch out for your Pet!

  2. I love Petsmart says:

    I work as a groomer for Petsmart and I love it!. In any community your gonna have an asshole. Don’t assume everyone is like that. I work in a store and grooming salon where every manager and all employees act as if they are the saftey Nazi! Meaning…. Everyone cares about the saftey of all the animals in our care. I’ll tell you this though. We see animal abuse and neglect all the time due to an owner who shouldn’t own a dog. Fleas so bad that the water and shampoo run blood red. Ears eaten by flys to the point that the ear leather need to be cut back. Maggots burrowed in the skin and fur. Ear infections so bad that you can literally scoop out a handful of yeasty wax. I once saw someone bring a dog in that the collar did not fit anymore and they had used heavy twist wire to connect the clips together and it had the twister part scraping a deep infected line all around the neck like a pipe cutter. I had two beagles come in one time that had over 50 ticks on each, the ears were partially eaten off by flys and oh my god the fleas were more than bad not to mention the hair had grown into there collars that had mold growing in them! These beagles were owned by a well known Doctor of Familly medicine. Even people who can afford to take great care of their dogs still neglect them. We see long hair dogs that are so matted(tangles like tight dread locks, sometimes incasing the dog in a hard shell) That we can’t even safley shave them. We are not going to risk and injury to a pet nor do we want to cause them any pain. We tell the owner flat out to take the dog to the vet so they can knock them out and shave them safely and pain free. So the next time you walk into Petsmart and think bad things about the employees maybe you should look at the customers and try to figure out how many dog abusers you just past in the aisles while shopping!

  3. Jeff says:

    I wanted to take advantage of our local site in Framingham, MA and was told my dog would not be able to interact with others because of her breed, they said her disposition had nothing to do with it even though they indicate they check dispositions before letting dogs interact, I wonder if I went there anyway they would let me in because of my breeding?

  4. Potomac Yard Customer says:

    I have used the PetHotel in question on a number of occasions, and have never had a problem. In fact, the employees there have gone out of their way to accommodate my dog. Even though I only board my girl every couple of months, they all know her by name when we walk in. My dog seems excited to be there. Additionally, prior to boarding her there, she would show aggression toward other dogs while on a leash. Since attending the Day Camp during her PetHotel stays, she has learned to socialize and is generally a better behaved dog. One time when I boarded her, the staff accidentally neglected to return her collar with her tags on it. I called them, and they overnighted it to me (even though I only live a short distance away), and included a coupon for a free night for my inconvenience. The PetHotels require a current bordetella shot. They called me a week prior to a scheduled reservation to let me know that they showed my dog’s vaccine as expired. I told them I had just taken her to vet, and I could fax them a copy of the print out. Instead, they offered to personally call the vet and verify so I would not have to go through the trouble. The two main day camp rooms at this particular PetSmart are windowed and open to the general public. And as the original poster mentioned, there are video feeds of a back play room. There is no time that the play group is not visible to the general population. Additionally, there is a window from the lobby into the actual room with the boarding cages. These ALWAYS appear clean.

    I have boarded my dogs a a number of places over the years, and can honestly report that this particular PetSmart in question has been the kindest and cleanest with my pet. Especially in the Day Camp. My dog gets attention from the workers, socialization with the other dogs, and exercise. On top of the play time, they also walk the dogs twice a day.

    I applaud the original poster for making a fuss about what he believes happened. We should all be so vigilant. However, if the director of animal control for the city reviewed the tape frame by frame and determined there was no physical contact, you have to put some faith in that. After all, they are the people responsible for investigating such claims. If anything, the one thing I can fault PetSmart for is perhaps not providing training to their employees for dogs with atypical needs or personalities, such as a skittish pet.

  5. Kelly says:

    They killed my Newfoundland “Tahoe” in July of 2006 when one of their “pet care specialists” tossed my beloved dog a Kong that was too small and he choked to death on it. The company should go out of business. I will never forgive them for their complete and utter incompetent handling of my beloved Tahoe. Their advertising for the Petshotel is a complete lie. There is no 24 hour Emergency care and their “pet care specialists” are too inept to care for anything let alone our precious animals. The Emergency vet they took him too (after it was too late) said they couldn’t understand why Petsmart brought him there. They thought they had a 24 hour vet on the premises as well. This company lied to me, they killed my dog, they covered it up to begin with, and there is no way I will ever step foot in one of their stores, I will bad mouth them at every opportunity I get.

  6. Shirin says:




  7. DR says:

    I just picked up my golden retriever from the Bethesda, MD location and he was covered in urine. He smelled horrible and was totally matted and sticky. He was only there 4 days, and it looked like he was a homeless stray by the time I picked him up. There was no effort on their part to clean him up unless I prepaid for a bath. This is another example of Petshotel not carring for the well being of the pets that stay with them.

    Even if I had ordered a bath and groom, he never looks like he had a grooming. I don’t know what they do back there, but they obviously don’t “groom” them.

    I will never take any of my pets there again. This is unacceptable neglect.

  8. Barbara says:

    When any company gets too big and greedy tragedies will occur. They hire people who do not have the proper training and/or are just there for the paycheck.
    I am saddened to hear the disasters which have taken place; Kelly, you have my heartfelt sympathy. There is no excuse for your Tahoe to have lost his precious life at a daycare.
    I hope you took the proper action against this company.

  9. Carol says:

    I left my dog (10 months) at the Richmond Hill (Toronto) Store several times for doggie daycare. I think they are fantastic. I never had to wait, they adore my dog. They followed my instructions, everything is on the computer. I phoned several times a day; and they gave me reports. I think they were all very professional. I have no complaints.

  10. Lauren says:

    I think that certain locations may be better than others, but we have boarded our 6 month boxer/shepherd mix at both the Whittier, CA and Long Beach, CA PetsHotels, and can’t say enough about either place. Both places it seemed like she had a great stay and got individual attention. In Whittier, every attendant that was walking by/around knew her by name and told me what a great dog she is and how they couldn’t wait for me to bring her back. The same happened in Long Beach. In both places, she got a bath and arrived fresh and clean to take home. Don’t generalize- just go to the PetsHotel you are looking at before you leave your dog there to see if you feel comfortable. Also- you aren’t supposed to let your dog have water for 4 hours after he/she comes home because they will drink a lot just from the excitement of being back home etc. For those who were saying it seemed like their dogs weren’t given any water because they were gulping it as soon as they get home, that is why.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I used to work at an Arizona PetsHotel. I would never leave my dog there for any reason. The groomers are very unkind to the dogs behind doors. All the dogs would be afraid when the groomers came to get them from the boarding area. PetsHotel hires teenagers because they are the cheapest, that is all Petsmart cares about. From personal experience, I have seem a lot of deception regarding what is told to the pet parents and what is actually happening with their animals. As far as Banfield Vet, nobody that worked at the Petshotel took their own animals there…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cedar Park, Tx - PetsMart PetsHotel

    I have worked at Petsmart PetsHotel now for awhile and I can say things have changed quite a bit. The hotel has gone from having a large staff to almost running a with a skeleton crew. There are not even enough people to their Day Camps properly. A lot of the employees don’t care enough about the pets, especially during spring break. If you were unlucky enough to have your pet boarded, you should know that they hardly ever got their play time you paid for. Their cages were most likely not cleaned well either. The PetsHotel was so short staffed that morning walks lasted only about 2-3 minutes per dog, and they spent the rest of the day locked up until their evening walks. A lot of time you could walk by a dog, and find them sitting in their own urine, or poop left just sitting in their cages. If you boarded cats I feel even more sorry for you as the cats maybe saw someone for 15-20 minutes through out the entire day. I would never leave my pets at any of the PetsHotel for any reason as their compassion for animals is far and few between, I’d advise you look elsewhere when goign to board your dogs or cats.

  13. Associate says:

    Tampa, Florida - PetSmart Pets Hotel

    Not every PetsHotel is the same. These stories I am reading about all of the terrible things that happened I can’t believe. [not to say that you’re just doesn’t happen at my store] None of the associates neglect and refuse to care for the pets staying for Day Camp or the boarded guests. I work for the only hotel in florida and have for almost a year now, and trust me, if you came to our Hotel you would change your mind. Everyone who works there cares for the dogs and cats and gets to know them better than even the pet parents do. I can’t count the times where a dog has been checked out and the pet parent see’s their Pawgress report and reads that their baby was chewing on numerous toys, and turns to me and asks “she wont play with toys at home EVER..what does she play with here?” or “you got her to eat? she’s going on a hunger strike at home!”, or “wow his attitude has changed SO much. He is so much more friendly with all the other dogs now!”…or my personal favorite that gets me every time..”I love it..when I get to the light to turn in to the parking lot, my dogs goes crazy! She/He just starts pulling me towards the hotel, even if we’re just in here for a vet visit. She/He loves it here!” I personally get to know every dog and cat that comes to stay with us, no matter how often or long. These pets are more than pets to us. They are our family and we could never, and I mean NEVER let anything happen to them. So, before you write off any PetsHotel, think about all the other hotels out there who are doing more than asked.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Highland, Indiana
    Not only is most of the staff idiots, but the managers as well. I saw a guy in the reptile department (who also looked like he hadn’t shaved for a year) drop a log on a frog and walk away. This same employee when asked about some information on the reptiles stated I don’t touch those things. I also heard a employee tell a manager he had to leave or he was going to “kill someone up in here”. Yea, like I will ever go back there. The head manager Sharon doesn’t know anything.

  15. PetSmart is great says:

    To all of you that claim you worked at PetSmart stores and witnessed abuse, it’s your fault for not saying something. My guess is you were a poor employee and this is your revenge.

  16. Anonymous says:

    As a private pet groomer I know I get more “pet something” disgrutled groom clients than any other shop in my area. Everytime the new clients says a boxstores name our eyes roll. Why? Because, we know for sure this pet has not been trained to groom, more than likely handled ruffly and left in a crate for hours during previous grooms. Not to even mention the eyesore created for the client. Just so you all know, the kids, yes kids working on your pets in grooming are untrained, in correct breed standards, coats shampoos not to even mention handling. Boxstores were sues so many times for neglect that caused death to our pets that they can’t be trusted with heat dry, so everything is cool dry. This is why it takes so long to get your dog back from a groom. They have cause such horrible injury to pets on grooming tables that they have to use break-away grooming leads, which means they just fall off and break a leg instead of hanging to death. At our grooming conferences they try and slam as much money into them to get some of us to work for them. I just laugh because no reputable groomer would be caught dead at thier booth. BTW, in my 4th year of grooming I thought I would go to a boxstore for the insureance and a steady check, that lasted 2 weeks. I couldn’t belive what I saw and I didn’t want to be there when someones little buddy got hurt or worse……If you care about your pet, groom at a real grooming salon, board with a licenced private boad, and if you want your dog trained get a pro who has gone to school for animal behavior and training. This isn’t costco people! Really would you go to school somewhere where you could buy your food and get your hair cut too? Think about it.

  17. Petshotel employee says:

    I work at the Naperville,IL location and I have done so for about a year. Although for the past 3 months I have been working as a General Service Associate(GSA)up front taking rezervations I still come in before my shift just so I can indivually play with some of the dogs. Althiugh not every hotel is the same, the one I work at has the highest of standard care I could imagine. I personally bring my dogs there and probably wouldn’t consider bringing them to another Hotel just because I don’t know the people working there. We ocassionally have a bump here and there but we strive to make our hotel the safest and happiest for your dog.

  18. Dan says:

    Took my elderly Lab to the Pets Hotel in Hurst Texas when a business trip came up suddenly and couldnt get him to my vet’s kennel. Big mistake. They claim to be able to take care of old dogs and puppies and give them more playtime and attention, and then said they would give him a bath before I picked him up. I show up to reclaim him, and they brought him out and I didnt recognize him.. his fur was wet and sticking out, and was still dripping off his belly. He was limping and walking very slow. I asked why was he still wet and I was told they couldnt dry him because he wouldnt stand up for them! (Then they told me I couldnt bring him there again because he was too old and too much trouble.) So they put him back in the kennel he stayed like that til I got there. When I got him home, I had to dry him with towels and a hair dryer. Then I saw his lip was bleeding. Then next morning he could only eat a little of his meal, and then later had violent diarrhea. I will take him to my vet tomorrow. I tried calling the store to complain, but the manager wasnt there, just as she wasnt there when I picked him up. Tried going to their website to send them an email, but they dont have a way on their site to record any complaints! $74 for two nights and this ‘bath’ and now probably $200 for vet visit tomorrow. I didnt have time to check out this operation before I took him there, so it’s my fault, but these folks are no better than puppy mill breeders. Be careful. Sorry for venting but I needed to.

  19. petsmart employee says:

    I work at Petsmart in Il. First off, the company does not provide enough employees to handle the dogs, much less the camps,food, and cleaning. There is never enough cleaning products to make a safe enviroment for the dogs as well as people at times.They hire young kids to work for the summer that do not know how to play correctly in camp and the dogs dominate the camp and cause fights. The supervisors do not feed the dogs or cats correctly, when it say add water or add cheese, they don’t, so the dog won’t eat. The night time crew is too busy cleaning and leaving lights on for the dogs to get a proper rest. Then they sit in the kitchen and sleep for an hour or two.The manager doesn’t pay attention because she’s busy picking on employees, she loves to cause drama, she talks about every employee in the kitchen or front desk where everyone can hear her. But then goes in her office with the door open or in the kitchen and has phone sex with her husband.Both the manager and pet store manager forge documents of employees and customers and have had employees sign papers with someone else’s name on it.They also are suppose to throw out certain items after they are written off, but instead they take them home for themselves.Many people have quit due to them. but everyone seems to be afraid to tell corp. because you can only leave a message and that message gets played back to the manager who knows your voice and then makes your life hell until you do quit.So what’s an employee to do who care, to change things to make it better for the dogs and cats?

  20. petshotel employee says:

    I am a hotel manager with petsmart. Each and every associate we have, has a passion for pets and their care. We throughly screen and then train every associate before they are able to play with and care for the pets. Our facility is nearly spotless and our pets are happy!

  21. Elke says:

    Dear Matt,(pet owner and reviewer of Petsmart/Pethotel,Alexandria/Potomac Yards,VA)

    Thank you for your posting, as a resident of Alexandria, Va this posting is of great help in my search for a boarding facility. Although, I am not fond of the corporate run chain stores for the care of pets, I would love to hear from others who have used the facilities at the Alexandria/Potomac Yards location. As well as other local boarders/groomers, such as Dogtopia (seems like a great place) - Off of Duke street, and the other daycare center right down the road, on Richmond Highway (Rt. 1)towards Old Town, from Petsmart/Pethotel Potomac yards.

    When posting remarks it is most helpful when the location in question is identified. General sweeping remarks from Employees/Managers/Patrons like the one above from petshotel employee/ hotel manager is of no use, since this person can not possibly know the day-to-day activities of all locations.
    Thank you.

  22. Koko says:

    Does anyone have any information about the Petsmart PetsHotel in Stamford, Connecticut. We are considering boarding our two dogs there for a few days and I wonder if any pet owners out there have used that particular Hotel. We are not from that area and are searching for boarding facilities in Connecticut. Thanks for reply!

  23. Bob says:

    Um, the incident in question was investigated and the kennel cleared of any wrong-doing. Indeed, no one seems to even be able to confirm whether “Matt” is a real customer (as opposed, say, to a competing kennel owner). So why are people still posting?

    Robert in Arlington

  24. Bob says:

    I would be very interested in hearing a follow-up comment from “Associate” from the Tampa PetsHotel. We’ve been leaving our dogs there since they opened in early 2008. We’ve always felt that many (especially the very young) on their staff were a bit inexperienced at dealing with various kinds of dogs. But we had faith in their core employees - management and the older, longer-term employees. And we figured the younger and less experienced employees would improve with time.

    We travel a lot, so we’ve boarded our dogs with them quite a bit. We have also taken advantage of the day camp on numerous occasions.

    Lately, the Tampa PetsHotel seems to have really gone down hill. Their turnover is high and the staffers are more inexperienced than ever. Recently, they abruptly decided not to take our larger dog in day camp anymore because he exhibits dominant (NOT mean or aggressive) behavior and is protective of our smaller dog. Thus, I guess, they suddenly can’t handle him. This, even though four days prior to this decision, we got a glowing report about how happy our dogs were in playtime, etc. (Oh, and by the way, we got this news through a middle-of-the-daycamp-day telephone call from a person who apparently had only a first name and no title and who offered me no other details.)

    In any event, I would be curious whether “Associate” is still employed by the Tampa PetsHotel, and what his or her take is on the situation there.


  25. cody says:

    I worked in the pets hotel for 3 years, I worked at the sugarland pets hotel and the 59 and 610 hotel in houston. I have seen my share of animal cruelty at both petsmarts, but sugarland always took care of it and made sure that the employes were takin care of as well as the dogs, sugarland petsmart is a great place to take your pets…. But the 59 and 610 pets hotel is extremely horrible. I saw many employes hit or make other dogs fight each other on many occasions. When I told the managers to look at the videos they always came backand said well we didnt get a good look or we did not see it. After many dogs had to go to the vet for stiches or even died, and nothing was ever dont to stop it, I contacted the corporate office and told them, nothing was ever done, even after many atempts to tell them whats goin on I threted, that I was goin to tell the owners of the pets and they told me that I would be fired and could even be sued. the next day I quit. NEVER TAKE YOUR PET TO 610 AND 59 PETS HOTEL IN HOUSTON. FOR ANY ? OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASK ME ANYTHING E MAIL ME AT

  26. Barbara Schroer says:

    I use petsmart every tuesday for Doggie day camp. I board him several times a year, the staff do everything to make him comfortable. When I get him back he smells wonderful )I do not use their groomers) and he is happy and no side-effects of any kind. The staff seems to be the same and I have not seen a lessening of employees. My petsmart is in Springfied, Pa. I have recommended Petsmart to many friends and they have had very good experiences also.

  27. Stephanie says:

    I’ve worked in the PetSmart grooming salon in Appleton, and Eau Claire Wisconsin. I love working there and have not yet seen any animal cruelty at the stores I have worked at. I love grooming and I LOVE animals! The only thing that would be kind of scary in the salon is the high valocity dryer we use to dry the animals. But if the dog is to scared I will stop and let them kennel dry. Just because one store had a cruelty incident doesn’t mean that ALL PetSmarts are cruel! If I ever saw any cruel behavior in my store I would report it right away and make sure something is done about it! Grooming dogs can get very stressful at times due to dogs arent like humans getting a haircut, they are figity, wiggly, loud, bite, and sometimes will have accidents on your table, and after a dog doing that I am still able to keep my calm composure! SO DON’T KNOCK ALL PETSMARTS! THEY AREN’T ALL BAD!

  28. heartneedsahome says:

    OMG….I have plans to take my 3 mini schn. to the doggy day camp in Yorba linda,ca..Now Im not sure. I have taken them there one other time and happen to go be and see them on my lunch breck, and when I got there nobody new where they were. I then panic. needless to say I came alive on the kid that was working the front desk. After a few minutes went by the manager came out and said they were in a room cause they had too many dogs booked. so mine were locked up all day. who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  29. Susan Hurst says:

    DENVER, CO. We left out twin calico cats at a Petsmart Hotel in Littleton, Colorado so we could go to Seattle without worrying about our cats being ‘home alone’ for 3 days. We were really thrilled that we could ‘look in’ on the cats via our computer while we were away!

    We did ‘due diligance’ in scoping out the pet hotel, then visiting and finally making a reservation a few weeks ahead of time in order to be assured of getting the ‘prime spot’ where the kitty condo would face out to the lobby. We left detailed information regarding their eating schedule; likes and dislikes; as per their ‘intake form’. We brought their own food, food bowls, along with a single sheet of paper with easy to read instructions (Large type). Which one ate dry and which one ate canned food; as they both got contaminated food a number of years ago (melamine); and PLEASE DON’T PLAY WITH THEM. They were traumatized when some friends brought their daughter over and SHE chased them all over the house no matter how many times we asked her to stop.

    Not only did they NOT get the reserved kitty condo with a view; but the facility did not have the video connection so we could see how our cats were doing. We left phone numbers and email address’s so if anything were to go wrong we could be reached.

    When we got back the cats were so distressed that they didn’t recognise us and hissed and scratched both of us. We left instructions that they were not to be played with; just feed them ~ THAT’S IT!

    One of the staff said that we could use the LEATHER ORANGE GLOVE to get them into the cat carriers. She said she had to use it when she tried to play with them. This made sense as the cats were so upset; but when they saw her they really were afraid. She apparently used the glove to try to play with them. ????

    I asked if they read the instructions we left and we got a blank look and she said ‘what instructions?’ They apologized, probably due to the blood dripping from my hand from the deep scratch I sustained getting the cats into their carriers. The corporate office NEVER responded to email or phone messages.

    Just 3 days at Petsmart Pet Hotel took several weeks for them to get over. The previously loving pets now hissed at EACH OTHER and us.


  30. Dee Dee says:

    Here is the truth about PetsHotels…when the economy collapsed, staffing at the hotels was minimized to the point of there not being enough staff to properly care for the pets. Everyone involved knows this is true, but the bottom line is more important than the care of your pet. There is no time for playing AND cleaning, so something falls by the wayside. Staff is no longer properly trained (not enough time is given for training), and the managers who once were over seeing the staff and the care of your pets are now making reservations and cleaning up waste. No one is watching out for the welfare of the pets and complaints to upper management are never addressed. You are made to feel there is something wrong with you if the work cannot get done. My advice….don’t use petsmart until the economy reverses and you SEE for yoursefl that staff levels are rising and the committment to you and your pets health and safety are a priority.

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