Pet Owners Stand By Vet Accused Of Hitting Dog

Vet who has been accused of punching dogPet owners are standing by their vet (pictured here) who has been accused of hitting a Chihuahua. One woman describes him as “nothing but wonderful” to her six cats and another woman says that he has “been gentle, caring, thorough and compassionate with my dogs. As long as this man is in practice, he will be my veterinarian.” Other pet owners say that they do not believe the accusations, are 200% behind him and would continue to recommend him.

Meanwhile, the vet finally speaks out against the accusations and says that: “I’ve never had a complaint, I’ve never had an eyebrow raised against me, never any charges, worries or concerns.” He explained to the owner of the dog that the eye dislodging was an “understandable event.”

Update: The vet is back at work today. His schedule is completely booked.

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27 Responses to “Pet Owners Stand By Vet Accused Of Hitting Dog”

  1. Cynthia says:

    He explained to the owner of the dog that the eye dislodging was an “understandable event.”

    “understandable event”???

    I wonder how he explained how this was an “understandable event” when spaying the dog???

    The two techs who say they witnessed the incident tell the sheriff’s office that the vet was extremely frustrated with the dog because she was uncooperative and aggressive during a visit to be spayed.

    He needs to be locked away.

  2. AM says:

    I really shouldn’t post this but I can’t help it.

    This man makes me think of a classic abuser. They know (in most cases) how not to get caught, always have “a completely understandable explaination” for odd injuries and always have a number of people that buy his conjob even when there is alleged or even concrete proof. Some would be suprised at the # of people that will date someone even knowing the person they are dating had a history because the abuser has such “understandable explainations”.

    I know I wasn’t there and we may not have the whole story.. I could be way wrong but at this point with 2 witnesses and an obviously injured 5lb dog.. I can’t hold it in. Even if he is “cleared”.. I wouldstill be quite suspicious of any “story” that can dispute two seperate witnesses unless it is very clear cut.

  3. Debbie4747 says:

    He explained to the owner of the dog that the eye dislodging was an “understandable event.”

    “understandable event”???


    If he gets away with that excuse, would that then mean we can punch out the eyes of the PFI and FDA and defend ourselves by saying it was an “understandable event”?

  4. Gerry says:

    The dog goes in looking fine to be spayed and comes out beat up with a dislodged eye! and he didnt do anything??? As for the people who stand by his side..lets see how they would feel if it was their dog. Abuser never do it in front of people unless they are really stupid. Someone in that vets did abuse that dog cause he didnt do it to himself. As for the good deeds he has done….maybe they were a smoke screen. There is a chance this guy just [lost his cool]. So find a job away from animals and children. If one of the witnesses did it do you think they would still have a job in his office? NO. He should go take boxing or something and stop taking his temper out on the innocent.

  5. Captn' Carl says:

    Like the rest of us that “didn’t just fall off the back of the turnip truck”; I don’t buy it either!

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!”

    A wise saying that is very applicable here!

    I agree with what Gerry said. “He should go take boxing or something and stop taking his temper out on the innocent.”

    I would take it one step further: This so called “doctor” should take the position of the punching dummy and receive what he dished out for a change!

  6. Cathy says:

    If he gets away with that excuse, would that then mean we can punch out the eyes of the PFI and FDA and defend ourselves by saying it was an “understandable event”?

    Well, now THAT would be understandable.

  7. Joe says:

    Agree with everything eveyone has said….understandable event?

    Dude looks stoned in the pic……

  8. pat says:

    also, it seems to me that the original article said he was facing another complaint about pretending to vaccinate a dog, and charging the pet owner for it, so the no complaints or eyebrows raised seems a non sequitur.

    i notice that none of the people who’ve worked with him. past or present, are rushing to his defense.

  9. Anonymous says:

    And 28% of Americans still think Bush is a good president. You’ll always have people who can’t see the obvious.

  10. Captn' Carl says:

    Anonymous you are absolutely right.

    A great many people have become as blind cattle being led to the slaughter while visions of sugarplums dance in their empty heads!

    Do the words “Probable Cause” ring a bell with anyone defending and patronizing this sadistic criminal?

    Probable cause:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    In United States criminal law, probable cause refers to the standard by which a police officer may make an arrest, conduct a personal or property search or obtain a warrant.

    It is also used to refer to the standard to which a grand jury believes that a crime has been committed.

    This term comes from the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. — Fourth Amendment

    Probable Cause is what Police Officers Investigating alleged criminal activity base an arrest on.

    Quite obviously there was overwhelming probable cause for an arrest based upon the witness statements to investigators.

    Obviously there was probable cause or it would never have gone up before a Judge who unfortunately let this criminal out on bond, but scheduled another court date for a trial.

    Individuals who are professionally licensed as Doctors are not generally placed under arrest unless the evidence against them is overwhelming.

    Anyone believing in the innocence of this criminal has been lulled into a false sense of security and all warm dumb and happy just because some idiot living in la-la land told them so are really incapable of intelligent individual reasoning and are supporting this Criminal Abuser at the expense of the pets he is abusing.

    What a sad commentary on the intelligence of some individuals.

  11. Phoebe says:

    This just proves, once again, how stupid people can be. They employ this man as their vet and would rather continue to put their pets’ lives at risk with him than admit that they made a mistake. Obviously, witnesses must be lying because so many of the owners couldn’t possibly be wrong. If a pediatrician did this to their children, would it be “understandable” then, too? “Sorry, Johnny, you shouldn’t have flinched like that. Stop complaining! You’ve got another eye.”

    Sometimes stupidity should be painful, especially for those who should know better, but prefer to be intellectually and emotionally lazy.

  12. TC says:

    I have known people abused by spouses, and known their abusing spouses. Heck, I went to law school first year with a woman whose husband kept regularly beating the snot out of her. Smart enough to get into law school, made all the typical excuses for his behavior, nobody could find a way to help her that she would accept, she dropped out and chose to be beaten instead. I know things that have happened far worse, that included death, from abusers. Nope, their families don’t ostracize the abuser/even killer automatically.

    I have known animal trainers that do horrific things to the animals in their care, verifed, and the customers who don’t see it as actually happen? Total loyalty shown to the abuser - TOTAL. The customers make excuses up the wahzoo for the abuser, blame the animal victims, almost glorify the smooth talking creep abusers. And send more animals for training, to SUPPORT said abuser, and why?

    Goes like this: “since I didn’t see it and I don’t WANT to believe it because it would disrupt my life to change, and also prove that I am NO judge of character, then nope, because it never happened to me, it couldn’t have happened to anyone else either. My mind is closed because it scares me, so quit trying to confuse me with the facts.”

    You are also seeing this attitude with the pet food crisis, and the human food contaminations. People defending things they should be attacking, because the alternative to their beliefs is scary. Very scary, so they hold onto what they “hope” or “wish” or “pray” is true, even when there is enough accumulated evidence to put them on notice that things may not be what they seem.

    I don’t understand this way of thinking, no matter what venue it arises in - makes no sense. You got some evidence pointing to a bad thing? CHECK IT OUT. Maybe people get confused by the fact that both extreme good AND extreme horrific bad can co-exist in the same person. Which is scary to contemplate, and besides, that just can’t be, right? Wrong.

    I gave dh an example - Dennis Rader, that crazed BTK killer. Look at the words that came straight from his deranged mouth, of what he did to people. Then remember - when caught, he was trusted enough to have been choosen to head his Lutheran church as a deacon. And held a government job…and one earlier at ADT, providing americans with SECURITY SYSTEMS designed to prevent people from being harmed (put in by a SERIAL KILLER!)…had a wife, and lovely well raised children?? This is NOT some extreme, atypical example. And at lesser levels, is just the way it goes. Pedophiles that run their boy scout troops well and teach a lot of good things, but do horrific acts of abuse on the side. Good co-existing with pure bad. People see the good, and just won’t believe the other unless you shove it right in front of them.

    I do understand good and bad can be in the same person. I no longer care about the “good” part when the bad part is compelling a person to either kill others or in this vet’s case, beat and blind the animal is there to cure and protect. There is no excuse ever for “punching” an animal by a vet. NONE. NONE. Yeah, the bad in this context completely outweighs any good.

    This man is tempermentally unsuited to the veterinary profession. It happens, but you would never find me making excuses for it.

    The people who are supporting this vet, on automatic pilot while REFUSING to even look into the charges, are the same people out there buying pet food because the industry still says it is safe, and hey, TC, you know it has to be against the law to sell unsafe stuff, so your facts on food must be wrong. I hear this, weekly.

    You just can’t save everyone from their own stupidity, or laziness or bad judgement, or undue reliance on the expert “word” of the supposed “authority figures”, no matter how you set up a system. No matter how much you educate and try to show people how to honestly think issues through for themselves, instead of just parroting the latest popular position they hear.

    I continue to educate anyone in my neck of the woods who shows any ability to learn to THINK and problem solve (without regard to the conclusions they reach, because as long as they do the work, they at least are living with results that were not obtained by sheer default).

  13. Flamin says:

    I wonder what happened to the two veterinary assistants? Are they working, or have they been fired? Why is Winstons “schedule completely booked”, after being Booked into the county jail?. Don’t people know what he did to the Chihuahua, or is Winston the type of guy that seem great on the surface to some? Or are they buying his “understandable event.” excuse! If he does something else, I hope the county gets sued & the Veterinary board for allowing him to go back to work pending review.

    I’ll tell you this is typical behavior of an abuser, because it’s really about power or control. An abuser does not abuse everyone all the time. He/she can be an upstanding member of their community, a good law abiding citizen, criminal, good neighbor, a doctor, lawyer, judge, policeman , male or female it matters not.

    Studies of prison inmates reveal that as many as 75% of violent offenders had early records of animal cruelty. There is also a high correlation between family violence and animal cruelty. A study in 1983 of New Jersey families referred to youth and family services for reasons of child abuse reported that 88% of cases had at least one member of the household who physically abused animals. An English researcher found that 83% of families reported for animal abuse also had children listed at high risk of abuse or neglect.

    Many studies in psychology, sociology, and criminology during the last 25 years have demonstrated that violent offenders frequently have childhood and adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty. The FBI has recognized the connection since the 1970s, when its analysis of the lives of serial killers suggested that most had killed or tortured animals as children. Other research has shown consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of more common forms of violence, including child abuse, spouse abuse, and elder abuse. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association considers animal cruelty one of the diagnostic criteria of conduct disorder.

    If you break it down to its bare essentials:
    “Abusing an animal is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend itself.”

    Now break down a human crime, say rape. If we substitute a few pronouns, it’s the SAME THING.
    “Rape is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves.”

    Now try it with, say, domestic abuse such as child abuse or spousal abuse:
    “Child abuse is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves.”

    Winston should seek medical attention, counseling and help. He should be prosecuted, ( any priors? ) and his license should be suspended. A FULL medical and psychological assessment is needed and hopefully he can get treatment, however I agree, he needs a new profession. A profession that doesn’t’ allow him to be in a power position over animals, or humans.

    link from Menusux

  14. Ruth says:

    Hmmm…. I wonder what the pet parents are saying about Bella? What exactly does the Vet mean by “understandable event”?

    If that was my Bella I would want to punch his eye out and call it an “understandable event.”

    I just can’t believe that so many people are standing behind him. I wonder how they would feel if they found out IF he had done something to their pet behind closed doors and they didn’t know about it. Would they still think he was a wonderful person?

    I hope that Bella comes through and will be able to see without any problems.

  15. Sharon says:

    I will never take my cat back to the vet who had an inexperienced tech take her blood. I could hear my cat in the back room crying out in pain and went up to the front desk to ask them to check on my animal. The receptionist came back and said “It’s hard to get blood out of an old cat.” The vet finally took the blood sample and I told her what my opinion of the situation was. If she is not willing to do the work herself she needs to hire people that know what they are doing. My cat is still traumatized every time she has to go to the vet.

  16. TC says:

    And god help any vet I use, should I show up and my beloved dog is in this condition, caused by that vet, who then tries to explain why this is an “understandable event.”

    If I could restrain my reactions (so I didn’t do something that could cause me to lose my bar ticket), I would cause the vet to lose his ticket to practice. No matter how many years of legal effort and dogging it took me to take it from him.

  17. zenelvis says:

    is it me or does this guy just look like a creep?

  18. Wendy44 says:

    This makes my stomach turn because I witnessed the same things. The vet I worked for was as nice as could be to people’s faces and everyone loved her. They didn’t know about the things she said and did “in the back”, and no one beleived us when we would try to tell them. I hate that there are more vets getting away with it.

  19. Lynne says:

    TC, are you in Wichita? Just wondering since you mentioned BTK. My first husband worked most of those cases (forensic guy).

  20. 3FURS says:

    TC–Because of what I saw, there is a dog groomer and a dog obedience trainor no longer working and I switched vets just based on a gut feeling.

  21. TC says:

    Lynne - how fascinating to do forensics! I couldn’t, because I don’t have the stomach for it, but I know people here who do (we both do civil law, but some of my friends do crime:)

    There was program re the BTK that I had on in the background the other day, while I making bread and other stuff in the kitchen, and it had me doing some thinking about the whole process of trust, honing our instincts, good and bad, stuff like that:)

    We live in Oregon, but dh was born in Topeka and raised there until about 10; others in his family are still there, and dh did a bit of aviation law years ago, so knew some people in Witchita too!

  22. TC says:

    3furs: I too have changed a vet over a gut sense. This vet is good, and I wish I could use him; however, there is a partner in that vet practice and without going into it, the least of his woes is incompetence. Sadly, I found out that the icky partner does the clinic’s emergency calls and is the vet on staff for the overnight stays, say for surgeries, recoveries, etc, so he is the one who handles my dog’s well being in the off hours! No way could I be okay with that, so if he ever leaves the practice, I would go back to the good vet there in a heartbeat.

    Only have one other case of bad vibes this strong (and I mean, like, don’t use that person, not just mere incompetence, or someone having a bad day, or hey, you just don’t click, no problem. I mean the vibes that make you run, if you are smart), and that was during this pet recall issue. I tried a new vet to replace the clinic I just mentioned. I walked in with my sick dog, and left as quickly as I could given her circumstances - if she hadn’t been so ill, I would have left in the first 5 seconds of our face to face with this vet. I can’t explain the feeling, but my instincts aren’t usually wrong, and I do as they tell me.

  23. randy says:

    I wouldnt let this man get within 10 feet of my pets.
    I feel for all the animals that are taken to him because their humans are not smart enough to know better.

  24. randy says:


    No it’s not just you.

  25. Krista says:

    The poor babies eye was dislodged!!! THE PICTURE SAYS IT ALL !!!!

    OMG!!! Run, don’t walk - stay away from this creep!! gives me shivers and I’d sue the you know what out of him if I were the owner!!

  26. menusux says:

    Police don’t just arrest people because they’re called–even when they have a domestic disturbance–the spouse has to be willing to sign a complaint. (And this is where the spouse often caves in and nothing gets done about the possible abuser.)

    Somebody had to be willing to sign their name(s) to a complaint to have him arrested, locked up and he needed to post bail.

    I think those who mentioned possible substance abuse are on target–all of us have seen people who’ve had too much to drink get nasty–and things like that are often what bring the cops to a home–spouse has had too much of something and starts swinging.

    Bottom line is–someone had to sign the complaint to get him booked, and the cops had to be convinced that the complainant was being truthful.

  27. Buster says:

    The two vet techs who saw this incident firsthand DID NOT FILE A POLICE COMPLAINT??
    The owner of the dog who saw their dog emerge from the vet clinic with ONE EYE DISLODGED DID NOT FILE A POLICE COMPLAINT??

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