Pet Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire

It was an early Saturday morning, and Pepper, the pit bull, started to bark and then the other four dogs in the house started to join in with Pepper’s barking. They were alerting their family that the house was on fire. The family woke up and got out of the house in time. By the time firefighters arrived, the house was already 60% involved and filled with smoke. Good job Pepper! Go pit bulls!

(Thanks John)

4 Responses to “Pet Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire”

  1. sherry says:

    I love stories like this….But I hate it when they don’t tell us if the dogs/pets are okay too. The dogs saved the day…Where they saved too?

  2. karen says:

    kudos to pepper!

  3. Pit Bull Lover says:

    The article has a link to the original TV news story. Pepper and the rest of the dogs appear to be fine (and friendly)!

  4. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Oh, come on…!

    You all know the dog set the house on fire herself so she could have her human snacks cooked instead of raw! I mean, all Pit Bulls are evil killers, they love human flesh the best over all other meats! Right?

    Riiiiiight! ;-D

    PS- I’ll send Pepper 25lbs. of filet mignon if you let me have that gorgeous little black and white puppy! What a little cutie!

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