Pet Poisoning In South Africa Eerily Similar

A commenter on Gothamist posted this article which occurred in February. Their cause — ethylene-glycol — is on our short list of possibilities posted here.


  • Late 2006 onset of symptoms, discovered in February of 2007
  • Toxin caused kidney failure
  • Cause hard to pinpoint and required in-depth testing

But, note that these symptoms occurred with dry food.

Aquanutro said it had first been alerted in late 2006 by dog owners and a veterinary surgeon that some of its products had allegedly caused kidney failure within dogs.

“Extensive tests were conducted by accredited laboratories within South Africa and were initially found to be negative, until an in-depth and very intensive … analysis tested positive for the presence of ethylene-glycol,” the company said.

The South African SPCA advice is also more aggressive than the advice we’ve been getting.

SPCA vet Miles Penfold warned: “If you have fed your dog this food and even if they are not showing signs of poisoning, it is best to take them to the vet to be checked.

“Once the symptoms are visible, it is often fatal.”

Thanks for the tip Tanya.

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