Pet Product Review: Perfect Petfeeder

Perfect Petfeeder

When the CEO from Pillar Pet Products emailed me about reviewing their Perfect Petfeeder, I was incredibly intrigued. Both my dog and I had never used a pet feeder/pet food dispenser before, and I was incredibly curious to see how my dog would react to it.

The Perfect Petfeeder is geared towards cats and small to medium sized dogs. Although when I spoke to Scott and Gretchen from Pillar Pet Products, they said that there are a few dog owners that use the Perfect Petfeeder for their Labradors (a model for large dog breeds is being considered). The product can also feed two pets with one unit.

First of all, this is no flimsy piece of machinery. It weighs about 20 pounds when empty. When I first took the Perfect Petfeeder out of the box, it looked solid and almost indestructible (just like a KitchenAid mixer — those appliances last forever). Set-up is relatively quick and painless, and there is an easy to understand manual to guide you through the process.

Programming your pet’s feeding schedule is also easy to do and includes: the time of day, number of meals, if you want to activate a meal chime, and the specific meal amount. Meals can be programmed to be as little as several pieces of kibble to as much as several cups, and different meal amounts can be programmed for each specific time.

I was then ready to start feeding my dog with the Perfect Petfeeder. I waited until the specified time and sure enough, I heard the meal chime go off, and kibble started to come out. At first, I thought I was in Las Vegas because the sound reminded me of coins coming out of slot machines. (Unfortunately, no money came dropping out of the product — only dog food.) I ran over and was excited to see that the correct amount of food I programmed was sitting in the bowl.

My dog had the opposite reaction. He first barked when the meal chime went off and seemed utterly confused when he saw his food coming out of this strange contraption. I tried to persuade him to eat from the bowl, but he was definitely not having any of that. I tried offering him some pieces of food in my hand over the bowl, and he cautiously grabbed those pieces but ran away from the dispenser. He sat there for a couple of minutes just staring at it and contemplating if this strange metal thing was going to take his tennis ball away from him.

After two days of getting used to the Perfect Petfeeder, my dog has become accustomed to the dispenser. He now eats from it freely and willingly. I think he knows that the Perfect Petfeeder is not here to ruin his world but instead is here to give him food.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied and happy with the Perfect Petfeeder. It is very sturdy and seems to be quite pet proof. I studied the product and there doesn’t seem to be a way that a dog or cat (even the sly ones) can get food from the dispenser by simply reaching up into the product, banging it or knocking it over to get more food.

Some other features of the product:

  • Back-up battery: If the power goes out, your pets will still be fed thanks to the back-up battery in the Perfect Petfeeder.
  • Very easy to clean and most of the parts that touch pet food can be put in the dishwasher also.
  • Reminds you when you need to refill the Perfect Petfeeder. We got to that stage and it gently reminded us with a message and a beeping sound that we needed to fill it up with more food.
  • There is a suspend feeding feature, and there is also a feature that allows you to feed freely if your pet needs more food in between scheduled meals.

There is a bit of initial sticker shock from the price of the Perfect Petfeeder — $499.00. The price is more than most pet food dispensers, but the Perfect Petfeeder seems to be a lot sturdier, more effective, and more reliable in comparison to other products. And after spending some time with the Perfect Petfeeder, I understand that it is a quality product that will last for years.

In fact, I would call the Perfect Petfeeder the KitchenAid of pet food dispensers.

For more information, visit the Perfect Petfeeder website.

10 Responses to “Pet Product Review: Perfect Petfeeder”

  1. furmom says:

    A Petfeeder. Cool. So what’s to stop my cat from bugging me for more food if the feeder doesn’t put out enough in his opinion? My cat has special needs, he has to support almost 19 pounds. If his food is restricted he either bugs me at any time of the day or night, or goes out to catch his own dinner (squirrel-sized snacks).

  2. Sheltie Mom says:

    I don’t feel that ads for grossly overpriced products have a place on this list, or any ad for that matter.
    Sheltie mom

  3. Sindy says:

    Cats shouldn’t eat kibble anyways.

  4. Dennis says:

    So can we trade our first born for this? just kidding

    Wow, that is expensive. But I’m impressed it is made here in the U.S. even if it has some parts made elsewhere.

    I don’t think I would want to give up the bonding time with my pet at meal time.

    I wonder about whether the unit is subject to jamming up depending upon the kibble size and if there was any foreign objects in the kibble (think metal or plastic pieces that the owner missed in the bag, which would matter if the unit is unattended with the owner away)?

    It would be better if the unit had a NiMh or a Lithium ion battery pack instead of NiCad due to that type having a recharge “memory.” Their 2 years later replacement service on the battery pack is a great idea given some owners are likely to use this instead of a pet sitter. 3 years or so later, if an aged battery doesn’t hold a good charge, and something causes a home power failure, then the pet might not be fed while the owners are out of town…

  5. Scratch says:

    Looks impressive, but I’ll stick to the Pet Mate feeder. Lots cheaper and can use with or without ice packs. Don’t know where it’s made though. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for items made in a pet and people friendly country.

  6. Ally says:

    We purchased this automatic pet feeder for our two cats several weeks ago and are in love with it. The quality is superb. I don’t see a problem with the battery being NiCad as it remains fully charged and is only used if the power goes out, which I really like since it happens here every once in awhile. Plus NiCads are recyclable. It’s just so nice to be able to feed our cats throughout the day without resorting to free-feeding. Before, I think ours cats saw us as a big bag of food, and now it’s more relaxed around here.

  7. Tim Campbell says:

    Would you consider reviewing the Doody Dangler.
    I have been walking my dog for years. This is an ingenious product that works great!

    Go to


  8. This feeder looks great, but my wasn't! says:

    My friend gave to me a gift - rock-n-roll cat feeder. I & my children were wery excited. But my 3 cats didn’t like it. Why? They couldn’t use it because it was too complicated or something. Also it took too much space and looks very ugly. Today I took it out on a sidewalk. Maybe someone will pick it up…
    I came to conclusion - it is just waste. I didn’t buy it. But people who’s going to spend their BUCKS they will be very dissapointed.

    Look what I’m talking about:
    I foud it by the NAME that was on the box.
    DO NOT BUY IT! That won’t work!

    Patent:”Pet feeder
    George Kubala, 37-16 80th St., Jackson Hts., N.Y. 11372 (US); and Gary Kubala, 405 Wading River Rd., Manorville, N.Y. 11949-3446 (US)
    Filed on Jun. 30, 2004, as Appl. No. 10/879,454.
    Prior Publication US 2006/0000418 A1, Jan. 05, 2006
    Int. Cl. A01K 5/00 (2006.01)
    U.S. Cl. 119—53.5 20 Claims

    1. An animal feeder comprising a support, a container mounted on such support for movement relative thereto and adapted to contain food particles in bulk, cooperating means on said support and said container for limiting the extent of movement of said container to movement back and forth relative to said support to a predetermined restricted degree, means on and extending from said container which, when manually physically displaced over a given distance and then released, causes said container to move within said limited extent, said container having a first opening through which food particles are inserted into said container and a second opening spaced from said first opening from which food particles escape from said container when it is moved within said limited extent.”

  9. J. R. says:

    Am having a problem with both cats throwing up their food shortly after eating. Have tried several different kinds, dry and can, Halo, Science Diet, Purina, health store brands. My cats are about eight and nine years old. Any suggestions?

  10. J.S says:

    I have a cat that throws up all the time as well. We shred his food with a protein shake blender and add a little bit of water to soften it up…it’s alot easier on his stomach. Also, we feed him I/D, it’s a prescription diet, easy on the stomach. We also are purchasing this pet feeder to give him more smaller meals throughout the day so he doesn’t scarf his food when he does get fed and then throw it right back up!

    Hope this helps.

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