Pet Sitter Cited For Animal Cruelty After Pig Tripled In Weight


Last week we brought you the story of a Minnesota woman who left her pot-bellied pig with a co-worker who agreed to pet sit the pig while the woman was on medical leave. After nine months in the pet sitter’s care, the five-year-old pig, Alaina Templeton, tripled in weight to 150 pounds and her collar was embedded into her neck because of the weight gain. Alaina’s owner, Michelle Schmitz, wanted charges filed against her co-worker for neglecting her pig.

Since last week, Alaina has already lost 15 pounds and is back on her healthy diet including bananas and has recovered from her surgery that was done to remove the embedded collar from her neck. Her wound should be completely healed in about a week. Schmitz said that with diet and exercise, Alaina will be back to her normal 50 pound weight.

Also the Winona County Sheriff’s Department determined the wounds to Alaina’s neck from the collar met the standards for animal cruelty in Minnesota and mailed a misdemeanor citation to the pet sitter.

“I’m not out to sue her,” Schmitz said. “I want her to be held responsible for what she did and what she didn’t do.”

After the initial story came out, many people said that Schmitz was underfeeding her pig, and that the pig’s 150 pound weight was actually normal instead of her 50 pound weight. Schmitz and her veterinarian said that fifty pounds is an ideal weight for Alaina, who is part feral pig and part pot-bellied pig.

Source: La Crosse Tribune

2 Responses to “Pet Sitter Cited For Animal Cruelty After Pig Tripled In Weight”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    Goodness, you know, she really is a pretty little piglet! Charming. Poor little gal.

  2. The Lioness says:

    She’s adorable!

    I’m glad the pet sitter is being cited. Maybe the next time she pet sits (if there IS a next time,) she’ll think harder about how she’s treating her charges.

    ~The Lioness

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