PETA Demands Recall of All Menu Foods Dry Food

PetaAs we collect reports of pet illnesses and deaths associated with dry food, PETA is demanding that Menu Foods recall all their dry food as well. They also “sent an urgent letter… to Daniel G. McChesney, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Office of Surveillance and Compliance, urging him to investigate Iams and other companies that sell food supplied by Menu Foods and take appropriate actions if the companies knew-yet withheld-information about pet-food contamination.”

Nikki at Howl911 adds an important and humorous note to the PETA demands. Menu Foods doesn’t make dry food.

6 Responses to “PETA Demands Recall of All Menu Foods Dry Food”

  1. Nikki says:

    Leave it to for PETA to be a day late and a fact or two short on this important issue.

    Menu Foods does not manufacture dry food. I repeat, Menu Foods does not manufacture dry food.

    Someone must have forgot to send PETA the memo.

  2. Traci says:

    I am still wondering how PETA can support us feeding our animals other animals in the first place…and not ask that cats be fed vegan diets…Ok, I will stop right about now…

  3. G.K. says:

    Having read some of the quoted material I’ve seen, the higher-ups PeTA would probably prefer that we not keep cats (or any other animals for that matter) as pets in the first place. (Forcing cats to go vegan would certainly take care of the feline segment of the pet populace..) My guess is they keep kind of mum about that part, considering the greater majority of their donations come from pet owners.. owners who wouldn’t happily fork over their checks if they were aware of the fact.

    It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of PeTA. At all. But even I’m surprised that they didn’t take the time to do their homework on this one. I mean, it’s been ALL OVER the news for quite some time that Menu doesn’t even produce dry foods!

  4. Sam says:

    Interesting points made. I would only like to suggest one other thing though, right now it is a batch of wheat that was received from China supposedly that they are looking at that was found to have rat poison. Do we know that Menu foods is the only company that received that batch and do we know that dry food or for that matter other wet food by any company thats contains wheat is safe? I think that until FDA and whoever is finished with their testing and can find the source of the contamination and where it entered the pet food supply, no one knows that any food containing wheat is OK at this point….

  5. Nikki says:

    Sam, the FDA nor Menu Foods either one have any evidence that wheat gluten is the source of the contamination (be it aminopterin or something else). So while it is prudent to avoid any pet foods containing wheat gluten or wheat products, regardless of the manufacture, it is no guarantee. Until the FDA identifies the actual source of the aminopterin, they simply do not know how it got into the affected food.

  6. mmenesis says:

    I am very sorry to hear of all the terrible things that are happening to our pets…It actually enrages me that we were duped into thinking we were taking care of pets with the best products we could afford and were offered on the market with all those cute commercials. Makes me want to gag now that I think of it (no I haven’t eaten any of the tainted products).

    I would like to caution the well meaning people that are replying to the folks that are relaying their experiences by telling them, “Oh? X-brand is not on the recall list, or dry food is not mentioned on the “list”. Please refrain from those types of replies because NONE OF US know what exactly is going on. NONE OF US know anything anymore, the so called manufacturer “fund”, the media, the people who have stake in these companies more than likely don’t know to what extent this will go. So give all these pet owners a break when they are going through a bad time or have lost a buddy or two…They don’t need any know-it-alls-who’ve-memorized-the-list giving them any grief, it’s bad enough their best friends are either on rainbow bridge or heading there. For all we know the people that are denying some of the claims could be from the companies involved trying to head off a total boycott of all commercial pet foods.

    Also the “well-meaning-posters” that are trying to give advice on what brands of food THEY feed THEIR pets and they haven’t been sick a day in their lives…Be careful, how do YOU really know that brand is safe? How will YOU feel if that brand of “food” comes along with a recall??? Or maybe these are just planted claims from companies who want to gain consumer confidence???

    I don’t know who to trust anymore, I do trust my dogs, who have NEVER lied to me, NEVER hid anything from me, well maybe a remote, a slipper or my glasses, but still…

    People beware, take care of your pets as best you can. Pets are a wonderful thing and these “suits” may they get what is coming to them. All pets go to heaven.

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