PETA Tries to Bite Karl Rove’s Head Off

Perhaps you’ve seen that infamous video, the one where Karl Rove, the top presidential aid raps to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat. PETA has no qualms with a rapping politico, (well, if they saw the rap after the jump, maybe they would) but with what he said before the rap.

Rove joked that:

“Listen up suckas, don’t get the jitters,” Rove rapped, “but MC Rove tears the heads off of critters.” And when asked if he has any hobbies, Rove said he enjoys “ripping the tops off of animals” and demonstrated with his hands.

Is his quote funny? Harmless? Maybe not? You tell us.

The video certainly has the combined entertainment value of watching a car wreck and a horror flick so bad it’s actually funny.

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