PetSmart Continues To Recover From Pet Food Recalls


PetSmart’s CEO, Phil Francis, said the company is still recovering from the pet food recalls earlier this year.

The company is already selling 265 of the 305 products that were recalled, and they anticipate to stock all of the recalled products by the second quarter of 2008.

The CEO said the pet food recalls will lead to a sales shortfall by the end of this year of “some tens of millions of dollars” for PetSmart.

But he added that customer’s spending habits at PetSmart stores have not been affected by higher gas prices and the slow real estate market.

Source: Reuters

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45 Responses to “PetSmart Continues To Recover From Pet Food Recalls”

  1. nora says:

    Before March 2007, I was there every Saturday with my dog or dogs and was spending freely, (about a hundred dollars a week there and approx the same at Petco) comparing prices on dog and cat foods and acessories and toys. After March, I stopped by when their Equestrian Dept was going out of business and purchased a couple pair of boots at a discount, but have not shopped there since. Sorry Petsmart. No reason to shop there anymore. Home cooking and a couple locally owned small Pet boutiques who are VERY conscious of animal wellness have taken your place.

  2. Janine says:

    PetSmart may never recover. I used to shop there religiously, many different branches each week to get enough Nutro packets for my 5 cats. The staff and management were wonderful, put the food aside for us week after week, knew us by name. All until that horrible day I phoned them about all of my 5 babies falling into kidney failure. They didn’t want to know me then.

    Please stop sending me coupons for $5.00 off at your store. Please stop sending my cats birthday cards. I will never again shop anywhere that I am approached by a Nutro rep with a colorful brochure of fresh meats and cats frolicking who pressures me to purchase that poison. You should have taken this as a learning opportunity and began to stock some of the natural, organic foods like the local boutiques have known all along. You would only benefit from having learned people don’t want to stuff their cats full of by-products, rice proteins, and glutens anymore. I hope your sales still continue to decline until you learn what your customers really need. I feel silly now knowing these tiny shops that really did care about the health and well-being of my animal were there all along. Let’s make a statement and support our local shops and local farmers for our home cooking ingredients.

  3. Pukanuba says:

    “The company is already selling 265 of the 305 products that were recalled, and they anticipate to stock all of the recalled products by the second quarter of 2008.”

    Reading stuff like this breaks my heart……how can pet parents feel confident feeding this gross stuff to their babies? I sure hope PetSmart is blowing smoke up one’s, well you know.

    I was a regular in PetSmart but no more. I took my pooch in there once to walk around & see how many people WEREN’T buying their crap food & to weigh my dog. The PetSmart store is a few minutes from me but I choose to drive 20 mins to this nifty & healthy pet store. They only carry the best.

  4. 2CatMom says:

    I don’t go into Petsmart anymore except to buy litter and the occasional toy. Food comes from a boutique store down the street where I work. Sorry but I’m not feeding my cats Iams, Nutro, Hills, etc. and ‘holistic’ or ‘natural’ version by these manufacturers just won’t cut it.

  5. purringfur says:

    Right on, Janine!
    And, Pukanuba, Petsmart may have all brands back in stock in 2008, but that doesn’t mean there will be buyers. We are so much more educated now, but big name companies still think we’re stupid and too lazy or too short on time to self-prepare food and still want to foist that garbage on us. Guess they were wrong based on sales reports…

    Crazy comment: spending habits not affected by gas prices. We’ll, duh! He’s right there. People just don’t want to take a chance on buying POISON.

    Pet food aisles were completely deserted in my grocery store again yesterday, although a lot of people were in the store — beautifully stocked shelves, completely full, and no takers! I popped in for cat litter, my only reason for going in the pet food aisle.

    I DO patronize a specialty pet boutique that’s 45 miles away. They carry the high-end holistic, organic foods and products. This is where I learned (and later researched) that my dogs do not even need Heartguard in the summer. This is where I learned about vaccines that can potentially harm my pet and that I can have titer tests run instead. This is where I learned about alternatives to using Frontline or Advantage. This is where I learned about real food ingredients going into pet food. These people who run the small boutiques truly have your pets’ well being at heart, and they will spend an hour talking to you in person or on the phone to educate you and share their experiences. Gas prices are no problem if it means my cat will have safer food. I’ve even driven over 90 minutes to get his food and would do so every day if necessary.

    “Tens of millions” in lost revenue?? We’re having an effect on the industry where it counts: the PROFITS — the ONLY LANGUAGE THE PET FOOD INDUSTRY KNOWS! If the companies knew the language of solid wholesome real food ingredients and rigorous testing for toxins, they probably could have turned things around… in time, after a degree of trust had been regained. The big brands were so ill advised to keep quiet, conduct business as usual, and spend their money on new ad campaigns and new packaging in an attempt to fool the dummy public, instead of addressing the real problems. Well, now they are suffering for it. And, I could care less. Our animals are thriving on the new foods. Just look at the amazing transformations people are reporting about their pets.

    Keep it up, everyone. We can do even better! When end-of-year sales figures come in for all of the companies, we’ll be able to see just how much of an effect we’ve had over the 9 months.

    I wonder how the prescription lines of pet foods are doing? I’m sure as a result of the poisonings of thousands and thousands of pets that are now in ARF or some stage of kidney disease that the prescription kidney foods were proposed to people, as they were to me. Does anyone know? IAMS is coming out with a prescription line to compete with Hill’s.

    Sorry, Petsmart. We love our animals too much to chance poisoning them again with big name brands because we’ve seen miniscule change, except for a couple of companies. We’ve watched our pets die agonizing deaths and we’re giving medical treatments to those still living. We’re experiencing the suffering first hand and are reminded each and every day what the pet food did to our animals and how we still have no answers. And, we see how few companies have changed what they do. THAT’S why you’ve lost “tens of millions” of dollars in just two quarters. The faith has been abruptly and most likely, forever broken. You can expect to lose a lot more because as a result of this life-altering scandal, we’ve made transformations in several areas of our lives — not just what we feed our pets!

    We’ve made life-long vows to homecook, feed raw, feed table scraps to supplement, or feed a smaller brand that has been thoroughly researched. We’re even making our own treats, and a lot of people are discovering the joy of cooking for their pets and themselves. We don’t have to know much than to know HOW NOT to poison our pets. This is a LIFESTYLE now for so many people. When you’ve watched your pet die, believe me, you vow to find alternatives or to self-prepare food for your pet no matter how tired, how busy, or how lazy you may feel. It’s the pet deaths and illnesses that drive us. We just look out the back window at our pets’ graves or stare at the boxes of ashes to know that we will NEVER allow this to happen to our pets again! Don’t you get it???

    Did anyone see the Petco? or Petsmart? (don’t know which company and don’t really care) TV commercial with the little white dog that tries on a red coat and looks in the mirror twice checking his appearance before going out to play with the tennis ball? Notice the shift in advetising: from food to pet apparel? The spin doctors are at work. The food sales are down, so the focus is on pet clothing and accessories. Sorry, I won’t be buying any pet clothing. I’m spending my money on natural and organic human foods I prepare for my dogs… and small brand cat food.

    And, when I talk to people about the pet food poisonings, how things have not changed, and how I homecook for my dogs… everyone WANTS TO BE MY DOG!

    If anyone can help me… I’m looking for U.S.A.-made dog collars — materials from U.S.A. and manufacturing done here. I’ve wondered if the metal rings or nylon fabric contain heavy metals/toxins.

    I have a vet appointment tomorrow and will take in the pet microchip/cancer alert posting. All should do the same on their next vist.

    Oh, Pukanuba… You make me laugh — going in to Petsmart to use them to weigh your dog. Love it!

  6. catmom5 says:

    You can count on me as a FORMER customer. In addition to the fact that you continue to handle . . . “questionable” brands of pet food, you have now decided to sell rabbits at some of your stores. Guess the welfare of the animals is not really your first priority! Too bad!

  7. Anonymous says:

    brief excerpt:
    “Diacetyl is .. found in many dairy products and some wine. It was first produced synthetically in Europe and is added to thousands of foods throughout the world to increase or enrich butter flavoring. It is found in microwave popcorn, potato chips, baked goods and candies, frozen food, artificial butter, cooking oils, beer, dog food and other items.

    …Worker hazards: In manufacturing plants, it’s been linked to bronchiolitis obliterans — irreversible obstructive lung diseases — for which lung transplants are often the only way to survive. Lawsuits against diacetyl manufacturers by hundreds of workers in popcorn, flavoring and other food plants claiming injury from breathing diacetyl have led to jury awards and settlements of more than $20 million.

    …Consumer hazards: The Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have declined to study the effect on consumers. The Environmental Protection Agency has looked at the vapors from heated diacetyl as an air pollutant but has not released the results to the public or to public health professionals.”

    …The EPA’s explanation for not sharing its finding with the public health community or other federal investigators was that it did not want to endanger its scientist’s chance of having her research published in a scientific journal.”


  8. Phoebe says:

    And the braintrusts at Petsmart think suddenly selling rabbits will help their bottom line? Yeah. Sure.

    Every bad decision this company - and others like it - makes will drive away more of their customers until very few will be left.

  9. Anonymous says:

    p.fur: If anyone can help me… I’m looking for U.S.A.-made dog collars — materials from U.S.A. and manufacturing done here. I’ve wondered if the metal rings or nylon fabric contain heavy metals/toxins.

    good question! keep us updated, please.

  10. purringfur says:


    Tell me I did not just read that last paragraph!

    “…The EPA’s explanation for not sharing its finding with the public health community or other federal investigators was that it did not want to endanger its scientist’s chance of having her research published in a scientific journal.”

    Is the EPA withholding information so a scientist can add a line to the “Publications” section her resume? What kind of a scientist is that? Does career-building come before public health? What a disgrace to science. I wonder what the Union of Concerned Scientists would say about this one?

    I’d say withholding health information for the sake of getting research published first, at the cost of causing more potential human illness, is cause for dismissal of ALL involved.

  11. purringfur says:

    From the story above, it appears as though career building takes priority over public health at the EPA.

    I wonder what the Union of Concerned Scientists would have to say about this. I haven’t been to the UCS site lately…maybe I’ll hop over to see what new issues are there.

    People, here’s more evidence that we’re on our own to protect ourselves.

  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the Boutique cat food and pay with pay pal? thanks,

  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    Anonymos, thaks for the link. Now we have to check the dog food, dairy products, etc.? What next? we are so full of chemecials now I don’t what keeps us alive.

  14. Anonymous says:
    Philpott articles on diacetyl - and other articles
    It’s about damned time
    ConAgra: No more toxic fake butter

    ‘Popcorn lung’ and the collapse of government oversight
    While the FDA and EPA look away, noxious fumes from fake butter wreck lungs

  15. sylvia says:

    Trudy Jackson,
    I order on line from Kumpi and Honest Kitchen and pay by Paypal. There are probably other companies too.
    As for Petsmart, went in there this weekend for the first time in months to look for Red Barn bully sticks as advertised. They are all made in the USA. No Red Barn but all the formerly recalled foods are back. Lots in new wrappings so they think pet owners are simple I guess. The store did not look so good nor were there many people there. A register or two was also gone. Guess no reason for me to ever go in there again. I can order Red Barn on line or pick it up at dog shows.

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Sylvia, Thanks I’ll order today.
    Anonymous, you know the FDA and the EPA just don’t give a damn.Looks like they never will.

  17. Trudy Jackson says:

    Sylvia, Thanks, i’ll put in an order today.
    Anonymous, We all know the FDA and EPA just don’t give a damn. And never will.

  18. NH says:

    Anonymous, Lupine is USA made. In NH to be exact.

  19. sylvia says:

    Try Bailey and Wags. They have a cashmere dog collar on sale for 21.95 and made in USA. Lots of others too. Pricey but some neat stuff. Don’t remember the site address but I just google in the name. Hope that helps.

  20. 2CatMom says:

    I’m pretty sure The Only Natural Pet Store also takes paypal.

  21. Ruth says:

    Purringfur Says: “IAMS is coming out with a prescription line to compete with Hill’s.”

    IMHO: I think IAM’s has done enough damage. They should be making safe dry food not coming out with more garbage a.k.a. pet food.
    The PR companies must be hard at work.

  22. SabrinaD says:

    I use rolled leather collars on my guys (better for their fur, it doesn’t rub like nylon). The brand I have been finding is Circle T and it is made from American leather. They look better with age, unlike nylon collars (which fade horribly). Sure you don’t get the quick release buckle, but I think the fur saving quality is worth the loss of that feature. The only problem is that young dogs like chew them LOL.

  23. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thanks Everyone.
    Does anyone have Don Earls web page? Or email address? thanks again

  24. MaineMom says:

    Trudy, Don’s site is

  25. MaineMom says:

    My trips to Petco and PetsMart are really short now - EverClean cat litter and Tetra Pond koi food. Oh, and Cats Claw feathers for Lincoln’s toy box - he loves to fish them out and bring them to us!

  26. Ramdog says:

    I am sick and tired of the bottom line being more important then my critters. My English Bulldog and two cats are my family. Petsmart and Petco just don’t give a damn other than to make money and exercise stock options for themselves. Sorry Mr. Corporate greed, but you will have to do with out my greenbacks. I have found a little feed store on line that I am purchasing from and have been very happy. The products are great and the service is superior. No more Procter and Gamble, no more Colegate Palmolive, no more Nestles for my kids!!!!!!

  27. menusux says:

    sylvia says:

    September 11th, 2007 at 11:37 am

    “As for Petsmart, went in there this weekend for the first time in months to look for Red Barn bully sticks as advertised. They are all made in the USA. No Red Barn but all the formerly recalled foods are back.”

    I thought all RedBarn was US-made until recently–specifically, up to the time when the Chinese Chicken Jerky treats became news.

    Above is the FDA link re: detaining products because of possible salmonella:

    Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory 12/28/01 Chicken Jerky
    Dog Chew and Chicken Jerky

    Dongmen Rd., Nanyan Town Bleached Pressed Bone Dog Chew

    Zhejiang Province, Pingyang, China FEI # 3003095890

    This is a different manufacturer from PingYang Pet/Bestros, but they are on the salmonella detention list. Watch to see what happens next:

    So you go looking for a website and this is theirs:

    Mentions the Peidi Brand Products.

    Main Customer(s): Dingo Brand LLC., PetEdge, REDBARN, Penn-Plax, Armitage, VPG, Hagen, Wilkingson, Friskies, Pet Brand, Master Pet, SunRise
    Total Annual Sales Volume: US$10 Million - US$50 Million
    Export Percentage: 91% - 100%
    Total Annual Purchase Volume: Below US$1 Million

    So you see that Pingyang Pet Leather AKA Peidi is both on the FDA salmonella detention list AND is making some items for RedBarn. I used to buy RedBarn because I also thought it was all made in the US. Finding the information above made me say I’m through with them for good.

  28. Katie says:

    I used to visit Petsmart weekly - no more. On occasion I ordered from Petco online. No more. I now home cook and buy treats from the natural foods store.

    When the greedy corporations finally figure out that fancy marketing doesn’t lure me to their food aisle that I need to see and hear that the ingredients have been changed to high quality, that all food, vitamins, minerals and additives are lab tested for quality and poison - only than perhaps - I might purchase commercial pet food.

    I home cook - love the results - and will continue doing so.


  29. Boot says:

    LLBean has a couple of dog collars made in USA.

    Info on seafood imports amendment:


    Also at this site, scroll down to read “Contaminated Seafood Risks American’s Health”. This is very alarming! A must read.

  30. 5CatMom says:


    Here’s a link to Don’s site:

    and here’re all the lab reports:

  31. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thanks to everyone.

  32. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, I’m not bying any toys or anything else for Xmas for the kids this year. they just came on TV [AGAIN] with a whole bunch of toys made in China that has lead in them. I only caught the last part of it. I’m so angry with all of this mess!

  33. mittens says:

    i don’t believe i actually have to buy cat hair products now( himalayan who hates grooming. they have everything now for pet “hair” care-which appeared decadent and shocking to me having had only DSHs for so long. still, there’s something morally wrong with lavender fur spray ….) so that’s the only reason i go to any of the chain pet stores. i never really went before save special purchases( bird cage, pill pockets)because the outlet pet stores and the supermarket are cheaper.

    i did notice a woman in the supermarket carefully reading the back of every bag of pet product she picked up so people have become more aware. and all the iams is ALWAYS on sale so people, it would appear, aren’t exactly flocking back to their old recalled brands.

  34. purringfur says:

    IF U.S. parents can get together on the sites and decide to AVOID buying a slew of imported toys for their children and really make a DENT IN PROFITS, perhaps this move will help send the message that WE REFUSE TO BUY TOXIC TOYS and EAT TOXIC FOOD.

    Parents need to keep their wallets closed to imports. Our country is known as the garbage disposal that accepts ANTHING because we don’t inspect imports, and we are sure getting the garbage crammed into our ports just as fast as the ships pull in.

    So far, I’ve heard of an angry mom who appeared on CNN last week to voice her outrage over the toxic toy recalls. There needs to be more of this outrage expressed in local newspapers, in church groups, meetings of all sorts, on local news networks and on call-in radio shows. This should be a topic of discussion when parents meet one another.

    Has anyone checked the toys the children play with in school, in pre-school? Have the art supplies been tested?

    We CAN effect change, IF we WORK at it!

  35. HomeGrown says:

    Want to comment on Import Safety? We have a short window of opportunity here. This is the The Interagency Working Group on Import Safety that Pres. Bush formed to look into the problem. The report is in and they are allowing for comments for a short time. Please make your voice heard!

  36. Trudy Jackson says:

    We do need to do something, Purringfur, but what? and probably not on a pet site? One of My Grandsons’ was born at only 3 lbs. and i worry about his toys all the time. i’m the one who bought him the train set they say had lead paint. I’ve never been so angry in My life. And I bought His sister all the reclled Barbie stuff. just great.

  37. ramdog says:


    Just an FYI:I asked where the Red Barn Bully sticks come from. Here is their reply: Our bully sticks comes from South America, they are inspected at the slaughterhouse before shipping and we have them tested by an independent laboratory once they arrive at our Long Beach, California location. We also process them here at our facility.

    Please contact me if you need any other information.

    Thank you,

    Joanna Fernandez

    Customer Service

    Redbarn Pet Products

  38. Trudy Jackson says:

    HomeGrown, This is probably the meeting We should all go to.

  39. HomeGrown says:


    I know alot of people have gotten discouraged about writing our representatives. The whole process works so much slower than we would like. But that is what has gotten us to the point that there is anything done at all. Blogging helps us vent and to spread the word, but if we ever want to see anything done, we can’t let up on the people who have the power to do something. We all need to continue to voice our discontent in words and with our wallets. That’s just my opinion. If anyone wants I also found a handy dandy site that you can pose a question to Pres. Hopeful Clinton. Guess what I asked? LOL

  40. JJ in IL says:

    purringfur I found a leather collar at Menards that’s is made right here in the USA. Cost for my 46# lil girl was 5.49 + tax. No leather leashes though.

  41. nora says:

    Speaking of Menards, It is SO INFURIATING to see their pet food isles crammed with Iams and any number of dog and cat food brands that were tainted (actually killed thousands of pets) and a huge part of the original recalls. Iam’s in particular has targeted particular stores with Colorful new banners hanging everywhere and it gives me a huge tight lump in my chest and sick stomach whenever I walk through. I want to run through the isles and slash all the bags spilling them everywhere and knock all the cans off the shelves and send them crashing. I hate feeling this way, like some kind of radical extremist. I feel so strongly about this issue.

  42. Anonymous says:

    thanks all

  43. Anonymous says:

    “The FDA years ago declared the chemical safe for consumption. Labels on almost all products containing it call it a **FLAVORING** and only rarely do the labels mention diacetyl. [MY CAPS]

    …the findings of the EPA’s study — which began in 2003 and was completed last year — have been released only to the popcorn industry. (Seattle Post Intelligencer)”

    The EPA’s two reasons for not releasing the information to the public or the medical profession are that they wanted to give the industry a chance to verify no confidential business information was contained in the report; and they did not want to jeopardize the ability of EPA scientists to publish in a peer reviewed journal by premature announcement of the results. The EPA had the exposure results for two years, more than enough time to allow the business information to be checked (two days is sufficient for that). The publication excuse is just that — an excuse, and a lame one at that.

    …The Michaels post at TPH gives the details of the case and also a rundown of what many of the relevant federal agencies aren’t doing and which ones aren’t doing it.

  44. purringfur says:

    Thank you, all, for the suggestions on USA-made dog collars.

  45. DogMama says:

    I can’t believe the comments. Sure we love our pets, and want the best for them, but WE as consumers, and owners need to become educated about what we feed our pets. It is not the responsibility of Petsmart to choose what we buy. They did a fine job taking recalled foods off the shelf. And most manufacturers did a fine job fixing thier food problems. It is not Petsmarts job to tell you what to buy, and I’m sure if they knew what was going on before anyones pets had health problems, they would have removed said products. I do believe that the manufacturers are at fault for not testing ingredients that they add to thier pet food. It was a gross oversight on thier part ONLY. Petsmart is not manufacturing these food products. So, as a pet owner, take it upon YOURSELF to become educated about what you feed your pets, and stop the blaming game.

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