PetSmart Pulls Pet N’ Shape Chik ‘N Rings Dog Treats From Shelves

Pet n’ ShapeLast week, PetSmart pulled various Smokehouse brand chicken and duck dog treats from their shelves as a precautionary measure. The company pulled these treats in response to American Veterinary Medical Association’s warning about various treat products from China due to complaints from pet owners about ill dogs.

PetSmart has also pulled Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings dog treats from their shelves as a precaution. When we spoke to PetSmart last week, there was no word about a Pet n’ Shape treat being pulled off shelves last week.

In a Sun-Sentinel article dated September 20, it was mentioned that Pet n’ Shape treats were pulled off shelves also.

We spoke to a Pet n’ Shape spokesperson, and he confirmed that PetSmart did pull Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings off shelves. He said the California-based company wasn’t actually aware of PetSmart’s move until they read the Sun-Sentinel article from yesterday. He was uncertain when PetSmart pulled their product off of their shelves.

He said Pet n’ Shape has done extensive testing and continues to test for various toxins in their products and their treats have tested negative for contaminants. He welcomes consumers to contact the company if they would like to see test results on their products.

We spoke to numerous PetSmart representatives and most were not aware that Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings dog treats were pulled. The one representative that knew about the product was uncertain when the product was taken off of the shelves.

Photo: Pet n’ Shape

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  1. Sharon says:

    I’m sorry if Mattel designed items with small magnets but to kiss China’s ass over the lead paint issue is unforgivable. I will never buy another Mattel product as long as I live.

  2. Sharon says:

    Mattel is also continuing to leave the lead painted toys on the shelves in China. Apparently they don’t care if Chinese children are harmed. And George Bush is so in bed with the Chinese President that he accepted tickets to the Olympics. He will sell out the lives of your pets and children for a pair of tickets to a sporting event! excuse me while I go get sick.

  3. Skittles says:

    Concha Castaneda

    “Somebody posted a link to a hearing on consumer safety.”

    Here is the link to those hearings.

    Day One:

    Day two:

    I especially like the part where one Senator tells them (Mattel) that he won’t allow Made in China stuff in his house. I believe that is in one of these links. Not sure which one though.

  4. Joyce says:

    Guilty before proven inoccent - that seems to be the new American way. NOTHING has been founnd to be a problem with these treats - yet most people seem to think they’re already a problem. Guilty before proven innocent. What an ignorant society we live in. Anyone who is bashing these people should be ashamed of themselves. ALL tests have come back NEGATIVE! The company is open to showing you the test results - have any of you contacted them to get the results? To me that’s showing the utmost of transpearancy and confidence in the products. I DID contact the company and DID get the test results - guess what - i saw with my own eyes that the tets are NEGATIVE and the products are safe. Check it out for yourself. Contact the company and find out the truth. Remember it’s innocent before proven guilty.

  5. Trudy Jackson says:

    I hope these work
    This one is titeled -China comes out to play. Everyone should read this. If this link doesn’t work try to find it on the web. And real the whole storey.,oo.html

    this one=Why Mattel apoligized to China,oo.html

  6. menusux says:

    Joyce says:

    September 23rd, 2007 at 11:02 am

    “What an ignorant society we live in.”

    You said it, I didn’t–it’s not turnip truck or PF company troll time here.

    “NOTHING has been founnd to be a problem with these treats - yet most people seem to think they’re already a problem.”

    AVMA thinks otherwise:

    “The AVMA staff has been in communication with veterinarians who believe certain brands of jerky treats from China could be causing illness in pets. Signs of illness have included vomiting, lethargy, and anorexia.

    “The Food and Drug Administration is aware of consumer complaints relevant to chicken jerky for dogs. Laura Alvey, director of the communications staff at the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, said the agency is actively investigating the situation.”

    “The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has recently been made aware of several complaints from pet owners and veterinarians that certain brands of jerky treats manufactured in China have been making pets sick. Symptoms of illness have included vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. To our knowledge, no deaths have been reported.

    “While a list of brand/product names of affected treats is not yet available, the AVMA has learned that all complaints have involved jerky treats from China.”

    “I DID contact the company and DID get the test results - guess what - i saw with my own eyes that the tets are NEGATIVE and the products are safe.”

    No test results posted online here–no mention of PetSmart’s removing the products from shelves either.

    It’s interesting to think that the 75,000+ veterinarians who are AVMA members and who issued these two warnings as a group are ignorant, while someone calling himself/herself Joyce who’s never been to medical school knows the truth and knows which brands are not affected when that information has yet to be released.

    Chow down on ‘em and get back to us with the results.

  7. straybaby says:


    what did they test for? were heavy metals included?

  8. Anonymous says:


    Nutro quote March 17 _ While Menu Foods has indicated that none of the products that may have given rise to pet illness or death were Nutro’s products, there have been a very small number of reported cases of pets becoming sick and developing signs of kidney failure from ingestion of products tied to Menu Foods.

    Joyce says March 19th, 2007 at 8:50 pm
    My dog Rupert began displaying symptoms of illness approximately 6 days into a 12 pack of Nutro Ultra. Interestingly he started refusing the dry food first, so stupid me, I kept giving him the canned food. He has been diagnosed with acute renal failure, and is not out of the woods yet. We are looking at over $2000 in vet bills. It’ s most likely less than some because I have been giving him subcutaeous fluids at home rather than IVs at the vets. I spoke with a menu foods reperesentative, but couldn’t get through to Nutro, and have not been contacted by the menufoods representatives. I have emailed Nutro 4 times. partly because their website is not up to date at all. I THINK WE ARE PROBABLY ALL GOING TO HAVE TO FILE LAWSUITS. I can’t see these companies paying for their mistakes

    Joyce sept 23_ “Guilty before proven innocent. What an ignorant society we live in. Anyone who is bashing these people should be ashamed of themselves.”

    If your the same “Joyce” I’m sorry about your dog and hope he’s ok, but did YOU accuse nutro without having full proof. Menu said no illness reported from nutro then.

  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    Very Important-
    Please go to -You tube, and watch the vidio of this –
    Inside a Rendering Plant.
    This could explaine what I found in the food.
    Let Me know if you watch it. Thanks

  10. thomas says:

    It seems another member of Bushies cronies has stepped down. According to Mike Johanns as USDA chair has resigned. The new acting chair will be Chuck Conner. It doesn’t look like this man will be there for the people . He appears to be there for agri businesses. Also another site linking businesses to China http://www.Politicalfriendster.....bioproduts names their chinese connection. and also through political freindster , the connection between Bayer Crop Science and G.W. Bush’s whitehouse 2005 protections for test subjects in human research.

  11. A Concern Pet Owner says:

    please we all need to call petsmart 800 no and tell them about dingo bones made in,wal-mart, petco ,pet supermaret k-mart and jeffers,jb pet wholesale all sell DINGO BONES.AND WE ALL NEED TO E -MAIL SEN.Durbin about this.

  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    If the rendering plant is in Los Angeles county, CA, would there be a pet food manufactor or any animal food manufactor near there?

  13. Elaine says:

    An article about more lead in bracelets bought in China for a cancer charity. The charity was assured the bracelets would not have lead content, and a toddler put one in his mouth and got sick.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Good find Elaine!

    From the article:
    The Friends of Mel Foundation said tests conducted on several bracelets last week confirmed they contained high levels of lead. A spokeswoman blamed a supplier based in China that had promised in writing none of the materials it provided contained the toxic element.

    It was promised in WRITING and they still used lead. A$$es

  15. Cathy says:

    Trudy, Nutro isn’t too far from LA. Imagine that.

  16. EGB says:

    My daughter’s cat got VERY sick on Nutro dry and recovered after she switched to Innova.

  17. Concha Castaneda says:

    Just an example of the monumental talk of boycotting China in our home! Battery Charger (Energiser), Energizer AA Batteries. Charger made in China, batteries by the same name made in Japan. I thought everything from China was gone out of my house. Charger stopped working this am. I started looking closer and now can not find that there is any such thing as a US made battery charger by searching on internet. Pretty frightening. Hopefully someone in our country will invent one and offer it to those of us who can not in good conscience keep using products from China. We won’t eat their tainted food or feed it to our kids and pets, but must have to rely on them to make all our gizmos run.

  18. Concha Castaneda says:

    I suppose case could be made that the Matel boys had to tack on an apology (with Media coverage) because if they didn’t someone over there would be tried and executed, or have to commit suicide. We have seen that since early spring. I guess how our guys react could result in drastic punishments there! What a horrible burden.

  19. e wem says:

    I searched the web all night trying to help my brother find kitchen knives made in USA. Most stuff is not found under ‘USA’. Somehow, I typed in a phrase with different spacing than my brother and I found a great professional chef knife with sanitary plastic handle USA For a low price. So much good stuff is never found because the way it is linked to only specific words or phrases it remains hidden. They do not always tell you if it is USA made either

    USA stainless steel citus press, made in USA (not like the (toxic?) aluminum one from china in all the stores);sr=1-18

    USA Rada cutlery

    USA Balloon Whisk;s=kitchen

    USA edlund tongs not chinese

    USA chef knife great prices

    Real American knife company

    Our stores make more profit with Chinese. They act as if nothing American made is available. Not true! Internet searches never find the stuff on the first try but it is worth it. My brother loves his knife - he got a Sani Safe USA made knife at Amazon

    The hardest search - finding food that is made in USA

  20. Elaine says:

    I called New Balance shoes and asked customer service if New Balance shoes are made in the USA? She gave me the item #s of the ones completely made in the USA of materials from USA. They are #992 (some of these are children’s shoes) #587, #498, #811, #706 (these are the postal worker black shoes).

    They also have some manufactured here with materials imported, etc. I told her I was only interested in USA manufactured and materials, and told her I was pleased to find a USA made shoe!

    Would someone please post this to the Made in USA forum? Shoes is one item of clothing that is HARD to find NOT made in China!

    I think NIKE manufactures in China, and I thought it was FUNNY to hear that fake Nikes were being peddled on streetcorners for a cheaper price. (probably made in China, also!) That’ll teach ‘em!

  21. Elaine says:

    This is a statement about Made in the USA New Balance shoes on an online retailer’s web page.

  22. tisme says:

    our government and china will sit up and listen.
    ban the chinese junk from the country. all of it like Europe did that does not meet standards. BUT that takes our government standing up for ITS citizens. Sooooo. Good luck
    do your own banning by not knowlingly buying ANYTHING made in that communist country
    We did our best to do just that and for some of it, the method works. Bought a black and decker sander about a month ago after my 20 plus year old black and decker finally gave up the ghost. the new piece of crap died after about 10 hours of use. Did not notice at first—–but guess where it was made. gee. I wonder.

  23. Nell Liquorman says:

    Consumers could probably care less that Pet n’ Shape has tested their products, just the fact that a pet food product has come from Communist China turns most pet owners off. I would never buy a pet food item that I knew originated in China nor a pet food product that contains imported ingredients from China.

  24. pet n shape says:

    […] Rings were pulled off shelves. He said the California-based company wasn’t actually unaware of … Savor Movie Review: Wall???E - LivePDXWith his binocular eyes wide open, discarded human […]

  25. lolo says:

    where can i get dog nikes

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