PetSmart Pulls Pet N’ Shape Chik ‘N Rings Dog Treats From Shelves

Pet n’ ShapeLast week, PetSmart pulled various Smokehouse brand chicken and duck dog treats from their shelves as a precautionary measure. The company pulled these treats in response to American Veterinary Medical Association’s warning about various treat products from China due to complaints from pet owners about ill dogs.

PetSmart has also pulled Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings dog treats from their shelves as a precaution. When we spoke to PetSmart last week, there was no word about a Pet n’ Shape treat being pulled off shelves last week.

In a Sun-Sentinel article dated September 20, it was mentioned that Pet n’ Shape treats were pulled off shelves also.

We spoke to a Pet n’ Shape spokesperson, and he confirmed that PetSmart did pull Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings off shelves. He said the California-based company wasn’t actually aware of PetSmart’s move until they read the Sun-Sentinel article from yesterday. He was uncertain when PetSmart pulled their product off of their shelves.

He said Pet n’ Shape has done extensive testing and continues to test for various toxins in their products and their treats have tested negative for contaminants. He welcomes consumers to contact the company if they would like to see test results on their products.

We spoke to numerous PetSmart representatives and most were not aware that Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings dog treats were pulled. The one representative that knew about the product was uncertain when the product was taken off of the shelves.

Photo: Pet n’ Shape

(Thanks menusux)

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  1. straybaby says:

    so have they removed ALL brands of Chinese jerky treats or just select? if this is a cautionary response the vet notice, i would think they would pull all China Brands.

  2. nora says:

    Ya know, it really sucks how when something is recalled or just pulled from the shelves, it still somehow gets purchased and into peoples shopping bags and if you look to any of the large pet supply stores, and you know the ones I’m speaking of, and inquire with their “helpful and informed staff” you are met with a blank or shocked or indifferent stare or they try to avoid eye contact after that. And you usually walk out of the store no more informed than before. February 2006 when I was looking beyond Dick Van Patton’s Natural Balance (because at just 9 months old my very active Aussie was actually getting a bit fat) and the rep advised me to switch to Nutro Natural Choice Chicken chunks n gravy and Rice Weight control, well…. you all know what happened after that!

  3. 5CatMom says:

    Petsmart pulled treats that tested negative and continue to test negative?

    That makes no sense.

    How about this: The FDA found the toxins in Bestros. They suspect that all chicken treats are tainted and they notified the retailers.

    I expect there will be many more recalls.

  4. Beth says:


  5. brad says:

    AND YOU CANT DEPEND ON THE MEDIA TO TELL YOU!!! They havent said one word about it!

    Those of us who are lucky enough to have computers and KNOW about ITCHMO will be able to STOP feeding this CRAP to our pets!

    How many people out there dont know about this? THOUSANDS!!!! AND those THOUSANDS will have to deal with sick or dead pets!

    Thanks to Itchmo we have been made aware!

    A message to the media & the PFI who doesnt give a R*** A** about warning the rest ..l.

    (yes, that is a finger)

  6. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with all of you. How many other things are being pulled that we don’t know about? It’s so sad but I don’t think it is going to stop, too much$$$$, too many bad deals & water, air & dirt to bad in China & some other places.

    Menusex, THANKS again, you are great.

    Itchmo, THANKS again.

  7. Beth says:

    I think this week alone there have been FOUR things that have alerted the American consumers—The chicken jerky treats “Pet ‘n Jerky” crap that affects our pets. Salmonella in Dole salad mix. Baby cribs that have killed toddles because they strangled on the down-rails.
    Now Matel is “wooing” the Chinese saying that their product “design” contributed to the lead in the toys. How DAMN stupid do you think we. the consumers, the hard-working American public are? Matel, I hope you too GO BROKE and your stock drops to ZERO. You are trying to bam-boozle the American public with your idiotic b.s. Any amount of LEAD should be ILLEGAL for children’s toys. Not just xxx/parts per million. NO LEAD! I have three grandchildren and I won’t be buying any more Barbie stuff, Polly Pockets or anything made by Matel until it is MADE IN THE USA.
    The price of a cheaper toy, a dog treat that has melamine, tainted human
    foodstuff, or any amount of Lead in our children’s toys IS UNACCEPTABLE.
    What can we do to make our government WAKE UP?

  8. bw says:

    >>What can we do to make our government WAKE UP?

  9. Beth says:

    BW—You got me. Our government has their heads in the sand….
    We bat around all of our saddness and all the horror stories of losing our animals, recall after recall, having high vet bills from poisoned food, some dead, some with long term kidney problems, getting sick from salads with bacteria, chicken and beef that might put us in the hospital, lead paint that may affect our children…..but where do we get??? Seems to me the only thing we accomplish is that we VENT. I don’t think anyone listens or hears our concerns here on Itchmo or any other blog….Maybe I’m wrong. I sure hope so….
    I am an ANGRY person. I can’t afford to become sick, nor my dogs from a Chinaman that dumps poison in my dog’s feed.
    This has to stop. STOP! I’m scared and paranoid about buying anything at the grocery store.
    We need to figure how to have more impact on the FDA and USDA…?

  10. MaineMom says:

    If you want a healthy cat treat, try Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes from Bellevue WA. Just dried Bonito - nothing else! Call 425-861-9410 to find a local source or have them shipped. Also, according to all cat-nip-kitties in CA and WA who have been given a cat nip Potent Pillow, the absolute best cat nip in the US is in the Potent Pillows from Pandora’s Box in Vashon WA. 1-800-472-4166. Some of these 2-3 yr old pouches have been licked flat, but are no less loved! I have no affilaition with either of these companieis, but our healthy, happy cats love these products and we’ve been using them for years.

    I do believe there is currently a place for trade with China - but it is not in our food chain. The workmanship on some products, e.g., authentic Dooney Bourke and Coach handbags, is impeccable. They look better and last longer than some “designer” bags costing much more. And yes, I have HCL’s and Pollini’s I brought back from trips many years ago. Good luck finding that quality at any price today.

    Case goods and home accessories are also a great bargain from China. But now knowing the enviornmental conditions there, I do not want my family or animals to eat anything sourced from China. BTW, lead was in almost all paint in the 30’s - 50’s in the US. Guess our parents didn’t let us chew on our toys.

  11. Caesar's Dad says:

    Well, if the US and Canada were anything like Germany, our governments would get off their collective asses and do what Germany did after China tried to export to Western Europe their “latest and greatest” Sedan automobile that only rated 1 star in crash tests.

    The German government said that if China keeps up this shoddiness, Europe may well ban ALL items manufactured in China until they can prove that they have sorted out all their problems. China immediately pulled all their auto’s, and in two weeks, improved that particular model to 3 stars, unfortunately, that still didn’t cut it LOL and Europe will not take that model of Chinese automobile.

    Hmmmm, sounds like a good idea to me!

    We have to watch out though, as China is now selling the exact same car to Eastern Europe through Mongolia/Russia -> trying to get in the back door: Will they do the same to us? Use “Mexico” to peddle their wares next???

  12. highnote says:

    I blame our president for borrowing money from China in the first place and promising them that we would import their products! Guess he should have checked into their products before agreeing to it. But! I am sure he already knew about their poluted waters and other things. Guess it did not make any difference to him, he just wanted the money.
    I do not know much about the governent and getting loans from other nations but I am sure that China would not appreciate us boycotting their products. If we did then could they want all of their money? I wonder about what sort of signed document our president agreed too?
    Maybe it said something about the imports in this document.
    Heaven knows what he has gotten the USA into.
    I am scared to eat any more too. There is no way of telling any more what is in any of our products and where they really come from.
    We see this in the pet food. Parsley contaminated and what else?
    I think about the vitamines in their food all the time. The vitamins in our foods like our cereals, etc. I know so much of it comes from China. We sure can’t tell by reading the labels!
    I was worried enough over bird flu and getting bit by mosquito’s or having the killer bees come to my state. Now I have to worry all the time about what my family eats and my pets too.
    Itchmo is a great place to find out information but what then? We all get upset and angry but nothing is being done to improve all of this and something must be done and soon!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lead in CA lunch boxes, beaded bracelets.

  14. Sharon says:

    Yesterday Mattel apologized to China for pulling their products off the shelf and told them it was Mattel’s fault the Chinese used lead paint. Wtf?

  15. purringfur says:

    Wayyyyyyy back when, it was a U.S. goal to sell OUR manufactured products and food to China, seeing a huge market there.

    Welllllllll, the tables were turned on us big time, and greedy U.S. corporations saw a way to make EXTRA HUGE profits by using the cheap labor and materials there. Even trekking our raw materials there for manufacturing/processing is cheaper than doing it here.

    (Good-bye nice-paying U.S.A. jobs and U.S.A.-made products.)

    I’m not a history buff, but didn’t we hear that a country had to be a strong manufacturing-based country to maintain a healthy economy?

    Now, China is a leading manufacturer in the world, and we are at its mercy for our FOOD as well as the products we use! It is BY CHOICE that WE ARE IMPORTING FOOD. And we are stuck with U.S. GM garbage food and toxic food from China to eat because Europe and Japan REFUSE so many U.S. and Chinese food imports!

    And even big corporations, such as Mattel, are APOLOGIZING to China, saying it recalled (out of caution) far too many toys with the lead paint and that its spec sheets CAUSED the Chinese manufacturers to produce shoddy toys????? I almost fell off my chair when I heard this! I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

    I wonder how many countries placed a ban on some Chinese goods as a result of the toy recall. Does anyone know if other bans surfaced? (Menusux, are you around with your fast fingers and keen mind for searching?) Looks like we’re trying to save the 2007 Christmas/holiday shopping season so companies can sell their Chinese-made toys! NOT IN THIS HOUSE, thank you! Perhaps in the forums, we can start a thread on alternatives to buying gifts (toxic, expensive toys) for the holiday season??

    PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS, BEWARE! You may be better off this year spending your money on a little vacation getaway this holiday season, instead of giving a slew of potentially dangerous, toxic toys, which, if there is a problem… you won’t hear about for weeks, months, or years! Weren’t the lead-contaminated mini-blinds produced for over 5 years without anyone knowing or saying they contained lead? Weren’t the Mattel toys produced for at least a year before anyone knew they contained lead paint?

    Are we going to see even more U.S. companies APOLOGIZING TO CHINA because China poisoned our food, toiletries, household goods, toys, jewelry, pets? Are we going to do this so China has a successful run as host of the Olympics so its reputation is not sullied any further? Are we trying to prevent more and more bans of Chinese goods from other countries? I’d like to know if China made some threats to Mattel? This garbage is pure politics!

    I’m sick of this! Give me a Haz-Mat suit for U.S. living (survival)! I’m off to Lowe’s to buy multiple lead test kits today! I hope there are enough kits in stock because I’ll probably need quite a few! I’ll take photos of any products that contain lead and try to post them in the forums section. (I may need some tutoring on putting the photos up. TIA.) Be back later…

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    You’ve all brought up things I’ve been thinking about.
    What did Bush promise China for the money? Probably our country? And what if they demand payment be made?
    And why did Mattell apologise to China? I can’t believe they knew that the toys had lead paint. Did they get threatened somehow?
    And We [All My kids and Grandkids are going to have a get-together] to figure out the Chrismas things. I feel so guilty for buying all that chinese stuff last year. And I spent hundereds of dollers. I trusted Fisher Price and Matell.
    Yes, could someone who knows how please start a forum for what We can buy for Xmas this year?
    I am getting My lead paint sticks this weekend too.

  17. Trudy Jackson says:

    Is there any way to test Your things for dioxin?

  18. Trudy Jackson says:

    I have already called My children and told them to have all the little ones checked for lead poisening. Well, who is going to pay for that,? The Chinese should. And now all the lead sticks we are buying, china should pay for that too.

  19. nora says:

    I for one am sick of all the “TESTING” and who should be doing it…..the labs or the consumers. IF ANYTHING COMES UP TAINTED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM………forget about it, NEVER PURCHASE IT AGAIN AND MOVE ON TO SOMETHING THAT IS SAFE. It can be done. Once tainted……any product can NEVER BE GUARANTEED SAFE AGAIN.

  20. menusux says:


    I have some bans and some “very close” to banning:
    BusinessWeek September 14, 2007

    EU Could Ban Unsafe Chinese Products

    “October is the deadline for China to meet European Union criteria on health and safety. If it doesn’t, products, including toys and spare parts, could be turned away.” September 19, 2007

    “MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Education (DepEd) has ordered a stop to the sale of banned Chinese food products in the canteens of the more than 50,000 public and private elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

    “The DepEd cited a directive from the Department of Health-attached Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) which warned the public against the purchase of several China-manufactured products containing formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance.”

    MarketWatch September 12, 2007

    “Elsewhere, Brazil has suspended Mattel imports until it can tell if the world’s largest toy maker is following local safety standards, media reports said.

    “The suspension has been in effect since Aug. 17, the reports said late Tuesday, citing a statement from Brazil’s Trade and Development Ministry, and will be lifted after the products are deemed safe by the government. ”

    So you have the European Union giving China an October deadline to shape up or don’t ship, the Philippines, who found formaldehyde in the candy & food products a few weeks ago and issued a ban on those in the news story, and Brazil banning Mattel toys because they’re made unsafely in China.

    These turned up on a quick search.

  21. A Concern Pet Owner says:

    URGENT - Dingo bones are made in CHINA And have the chicken JERKY In the middle.our pets love Dingo bones but i really feel anything comeing from china right now should not go in our PETS MOUTH. Oh on the pkg. of DINGO BONES in very SMALL PRINT IT says MADE IN CHINA.

  22. menusux says:

    More on Dingo bones. They are made by Pingyang Pet Leather/Peidi Brand. Pingyang Pet Leather is on the FDA’s FIARS salmonella Import Alert list for companies with a bad track record:

    Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory 12/28/01 Chicken Jerky
    Dog Chew and Chicken Jerky Bleached Pressed Bone Dog Chew
    Dongmen Rd., Nanyan Town
    Zhejiang Province, Pingyang, China FEI # 3003095890

    So you go looking for a website and this is theirs:

    Mentions the Peidi Brand Products. Many of the product pages are missing.

    Main Customer(s): Dingo Brand LLC., PetEdge, RedBarn, Penn-Plax, Armitage, VPG, Hagen, Wilkingson, Friskies, Pet Brand, Master Pet, SunRise

    Total Annual Sales Volume: US$10 Million - US$50 Million

    Export Percentage: 91% - 100%

    Total Annual Purchase Volume: Below US$1 Million

    BTW–the new Nylabone products which are meant to compete with the Dingo brand are also made in China. Print is hard to locate and very small when you do, but they’re Chinese-made, just as Dingo is.

  23. Trudy Jackson says:

    Menusux, Thank you so much for all the links. I have sent all the food and toy links to My children and friends. thanks again.
    You go girl,

  24. e wem says:

    highnote, it isn’t that our President borrowed from China, it is because we buy so much from China and they buy so little from us except for raw materials and high tech stuff.

    China holds over 1.6 trillion dollars in US Treasury securities alone. How big is our national debt? China owns almost half the amount needed to pay off our entire debt. That really means that half of our debt is owed to China now.

    In May the Chinese GOVERNMENT bought 10 percent of the Blackstone group, which OWNS Hilton Hotels, Orbitz, La Quinta Inns, holdings in American Axle, Universal Studios Florida etc

    China is a dictatorship. How many companies does our government own? None.

    China makes our politicans slaves because if China dumped Treasury securities all at once it would crash our economy. Our heartless politicians also know our businesses are being pumped with profits from Chinese labor and they do not want it to stop, apparently even it it kills us like it is killing our pets. This is the same reason they want 30 million illegals to replace American workers even if it destroys the American dream.

    The press isn’t rocking the boat either

    Mattel has made itself a slave because it makes huge profits getting stuff made in China for pennies and selling it for American prices to us. The Chinese now realize they can shake a stick and companies like Mattel have to roll over of they loose the gravy train of slave labor.

    China can easily pay $70 or $100 a barrel for oil since they pay their people a dollar a day in wages. That is why gas is going up. As gas goes up, we get poorer and China gets more and more of our manufacturing. The Chinese are signing exclusive oil contracts all over the globe. They are buying our good food with their US dollars and we are being shipped their poisoned food.

    But we can do something. The more we shout and complain the more other people wake up. It wil be a long fight. Websites like Itchmo are gathering information and helping us to save each other. We Americans can win. We do not have a choice

    Seeing my pets poisoned was Pearl Harbor for me. I will never surrender. Soon there will be a crisis or a war over the imbalance. China will stop trying to sell us junk and decide to take our land, or our economy will crash and we will re group. Maybe ten thousand Americans will die of kidney failure next. It is coming.

    The federal agencies have fluffed over the problem. They did a dog and pony show about visiting pet food factories. Bush could change this if he wanted to. His silence means he does not want to rock the boat either.

    Menusux thanks for your research. It is mind boggling.

    Itchmo is winning the battle with information the mightiest weapon. Thanks so much everyone

  25. Jan White says:

    IS IT EVER GOING TO STOP???? I went to the store yesterday to buy new dog toys after I tossed out the green monster and other similar toys under the same label from Wal-Mart. Every toy I looked at was made in China - no sale! I don’t want anything from China for my “kids”. I think I’m going to start making my own dog food/treats. Anyone have good (simple) recipes? I have three very large “kids” (dogs) to feed and can’t spend all day in the kitchen but I want them to have good (safe) food and I want to be able to stop worrying! I’m going to check for toys at other stores and see if I can find some that are not made in China as they really miss having toys (squeaky toys and balls). This is getting ridiculous and it really scares me to death. My dogs can’t tell me if I’m poisoning them and they have to eat so they eat what’s given to them. This needs to STOP! NOW!

  26. Mrs. P. says:

    The forums on Itchmos are starting to post pet treat recipes and patterns for toys.
    You can look and print out without logging in. Treats are under
    and toys are under

  27. 5CatMom says:

    Homemade dog treats online:

  28. Joyce says:

    Come on guys, this article says nothing was conclusive. Nothing has actually been proven amiss in these products. Let’s not get all bent out of shape. Our dogs have been eating this stuff for years and they are fine. I contacted the companies and they told me that they do their own extensive testing of their products and everything tests fine. Let’s not get caught up in the media circus.

  29. Concha Castaneda says:

    I seem to remember during the first Matell recall that our US manufacturers sent non lead paint to China to make the toys in the first place. So somebody switched them, or somebody is lying, or both! I think it is time for us to get real creative. Leave the China stuff in the stores and start making our own stuff. Our government is not going to do the right thing in relation to China imports. I am sure that itchmo will vanish if we become too troublesome. So let us get the word out by any and other means. Bloggers unite! Whenever someone finds an American made product that will substitute the junk spread the word. It is gonna be a blue, blue Christmas for toy manufacturers. There is tremendous market potential for products made in USA right now.

  30. Trudy Jackson says:

    Concha,You are so right about that.
    I was thinking of making crafts, but now I have to check everything i have and make sure where it comes from.
    We need someone to put up a made in USA on the forums. I know of some things, but don’t know how to do the forums.
    this might also put some people back to work right here in the USA.
    I went to the doller Tree [before the recalls, haven’t been there since], and they have American Flags that are made in China. turned My stomach even then.

  31. Concha Castaneda says:

    Ebay search Made in USA brings up 3514 items. That is only the folks who put Made in USA in their titles. I suspect lots more is for sale, but it is not stated in the title therefore a search engine won’t find it. I sell Fiesta dinnerware on Ebay and am going to start putting made in USA in my title and listings. Fiestaware is lead free and a great alternative to the cheap china from China. It is just a start. I know collectively we have the talent to bring change in spite of our Government. Be on the lookout for American made toys and please post.

  32. straybaby says:

    Concha Castaneda says:
    September 22nd, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    DO put made in the usa in your tittle and listings! even though Fiesta Wear should be a given, not everyone knows or they may want the reassurance it still is. one dinnerware pattern i have has some of the newer pieces made in china. i’m currently filling out the set and adding a few extra pieces in case i break a plate or something. i will not assume it’s all USA made even if it’s not NIB, so i do shop the auctions that state it. saves emailing and time ;)

  33. purringfur says:

    NEW THREAD IN FORUMS under “Miscellaneous/Off Topic” Header

    “Gift Alternatives to Chinese Toys This Christmas/Holiday Season”

    Feel free to add your ideas and finds!

  34. menusux says:

    Joyce says:

    September 22nd, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    “Come on guys, this article says nothing was conclusive. Nothing has actually been proven amiss in these products. Let’s not get all bent out of shape. Our dogs have been eating this stuff for years and they are fine. I contacted the companies and they told me that they do their own extensive testing of their products and everything tests fine. Let’s not get caught up in the media circus.”

    So the AVMA is the media circus?

    “The AVMA staff has been in communication with veterinarians who believe certain brands of jerky treats from China could be causing illness in pets. Signs of illness have included vomiting, lethargy, and anorexia.

    “The Food and Drug Administration is aware of consumer complaints relevant to chicken jerky for dogs. Laura Alvey, director of the communications staff at the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, said the agency is actively investigating the situation.”

    “The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has recently been made aware of several complaints from pet owners and veterinarians that certain brands of jerky treats manufactured in China have been making pets sick. Symptoms of illness have included vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. To our knowledge, no deaths have been reported.

    “While a list of brand/product names of affected treats is not yet available, the AVMA has learned that all complaints have involved jerky treats from China.”

    Message boards like and are full of stories of deaths and illness from various made in China jerky treat brands.

    The media circus is made up of entities like WalMart and Edelman:

    “Instead of following the lead of other toy industry players by redoubling its inspections, Wal-Mart called out its publicists and spin doctors from Edelman, which calls itself the “world’s leading independent global PR firm,” to try to discredit Lykissa and to try to intimidate ConsumerAffairs.Com. Wal-Mart, through its Edelman mouthpieces, also backed off an earlier pledge to re-inspect the toys.

    “Meanwhile, Wal-Mart has gone on the defensive and attacked ExperTox’s findings. Melissa O’Brien, who identified herself as representing Wal-Mart’s corporate communications department, said the lab “severely misinterpreted” the findings and demanded retract the story. Other news organizations said O’Brien told them she worked for Edelman.”

    October 20, 2006

    More Fake Wal-Mart Blogs, Edelman Fesses up

    “PR firm Edelman, which after a fake-blog scandal last week promised to be more open in its dealings, on Thursday admitted it is behind two other fake blogs created for client Wal-Mart.”


    USA Today September 16, 2007

    “The Pet Food Institute, an industry organization, is not aware of any problems with pet treats, spokesman Kurt Gallagher said.”

    And the ChemNutra tag team twins of Stern & Bernstein:

    Whose blog is just as phony as the WalMart ones Edelman created. The WT blog is created and produced by the WT spinmeisters; it’s closed to public comment as well.

    These are all clowns, but there’s nothing funny about their deceptions.

  35. purringfur says:

    Menusux, thank you. You are amazing. I was just going to respond to “Joyce.”

  36. Louie W. says:


    Where have you been for the past 6 months? Thousands of pets are dead or damaged for life because pet owners believed the marketing hype.

    When you call the companies and they tell you they test, ask “what specific tests?”, “what were the results?”

    Supply chains have changed over the years. What used to be safe is now contaminated.

  37. Elaine says:

    This China import problem didn’t just begin with George Bush, it has gone on for years but every year we import more and more, and Bush could do something about the agencies under his control that are charged to protect us citizens from unsafe imports.

    Richard Nixon was the president that opened up diplomatic relations with China, so it was probably sometime after that we started importing from China.

    E Wem’s post above has the info about right. China now has us by the short hairs because of our foolish trade policies. We need to protest any trade agreements, insist that we remove ourselves from NAFTA, and spread the word.

    Clinton was the president when we entered the NAFTA trade agreement. It is NOT a treaty, so we can withdraw at any time with notice to the other countries.

  38. Dan Kaepp says:

    This is what happens when we lose our self sufficiency and depend on others to fill our feed basket. Why President Clinton and his now deceased Secretary of Commerce let this happen I do not know. Our money hungry, anxious to save a buck to maintain profit corporations are also to blame. The Chinese have been known for their slipshod ways for years, and I am simply amazed that we buy as much as we do from them. We should have learned about being dependant on others a long time ago. Just look at our oil problems! Why did we not heed George Washington’s advice, which was to avoid entangling alliances and agreements with foreign powers!

    Dan Kaepp
    Cioldwater, MI

  39. Elaine says:

    Skittles posted this web page yesterday:

    I went through the comments and wrote down the websites to access, and did Google searches on other products and found quite a few sources for USA made products for my Christmas gift buying.

    I am going to try to get all my kids and grandkids to agree to USA made gifts this Christmas. I know that is what they will receive from ME! Let’s all promote a China Free Christmas!

  40. Michele Kostelnik Parrillo says:

    I am shocked. My cat is so ill. I bought cat food at Wal Mart after they so called removed everything. She my cat (whitie) is in kidney shut down. 50% of her kidneys are not working properly. Vet bills, new food from vet, that I am not sure will ever be recalled. m/d hills diet was pulled and I was giving her r/d hills diet both dry cat food. I was giving her special kitty, fancy feast, elegant medley and now I give her only peoples tuna and food in the can named a/d hills for pets who are sick- got it from my vet. Hope they do not recall it. I will be so angry if that happens. Its very important to check the recall list often - even though I got caught because some of the cat food must have not been pulled or mixed in with the pet food on the shelves. What a mess. Is it going to be us next?

  41. Mrs. P. says:

    One of my cats died.
    Two of my cats are sick.
    Why would I risk my other two on commercial food?
    My cats eat homemade food.
    Why would I care whether it was Bush or Clinton?
    Menusux is so right and has done the research.
    By the way, E-Bay is selling the lead toys.
    I won’t buy toys from E-Bay either.

  42. Concha Castaneda says:

    Somebody posted a link to a hearing on consumer safety. Toy manufacturers were there. At the very end a woman politician from Illinois made a suggestion to fine 500 or 5000 dollars an item for keeping recalled items on the shelf. I tried to find the link again and cannot. But it is a great idea that apparently is working in her state. It wouldn’t be cost effective to keep a $5.00 bag of recalled pet food on the shelf if it was gonna cost even $500 in fines. I think an idea like this nationwide would put a stop to at least the problem of returned poisons, repackaged, and resold to customers. Of course, it would be tough to enforce. But whistleblowers could help out, and it just might put the fear of God in the Wal-marts that obviously are above the law. Thanks everyone who has returned to Wal-marts and Pet Smarts and Trader Joes…that are gambling with our lives and our pets lives.

  43. Trudy Jackson says:

    My firend bought some Purina One at Wal Mart and all Her cats were sick. she threw the whole bag away.

  44. Trudy Jackson says:

    The only way We can boycott china is to Not go to those stores.

  45. Concha Castaneda says:

    Ebay has trouble policing itself! It is against ebay policy to list a recalled item. But, it is up to everyone in the marketplace to report to ebay and have the listing shut down. I was amazed today at how many USA made products came up when I searched. I was also aghast at some of the Errors such as Levi Jeans. I don’t think they make them in the US anymore. I report listings whenever I see something like that. First I contact the seller though. Sometimes people don’t know….sometimes they do. The marketplace is only as safe as we make it. We are making it safer in small degrees. I am so sorry that anyones pet is sick or dead over this. I too want it to stop. I just have lost faith in our government to do anything quick enough. Thank heavens for itchmo and petconnection. We are all of us more safe because of these posts. We have a long way to go!

  46. Trudy Jackson says:

    I too am so sorry that anyone’s pets are still sick and being poisened by the food.

  47. Anonymous says:

    If I’ve read articles right the majority of Mattel recalls were for faulty design. They used small magnets that pose a choking hazard. They’re certainly not off the hook for lead, but it was not the main reason many toys were recalled.
    The apology aimed toward China in regard to the design, not the lead content.

  48. Trudy Jackson says:

    Can someone send Me their Email? I won’t give it out. I need help posting some things, and i still can’t do tiny hml.
    One post is on Why Matell apologized. and one is on the terrible conditions of the people in China for getting ready for the Olypics.

  49. straybaby says:

    Anonymous says:
    September 22nd, 2007 at 8:23 pm

    i think it was their second or third recall that had the design issue. 2 of 3 recalls were lead issues. now, about QC, yes, there was a design flaw, BUT, if Mattel is sending their work out for production and trusting those manufacturing their product to produce safe product, both are responsible. mattel has said they were letting the factories police themselves to an extent which included testing/providing safe product. if they (china contractors) were running QC, they should have hit the design flaw. especially with a swallow-able piece. now that doesn’t exclude mattel’s *guilt*, i’m just saying they are in contracts and it seems obvious that they gave production/final safety over to the producers. what we have is basically he said she said. they will blame each other. which works out well for both in the short term. . . .

  50. Anonymous says:

    Straybaby- you’re right. Thanks for clarification.

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