P&G Suspends Some Menu Foods Production

Menu Foods may have restarted their Kansas plant, but you won’t see Iams or Eukanuba being made from that plant (just yet). “Our production remains suspended,” says the release. It does not say whether their Menu Foods relationship has been severed. And it’s entirely possible that other Menu Food plants could be making P&G products. We would like to see them sever the relationship entirely.

P&G also started a massive ad campaign in 59 major newspapers to do some damage control. Note that in the release, the “task force” set up by P&G congratulates the company for a job well done. How transparent.

2 Responses to “P&G Suspends Some Menu Foods Production”

  1. Debbie says:

    Here’s some “damage control” that P&G seriously needs to do: STOP the tortuous animal experiments in their labs that they do for IAMS/Eukanuba. See www.iamscruelty.com. Also, P&G, who does torturous animal experiments on most of their products, has the gall to have a tv commercial proudly boasting of how their “Dawn” dish detergent helped to clean the animals who were affected by oil tanker spills in the ocean! HYPOCRITS! Also, the hypocritical irony of the nationally televised AKC dog shows that are sponsored by Eukanuba!!!! When I wrote P&G a letter expressing my contempt about their animal experiments, they ever so politely said they were down to only two percent of animal experimentation and will completely phase that out shortly. That correspondence was in the late ’90’s!!!!….and NOTHING they said was true!!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    “We share sorrows and concerns…blah, blah, blah” per P&G ad. Pure CRAP!!!! The only “sorrows and concerns” P&G is capable of having is about the drop in their bottom line! NO company, like P&G who does tortuous lab experiments on animals, is capable of having even an ounce of compassion towards any animals whatsoever!! Now they are adding more insult to injury with their fake emotional comments!!!! They would like to believe the public will continue to be stupid and duped by them!!!

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