Pit Bulls Found at Vick’s House Will Likely Be Euthanized

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

One of the dogs seized from Vick's houseThe Humane Society says that the pit bulls found at Michael Vick’s house will likely be euthanized at the end of the investigation.

A spokesman for the Humane Society said that “almost 100 percent of the animals seized in dogfighting investigations are euthanized because they cannot be placed as family pets.” Also the other dogs will likely be put down because authorities say that are taking up kennel space needed for other animals. There was a total of 66 dogs that were seized from Vick’s house.

9 Responses to “Pit Bulls Found at Vick’s House Will Likely Be Euthanized”

  1. Joe says:

    66 dogs, some badly injured….bloody rooms…..pry bars….time to make an example out of a high profile individual. I say prosecute Vick to the fullest.

  2. Susan says:

    He says he didn’t do it; his cousin did. If my cousin had a meth lab in my house, I don’t think I could claim I didn’t know. Throw the book at him. He has endorsement contracts with Coca Cola and Nike. We should get in touch with them, too.

  3. LorieVA says:

    Just so everyone knows Joe Gibbs the head Coach of teh washington Redskins sent Clinton Protis ohme yesterday from prctice becasue of his comments on Vicks dog fighting. Redskins did not take this lightly

  4. Debbie4747 says:

    This story and ones like it are always so sad. It’s always the animals that pay the price for people’s stupidity and meaness. They should all have the book thrown at them. I hope these dogs will have a better time across the bridge.

  5. pitbullEmily says:

    well it’s a lie that almost all dogs seized from dogfighters cant be family pets.. I myself have such a dog. Each dog deserves a chance to be judged on its own merits.

    There’s plenty of evidence that suggests Vicks is, indeed guilty and he is no doubt scum.

    But until he’s proven guilty, he has an inalienable right to be assumed innocent.

    What right does the state have to destroy the property of innocent people?

  6. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Does anyone else think this whole thing- their “lack of evidence” stinks to high heaven? Gerald Poindexter is supposedly “prosecuting” this case, but every TV interview he’s given and every quote has sounded more like he’s defending Michael Vick than anything else.

    Also, if there is such a “lack of evidence” in this case, then why are the dogs going to be euthanized? If there isn’t enough evidence to prove there really WAS dogfighting going on, why is it still enough evidence to justify the killing of all the dogs?

    It’s just another sickening example of breed prejudice. The dogs always wind up paying for the sins of the cruel, despicable monsters that exploit them.

  7. Feeling Nostalgic says:

    I have to agree with Sky Eyes Woman. There is no justifiable reason to euthanize the pups.

    The photo above is supposedly one of Michael Vick’s dogs. Now I have been raising Bully Breeds for over 20 years. Specifically American Pit Bull Terriers. From the above photo I can conclude that particular dog has not been used for fighting. That pup is a light colored pup any scaring would be visable immediately. The pups ears are in great shape (another area often damaged in a dog fight) and have not been cropped for fighting. The position the dog is in is the normal I surrender position. Both of my pups go down in that position when they are surrending to me or a member of the family.

    I do notice one tiny mark on the pups rear right leg. Nothing alarming. Could be caused by anything. A fighting dog would have more wounds and scars. I also notice that the pup has soft eyes not fighting eyes.

    My heart goes out to all 66 pups. Regardless of whether they were used for fighting or not. Now their lives will be cut short.

    Fighting dogs can be rehabilated, although a lengthy and time consuming process. It can be done. I know several people that have done it and some that are in the process of doing it. Granted most of these rehabilated pups can only be in single dog households, they all do wonderful with adults & children.

    Just my two sense.

  8. John C. says:

    VICK should be euthanized!

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