Pit Bulls Rescued From Chicago Dog Fighting Operation Get Second Chance

Eight pit bulls rescued in a dog fighting raid in Illinois have found temporary loving homes.

In July, authorities removed 36 pit bulls from a South Holland residence. The dogs had been starved, and many had scars and wounds from fighting.

For the past nine weeks, the pit bulls have been at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control center. The dogs were tested by a behaviorist to ensure they were in good condition to be transferred. Now, the rest of the dogs have been transported to rescue groups, so the pit bulls can be rehabilitated and find a new home.

Initially, officials thought the dogs would have to be euthanized, but a small group of rescuers tested the dogs and found that they showed no aggression toward humans. At least two of the pit bulls have already been adopted.

“We’re very happy that it worked out this way and that they’re going to good homes, because these dogs were the victims,” a spokeswoman for the Chicago’s Animal Care and Control center said.

Source: Chicago Tribune

9 Responses to “Pit Bulls Rescued From Chicago Dog Fighting Operation Get Second Chance”

  1. nora says:

    So fortunate and wonderful to have an organiation that recognizes good dogs come in all packgages!!!!! God Bless those people and those sweet tail waggin doggies!

  2. 2CatMom says:

    As a Chicagoan I’m proud to say that our ‘dogcatchers’ are a real cut above some of the horrors you read about. They work closely with area shelters and rescue groups to find homes or safe havens for adoptable animals - no going in to get your dog and coming back the next day to find out he’s been killed here!

    I also want you to know that most of the other 36 dogs have also found homes with foster families and breed rescue groups. One of my friends has been a lead evaluator on these dogs and I believe out of the total only two did not pass their temperment testing.

  3. Lynn says:

    I wonder…..just what does the testing consist of? Who created the testing? Is it backed by any experts in the field of animal behavior?

    Still, I am very glad for these dogs. I’m making a special effort on my walks to be especially nice to Pit Bulls being walked by their owners. [Not that I wasn’t in the past.] I want their owners to know I applaud their love and devotion to the breed and for other people within close proximity to know that ALL dogs are born sweet.

  4. 2CatMom says:

    This doesn’t have a lot of details about the testing, unfortunately.

    Usually, the testing includes food agression/guarding, people agression, dog aggression, reaction to new situations, startle reaction, confidence and the like.

    The biggest problem is usually dog agression. I do know that some of these dogs are being placed only in households that don’t have another dog. And novice owners are not being considered for most of the dogs.

  5. Tanya says:

    as much as i wish it were otherwise, i’m sad these animals are back into the public hands.

    anyone who works in and around the Cruelty divisions know that people are paid to smuggle good fighters out of such “rescues”, that individuals are paid to pose as loving “parents” for dogs, answer all the questions correctly, then put the pups and dogs right back in the rings.

    few states even allow animals returned for that reason. not cause they are dangerous, but because there is huge money in teh ring. even vets are involved in “placing” dogs into “good” and “safe” homes.

    sick, but true.

  6. 2CatMom says:

    Tanya: Most of the placements are being done through referals from shelters and rescue groups. That means that the people adopting these animals are not strangers to the evaluators. The background checks are extremely rigorous. Of course, that doesn’t mean someone could slip through, but remember, they are only allowing experienced owners to adopt the dogs. And there are requirements of additional training and counseling.

    The real concern is that no one adopts a ‘difficult’ dog without knowing how to handle the problems. The last thing anyone wants is some well meaning fool to adopt a dog who is dog agressive and then let him off his leash at the doggy park.

    Still your point is well taken and I’ve passed it along to my friend who has been working on this.

  7. Dee says:

    I’m so glad that these wonderful, innocent babies have found loving homes. I agree with Lynne, all puppies are born sweet. I’m a pit bull lover and owner. They are the best!!!

  8. meghan says:

    i actually met one of the south holland pitbulls and let me tell you she melted my heart! she was so sweet. its amazing how after the hate the torture the crulety these dogs still open there hearts to love.

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