Pitbull With A Group Of Chicks

With all of the misconceptions about pit bulls and the increasing legislation of breed bans, here is a video of a sweet and gentle pit bull to prove critics otherwise.

(Thanks Lynne)

2 Responses to “Pitbull With A Group Of Chicks”

  1. Bridgett says:

    so sweet! or else the dog is saying “yum, can’t wait til they git bigger!”

  2. HighNote says:

    I agree Bridgett very sweet but the first time one of those chickens get into his dog food the chicken will be no more. My grandchild had chickens and they got a dog and the dog watched the chickens and never touched them.. then all of a sudden he started killing them.. We had chickens too and my collie never bothered them at all till one got up into his dry food one day. No more chicken. My dog hid the chicken from me in the leaves because he knew he had did a bad thing but it was just too quick. He never bothered any more of them.

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