Planet Dog To Return To 100% US Made Products By 2010

Planet DogPlanet Dog, a Maine-based dog toy and supply company, announced that it plans to move production of its sewn products from China to US manufacturers by 2010. The company already moved production of its molded plastic products from the Dominican Republic to Springvale, Maine in 2004.

Catherine Frost, Planet Dog’s director of marketing and product development, said, “The economics of it have been better, producing those products in China, but — and it’s a big but — in the last six months there has been a big change in how consumers view products made in China.”

The company said they plan to close its Chinese production within the next two years and hope to find a Maine company to produce their plush and cloth toys.

Planet Dog said that they may have to raise prices as a result of moving production to the US, but Frost hopes that customers will look beyond the price and that this change will help “allay consumers’ fears”.

They also are planning to include information about where the products are made in its marketing.

Source: Morning Sentinel

Photo: Planet Dog

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17 Responses to “Planet Dog To Return To 100% US Made Products By 2010”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    I have taken great care to look for the Planet Dog items that are made in the USA ever since the beginning of the recall fiasco. I did purchase their items anyway previous because of the dog friendly products, designed with the “Dog in Mind”. (soft frisbee’s, etc.) This news makes me very happy and I have great respect for an organization who doesn’t spin phony phrases like “We must take great care to not OFFEND China”. Catherine Frost is one smart cookie!

  2. NH says:

    This is great news. I love Planet Dog. Their store in Portland Maine is cool. If you’re ever in Maine, make plans to visit it.

  3. Denise says:

    about time!

    hope this is just the beginning of the return to “Made In The USA” products.

    screw CHINA!

  4. Pukanuba says:

    Apparently, we (ALL consumers) made our point. This is only the first of what I hope will be many more to pull their production out of China.

    After all the negative publicity & damage that China has done to this country with their tainted goods, it would make a difference if it appeared that they are making an honest effort to change things & clean up their act. It seems that, if anything, they are getting worse. If only these morons would stop apologizing to China & demand either they clean up their act or we’re outta there, things might change. Instead, they grovel before them like we are wrong & they are right. What the hell do you expect them to do when we aren’t even asking them to clean things up……oh pullllllleeeeeezzzzzz.

    Now if only they would stop any kind of food (or drugs) from coming into this country, that would make me feel safe & secure. I know it won’t happen but maybe if enough companies pull production out of there & they refuse to allow their goods into this country, they’ll see the light.

    I still say the only thing that will change this mess is when people start dropping from contaminated food. Sad but true…..

  5. pat says:

    nice to know somebody out there gets it. doesn’t matter how cheap the goods are if nobody wants to buy them. i also believe that they will be pleasantly surprised to find that many small US manufacturers are cognizant of the competition and are embracing “lean and green” manufacturing techniques to enhance their bottom lines and behave as responsible corporate citizens. increase in final costs will probably be insignificant, we get a more robust manufacturing base and safer products. kudos to planet dog!

  6. Lynne says:

    Yes, kudos to planet dog. Nice to see that the public has input on something.

    Remember when we talked about the American worker instead of the American consumer?

  7. mittens says:

    how dare they insult China…..shouldn’t they be apologizing to them like every other american company?

    the problem with our economy vis a vis china is we don’t make anything anymore thus there aren’t that many american manufacturing workers - not like there used to be.we have to start making things again or we’ll be pussified continually by china and her crappy dangerous deadly products.

  8. Lynne says:

    Mittens said: we don’t make anything anymore

    Not true. We make filthy rich CEOs here.

  9. The Lioness says:

    …And hey–bringing jobs back to America is NOT a bad idea, anyway!

    Thank you, PlanetDog!
    ~The Lioness

  10. Purringfur says:

    Way to go, Planet Dog!! Thanks for listening to the consumers and seeing an opportunity.

    BTW, I’m considering the artichoke and eggplant and/or strawberry for my babes (aggressive chewers, medium-sized dogs). I know they’re made in Maine (great), but from what country do the plastic/rubber recycled materials come? Also, where does the mint scent come from? (I’d actually prefer unscented for my dogs.) Could you please ask someone to give a little more detail (country of origin for raw materials) in the descriptions of each product?

    Thanks. Kudos to Planet Dog!!!!! (Arf! Arf! Ba-roooooooo! from my shelter pups.)

    Hopefully, other companies that want to come along with us will finally realize that when we “hysterical,” “off-the-chart” pet people mean “No China,” we mean “No China!”

    Perhaps we haven’t written enough about how the pet food poisonings have changed our entire ways of eating, shopping, living, etc.? If some don’t get it and just want wide profit margins from using cheap, inferior, toxic materials and deplorable labor practices, tough luck for them. They’re not getting a cent from me.

  11. Katie says:

    Thank you Planet Dog!


  12. straybaby says:

    “Hopefully, other companies that want to come along with us will finally realize that when we “hysterical,” “off-the-chart” pet people mean “No China,” we mean “No China!”

    lol!~ i had totally forgotten that’s what they thought of us! maybe it’s because they couldn’t say it once it became clear they were poisoning children and everyone else also. kinda hard to belittle pet people when everyone else is just as “over-the-top” and off-the-charts”!

  13. Lynn says:

    That’s really great, Planet Dog.

    While I know it’s a long and arduous process to restructure your business such that everything has the USA label……..please, if you can do it faster……please.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Planet Dog. I’ll be passing the news along.

    Kos today on Chinese imports;

  15. Anonymous says:

    ugh gasp puke barf
    itchmo! is that a H I L Ls AD on the left ????????????????????

  16. Anonymous says:

    it was just there, and now it’s disappeared. sneaky lil bstrd just like it’s namesake.

  17. Jenny Bark says:

    Thanks Planet Dog, I have never bought any of your things but I will now be checking you out & spreading the word. Please hurry & put made in USA. Thanks again I think you will make the $ if you let people know your things are realy made in the USA.

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