Police Dog Back On The Job Thanks To Pacemaker

BlazeBlaze, a 4-year-old German shepherd, is a dedicated police canine. He is energetic, adorable and accomplished. Blaze is a dedicated partner to Captain Efrain Madera. Madera calls Blaze his friend, son and partner.

Blaze is always by Madera’s side ready to serve and protect.

Five months ago, something tragic happened to this police dog. He suddenly keeled over and went into shock. Madera thought that Blaze had died.

Doctors said that his heart stopped for 10 seconds due to a rare heart condition that Blaze has. They inserted a pacemaker for humans into Blaze. This treatment will correct his heart condition.

Now, the two partners are back on the job together protecting each other and keeping their community safe.

Source: WCBSTV.com

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