Police Dog’s Condition Could End His Career

HikoOfficer Hiko, a 110-pound Belgian sheepdog, is suffering from a condition that most likely will end his career and may even threaten his life.

Hiko has a spinal cord infection that has displaced several of his vertebrae. His treatments are not covered by the city’s employee health plan. The Richland Hills Police Department dipped into their own budget, but they have exhausted their resources. Now, the employees are setting up a fund to help this 8-year-old dog beat his infection.

About $3,500 has already been spent on Hiko’s bills at Texas A&M University’s Animal Hospital. The total could be as much as $10,000.

From Star-Telegram:

“It’s been hard for him,” said the dog’s handler, officer Jason Baxter. “He used to get excited when he saw me put on my boots. He’d run to the front door. Now he doesn’t understand why he’s not going to work.”

“It’s so weird without him there to lick my face,” Baxter said. “He’s my partner. Now, when I’m on the street I’ve just got an empty seat.”

Denise Baxter, Jason Baxter’s mother, said she has made it her mission to save her “grandpup.”

“Any of the officers who protect my son are important to me,” Denise Baxter said. “Hiko is like family.”

Jason Baxter said Hiko may well be the most selfless of police officers.

“He’s not being paid to work,” the officer said. “He’s helping the community for a pat on the side and a ‘Good boy.’ He’s out there just to get the bad guy.”

5 Responses to “Police Dog’s Condition Could End His Career”

  1. Nathan says:

    Not that I have all the answers but I would suggest to see a natural vet who possibly does accupuncture. Just a thought.

  2. catmom5 says:

    Sounds like an unusual condition ~ maybe Texas A & M could dip into their funds to help this guy out. What they learn might help others AND it certainly wouldn’t hurt their PR.

    I hope this wonderful dogger gets the medical care he so deserves.

  3. Katie says:

    catmom5: I was thinking the same thing. Why doesn’t Texas A&M step up to the plate -


  4. Sharon says:

    Texas A&M is in College Station, Texas. You are not dealing with a mentality that actually cares about animals. They are in it for the money. Wonder how much Hill’s contributes to their program?

  5. "Jessie Jo" says:

    I had a condition like this and my owners took me on a four hour car ride to get a MRI of my entire spine. It turned out that I had Discospondylitis which is an infection in my spine between my disks. I couldn’t get up off the floor and had to be carried outside to go to the bathroom. I was VERY unhappy and in a lot of pain. The Vet said that I needed major amounts of antibiotics which he gave me. In about two to three days I was able to get up and walk around. I am now walking one to two miles a day and feeling great. I am a twelve year “young” golden and am happy to be here with my loving family. This is a very hard to diagnose disease but easy to treat. My best to you and your owner.

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