Police, Firefighters, Humane Society Save Kitten From Sewer

It took eight hours for the police department, firefighters and a shelter manager at a Humane Society to rescue a small kitten from a storm sewer in Ohio. They tried everything from barking into a sewer gate from luring her with food.

The six week old kitten was named Ana Kelson after three children who were at the scene trying to assist with the rescue.

The children were Carson Slone, Kellen Hausman and Anastasia Reidenback.

A shelter manager for the Humane Society said if she hadn’t been rescued, there was no way for the small brown, beige and white kitten to escape the sewer. She said that her boyfriend even made barking sounds at one end of the sewer while she waited on the other end with a trap that had been modified by firefighters to fit into the sewer.

The animal was first discovered by Pizza Hut employees while they swept the parking lot. Officials said it was difficult to rescue the kitten because every time they got close, she went deeper into the sewer.

Pizza Hut employees and other officials used everything from pizza and anchovies to cat food to lure the kitten into the trap.

One rescuer joked that “She had enough food in there to last him for a week.”

We’re glad that you’re safe and sound, Ana Nelson.

Source: Telegraph Forum

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  1. catmom5 says:

    I’m so glad the kitten was safe and sound after her “adventure”. Does she have a family and home? Hope so! Imagine she will have lots of interested adopters once her story gets out, though.

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