Police Investigate “Cat” Burglars At Bank


These cats definitely know how to stir up some trouble.

Armed police surrounded a Manila, Philippines bank for hours after the alarm went off. Except the intruders, a pair of cats, slipped away before getting caught.

The Special Weapons and Tactics unit rushed to the bank to make sure no one could leave the bank except through the front door. Authorities then entered the building only to see a “cat” burglar slip through the door and make his getaway.

When the police were inside the bank, they saw his cat accomplice go through a small hole in the ceiling. There was nothing missing from the bank, but there were cat droppings found all over the bank. (Perhaps they were making a deposit?)

“Those cats just came through the ceiling. There is no sign of forced entry so it looks like the cats set off the alarms,” said precinct commander Senior Inspector Ben Mabalot.

Source: Global Nation

2 Responses to “Police Investigate “Cat” Burglars At Bank”

  1. JustMe says:

    Cool story. Thanks!

  2. Diane says:

    My bank would try to make the cats pay a service charge.

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