Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Starving Own Dog

FlossieSouth Carolina police officer John Fuller pleaded guilty to ill treatment of animals for starving his own dog last year.

Fuller served 35 minutes in jail after Cherokee County Chief Magistrate Bart Howell sentenced him to time served with no monetary fine. He was booked into the detention center at 9:35 am and was discharged at 10:10 am.

Normally, a conviction for ill treatment of animals carries up to 60 days in jail and a fine of between $100 and $500. Howell suspended the fine and did not comment on Fuller’s short prison sentence.

Fuller was accused of neglecting and not feeding Flossie, his female boxer. She weighed 32 pounds when an animal control officer seized her from Fuller’s previous home. The normal weight for a female boxer is anywhere from 55 pounds to 65 pounds.

“The veterinarian who treated Flossie said she couldn’t say for sure how long the dog had been without food, but it was weeks, maybe months, with the exception of maybe throwing something out there just enough for her to eat to keep her alive,” a rescue worker said. “This isn’t a dog who just didn’t eat for two days.”

Flossie has since recovered and been adopted by an animal rescue group.

A city administrator said that Fuller could keep his job and that he would not be subject to a reprimand despite his guilty plea.

“You have to look to see whether a person made a bad mistake or a series of bad mistakes and determine how that outweighs other performance,” the city administrator said.

Even though Fuller was able to keep his job, he resigned from the Gaffney Police Department.

Source: GoUpstate, WSPA

20 Responses to “Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Starving Own Dog”

  1. Amanda says:

    WTH???? 35 minutes in jail and gets to keep his job when a regular citizen would spend 60+ days and have a fine!!!!

  2. Carol says:

    I’m not sure which angers me more–the actual starving of one’s own pet or the absolute ridiculous 35 minutes in jail!!! This is Horrible!

  3. catmom5 says:

    Another case of someone in a position of authority mistreating an animal and doing it without regret. This whole country is going f&*()&ing crazy!!! I agree ~ 35 minutes in jail? Keeps his job? One mistake or series of mistakes? This dog had not been fed for weeks or months ~ that’s a long time, not a day or two. I’m glad that this dog has been treated and removed from this guy’s home. At least she won’t have to deal with this kind of idiot again (I hope).

  4. Nancy G. says:

    I’d say this shows some kind of cruel or psychotic streak, unable to identify with the suffering of others. Is that what they want in a police officer? Good thing he quit.

  5. Poodlluver says:

    A WHOLE 35 minutes….unbelievable.
    I think they should have left him in the jail cell for a few weeks or months,
    without food. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth….

  6. Cathy says:

    This is the kind a person who supposed to protect and serve??? He and Bart must be ‘good ole buddies’. The LEAST he should have gotten is a $100 fine.

    47-1-40. Ill-treatment of animals generally.
    (A) Whoever knowingly or intentionally overloads, overdrives, overworks, ill- treats any animal, deprives any animal of necessary sustenance or shelter, inflicts unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal, or by omission or commission knowingly or intentionally causes these things to be done, for every offense is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be punished by imprisonment not exceeding sixty days or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or both, for a first offense…

    Looks like someone else in South Carolina needs to step up.

  7. KarlaSanDiego says:

    Interesting how we keep reading about these “Police Officers” who abuse their dogs in one way or another.
    This makes me so angry at our system and some of the triple idiot judges out there who don’t give a damn.
    Yep, an eye for an eye. I say throw him in jail and starve him. We don’t need abusers like this in our world. We already have more than enough.

  8. Nora and Rufus says:

    Lucky the dog was discovered before she died. That picture shows her so near death…….Poor Flossie, she had to suffer so much for so long to get in that condition. What a horrible person to do something so unbelievably cruel. Boxers are so gregarious and happy and great family dogs. His family (if any lived with him) must be just as sadistic and ignorant as him to let him mistreat Flossie like that for so long. Shameful.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Another badge wearing nut case spotlighted. STARVE HIM! Police departments should start monthly mental health checks or weekly the way we keep reading about them. (Pssst! And take the guns and pets away please)

  10. mittens says:

    perhaps he can come up with a computer monitored dog food bowl filler then everything will be alright….

    ” ‘You have to look to see whether a person made a bad mistake or a series of bad mistakes and determine how that outweighs other performance,’ the city administrator said.”

    starvation is a cruel death. so is that just considered- leaving a helpless animal to starve for weeks or months to near death- ‘one bad mistake’ to these morons? i’d say it’s an indicator of a severely flawed character at the very least and renders him unfit for duty. the little girly hand slap they gave him is a joke and one of the reasons no one seems to take animal abuse and cruelty seriously- there’s barely any punishment for what is a crime in now every state of the union. i wouldn’t entrust anyone with any power and certainly not the power to arrest and carry a gun who could do such a thing to an animal. who knows exactly what else theyre capable of if their moral standards and empathy are at such a low point.

  11. Stefani says:

    I really do think many men become police officers because of their desire to have power and abuse it. This becomes clear in actions such as this.


  12. furmom says:

    What kind of demented monster could do that to any animal? This had to be extreme neglect. How could this person be considered competent to do any job with responsability, to server or protect anyone or anything?

  13. toni says:

    This guy is a sadistic piece of crap. The judge who gave him preferential treatment should be brought up on misconduct.

  14. shibadiva says:

    What on earth was the magistrate thinking? Did it not, at least, occur to him that there was something mentally wrong with this cop? Regardless of whether it was a first offence.

  15. rescuesboxers says:

    OMG…..I can’t believe this. It seems these a-holes have the mentality that they are “just” dogs…..doG forbid they actually see them as living breathing creatures. There would be far less cruelty to animals if these jerks actually had to pay for their crime….but instead most just get a little slap on the wrist. So what is to stop others from doing it….it’s seen as no big deal….it makes me SICK!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s a cop or a common citizen…it shouldn’t be made so easy to get away with it. It should be a felony IMO.

    I’ve seen my share of these horribly skinny dogs…..some so skinny they couldn’t even stand to go potty and had to be held up so they could go because they were so weak. How in the h*ll can anyone see a dog in that condition and think it’s ok??? GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  16. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with every word everyone has said. Blue code of justice at work. If they can’t take care of an animal there is no way in He!! they should ever be able to have a badge & gun or another animal to PRETEND to serve & protect.

  17. JJ in IL says:

    What a cruel, heartless, sadistic piece of sheet this thing is-sorry can’t even call it a (human). If it is capable of doing this to a poor defensless animal think of what it could do to your, your teenage child or young child! And this cwap walks the face of the earth! There are more like it, much more than is ever reported or caught-those ‘its’ just hide it better but those will have to face their maker someday and answer up.

  18. Sylvia says:

    A bad mistake or a series of bad mistakes - huh? Not feeding a dog for months is a MISTAKE??????? What is wrong with people - he gets to keep his job and spends 35 MINUTES in jail? Amazing…..

  19. Kristy says:

    Found this info on another website. I encourage all to write/call/email Mr. James Taylor (City Administrator) who seems to thing that work history is more important than abuse and illegal activities.
    To contact Mr. Taylor, use the contact information below:

    City of Gaffney
    Mr. James Taylor
    City Administrator
    PO Box 2109
    Gaffney, SC 29342-2109
    jtaylor@teleplex.net (at teleplex.net)

  20. The Lioness says:

    This is infuriating. Especially so, because I grew up with boxers, and they are absolutely PRECIOUS dogs. Such special dogs.

    This man is a menace. He probably stepped down, because he knew people would criticize him for his cruelty. (Oh, noes!)

    I’m just floored by the sheer insensitivity to animals we are seeing more and more these days, especially from authority figures. It’s scary!

    ~The Lioness

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