Police Officer Rescues Partner’s Dog From River


Two police officers and a police dog, Stryker, were tracking a suspect along a river in Vancouver. When Stryker was following the suspected thief’s scent, his handler lost control of his leash and the dog went ahead to track the suspect and jumped in the river.

The fast moving current pulled Stryker underneath a couple of times. Stryker’s handler asked his partner to try and rescue the dog because he was closer. The police officer jumped into the river wearing his body armor, uniform, weapon and radio. They both went under for a second, but the officer was able to pull Stryker and himself to shore.

More on Stryker and the officer that saved him after the jump.

From The Vancouver Sun:

Guiel said that he never considered not jumping into the Capilano [River]. “It just happened so quick. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.”

Guiel said he was on such an adrenaline rush that the cold water and the weight of his gear didn’t affect him. He continued to search for the suspect and continued to wear his wet uniform for another hour.

Stryker’s near-death experience didn’t appear to faze him. “He came up on shore and was ready to go again,” recalled Guiel. “He ended up tracking for a half an hour. So he was a real trooper.”

Stryker is expected to retire soon and his handler hopes to take him home and adopt him into his family.

3 Responses to “Police Officer Rescues Partner’s Dog From River”

  1. Bridgett says:

    This officer needs a medal!

  2. pam says:

    nice story.

  3. waggintails says:

    The Cap river is a beautiful place! My dogs have been swimming there, right now tho the rivers are high and fast. The Capilano suspension bridge is a tourist destination.

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