Police Officer Strands Cat In Canyon

copcar.jpgCat owner Bobbi Anthony wants criminal charges filed against the police officer in Pleasant Grove, Utah that abandoned her cat in the mountains east of town instead of taking it to the animal shelter. The department admits that one of their own officers dumped “Scared Cat” in Grove Canyon. Anthony had five cats and two dogs, all strays she adopted and gave a good home. But three of her cats have vanished in the past two weeks.

Anthony said a police officer came to her home and told her that another officer had dropped her cat off in Grove Canyon. She spent two full days searching the canyon, but there was no sign of her pet. “I’ve looked through the ravine. There is a lot of drain off through here,” Anthony said as she hiked the steep mountain trail. “I don’t know what direction the cat would have went. All I had was directions from the sergeant that this is where the officer dumped the cat.”

The Pleasant Grove police have disciplined the officer for violating department policy. But according to Humane Society of Utah Executive Director Gene Baierschmidt, the officer’s actions did more than just displace Bobbi Anthony’s pet cat. “They are in violation of state law; it’s abandonment and they need to hold the animal for 72 hours and so they should be following the laws of the state of Utah.”

The Humane Society wants an independent investigation to determine if other pets have been dumped in the wilderness. They said abandoned cats don’t live long in the Utah mountains because of the cold temperatures and predators.

Anthony said she hired an attorney for possible civil charges and wants the Utah County Attorney to file criminal charges against the officer. “More than anything else I want my cats back. I want answers and I want somebody to answer for what happened,” she said.

Source: ABC4 News

7 Responses to “Police Officer Strands Cat In Canyon”

  1. 2CatMom says:

    This is horrific! I’ve done a lot of hiking in the Utah backcountry and its no place for a housecat. What the heck is with all these law enforcement officers and their mistreatment of animals?

  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    What the Hell is this world coming to? I just can’t fathem this , it makes no sence in My mind. Sick Bas#$%^. We need the death penalty for all of the abuse We keep hearing about.

  3. pam says:

    that sick idiot should be kicked off the police force! his actions were clearly against the law. i would definately sue everyone in sight. hope you get a miracle and your cat comes home.

  4. Underdog says:

    I’d like to dump the B@#$%$# police officer in a canyon where he’d never be able to find his way out. We’ve had too many stories lately of law enforcement officers cruelly treating animals. Enough is enough! Fire every last one who ever looked crosswise at an animal!

  5. Carol Johnson says:

    This idiot needs to be DUMPED!..with no food or shelter…just as he dumped this cat

  6. kathy says:

    These are the people we pay to protect us. The psychological testing they go through before being hired guarantees this is the kind of people we get! Been there, failed the test, was told I was way too nice to be a cop!

  7. Lynn says:

    As the final test for law enforcement officer certification, I believe the process should include the “sniff test.” That is, a dog and a cat should be brought into the classroom. Watch and see which potential officers the animals willingly go to on their own, demonstrating trust. No calling for the kitty or doggy. No hidden yummies in pockets. As the animal selects a human, that person has passed and leaves the room. Any potential officers left in the room that have not been “chosen” by the dog and cat should not be passed and definitely not given a badge.

    Obviously, any officer candidate whose clothes are snagged or torn by the animal is disqualified.

    Go ahead and laugh. This test makes a lot of sense to me.

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