Politically Correct Cat Definitions

Sitting KittyDo people call your cat lazy? No, your cat is not lazy; he’s “motivationally challenged.” Here are some funny politically correct definitions for your cat’s actions:

  • My cat does not barf hairballs; he is a floor/rug redecorator.
  • My cat does not break things; she helps gravity do its job.
  • My cat does not scratch; he is a furniture/rug/skin ventilator.

More laughs, and a chance to add your own after the jump.

  • My cat is not a “shedding machine;” she is a hair relocation stylist.
  • My cat is not a bed hog; he is a mattress appreciator.
  • My cat is not fat; he is mass enhanced.
  • My cat is not hydrophobic; she has an inability to appreciate moisture.
  • My cat is not a lap fungus; he is bed selective.

4 Responses to “Politically Correct Cat Definitions”

  1. furmom says:

    My cat is not being lazy, he is conserving energy. And he is not overweight, he is undertall.

  2. Bridgett says:

    My cat isn’t spoiled, she just appreciates quality.

  3. HomeGrown says:

    My cat is not overweight, she’s full-figured.

  4. Helen says:

    My cat is not bossy. She is a behavior therapist.

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