Poll: Who Is Most Responsible?

There’s been plenty of mistakes made by many parties. But we wondered who do you think is most responsible for the pet deaths blamed on the toxic wheat gluten — so far?

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Poll Results from 235 votes:
Pet Food Makers = 68%
FDA = 18%
Chinese Supplier = 13%
Pet Parents = 1%

UPDATE: If your choice is not on the list, please feel free to add it to the comments. (Post bumped to top.)

9 Responses to “Poll: Who Is Most Responsible?”

  1. Sue J says:

    What about the “unnamed American corporation” that procured the wheat gluten from overseas? I think they may be legally the most liable And that’s not to mention Menu has already claimed they are looking into legal action against them.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve been looking for an updated list of the recalled foods. The food funds list i was told is up to date even though its dated in march, I don’t see the new recalls on it as of yesterday. Can someone please tell me if friskies or 9 lives is on a list…I think I’m going to swith to organic foods tomorrow for my 8 cats and 2 dogs, my vet bills are astinomical as it is…and I would be devestated if one of my pets got sick because I missed something on the updates…(forget about the vet bills, i’ll care for them no matter what)

  3. Adrienne says:

    Sue J., I’m in agreement. It’s inevitable that some products will be imported. It should be the responsiblity of whoever receives it in this country to make sure it’s as it should be.

    I do, however, feel that the FDA & pet food makers are responsible for the the fact that the recall has been dragged out over three-plus weeks, and meanwhile more pets have been getting sick.

  4. Donna Plott says:

    I believe that the FDA is responsible, the pet parents and the pet food makers they all need to be taking serious action against them. What it boils down to is they really do not give a shit because it is an animal. The same action should be taking as if it were produce in the foods of humans. These are out beloved pets, whom we love as our children. My shitzu got deathly ill 4 months ago with several of the same symptoms that are produced by the tainted dog food. What did he eat MIGHTY DOG in the pouches. I do not believe for one minute that this has been going on for awhile. My mother’s dog also died a month before that with the same syptoms. They also fed their dog mighty dog. Then she had another dog die 3 weeks later. People we really need to get together and do something about this. Our beloved animals cannot speak and we need to speak. If your animal has been affected don’t sit back take serious action!!

  5. Pat says:

    I would like to vote, but the list is not complete. If I vote for Pet Food Makers, one will assume that I mean Menu Foods. I do not. I blame the “Brands.”

    I blame Iams, and Del Monte and their ilk. That’s what we bought; we didn’t buy from Menu Foods. It is not worth bringing up the “Brands’” complete absence of quality control.

    And I will never again buy Wellness or Newman’s Own because they did not tell us what we needed to know when we most needed to know it.

  6. Scott says:

    “who do you think is most responsible for the pet deaths blamed on the toxic wheat gluten — so far?”

    I have a problem with this poll.

    For one thing, I have not seen anything that shows wheat gluten being “toxic”. The FDA has said it is contaminated with melamine. So far, no one has explained how a fairly low-toxic substance could be responsible for the pet deaths. Contaminated does not equal toxic.

    Also, your question is your answer. If you think the wheat gluten IS toxic, then that is what is responsible for the pet deaths, and the US distributor of that toxic wheat gluten should be named held accountable, along with the Canadian Menu Foods Income Fund and the Chinese supplier of the wheat gluten.

    Finally, the FDA is guilty as well. They are not guilty of death however, only of disinformation and a having a policy of putting corporations over consumer rights.

  7. Kim says:

    Michelle - I’ve got a summary (PDF file) of the pet foods recalled by 10 of the most commonly found National Brands ONLY (Alpo, Eukanuba, Gravy Train, Hills Prescription, Iams, Jerky Treats, Mighty Dog, Nutro, Pounce and Science Diet) at www.petfoodtracker.com

    Friskies and 9 Lives are NOT on the list.

    Hope this helps! Kim =^..^=

  8. e wem says:

    The Giulty ones
    1. Menu foods who sat on the story for months even after their poor test animals dropped deap

    1. The Label Brands who fraudulently advertised their so-called superior products all the while putting labels on swill from a Canadian globalist venture group. They conned the public with ‘Made in USA’ labels. They lied and told the public to keep eating items that were later recalled

    2. The Chinese manufacturer who fraudulently and criminally or negligently mislabeled food as ‘human grade’ when it may not have even been ‘animal grade’

    3. The FDA who conspired to keep information from the public that might have saved lives. IMHO the FDA continues to conspire to prevent the full information from coming out that human food has possibly been poisoned. They have also attempted to discredit information that the poison may include an abortion causing poison that leads to horrendous birth defects in human babies who do not abort.

    The pet food manufacturers are hedging, but the FDA is obviously lying.

    4. The mystery distributor who remains silent while innocent humans and pets across America may be slowly poisoned.

    The FDA does not have to ‘name’ the distributor. Nothing is keeping the distributor from stepping forward. Nothing except raw cowardice and evil

    The least guilty are the Chinese crooks. They are living according to the lawlessness of their nation.

    The manufacturers, name brands, and Canadian front groups are still misrepresenting their products

    The FDA however is supposed to represent the interests of the people.

    It no longer does. That is a high crime. Next year there may be babies borns without fingers, toes or skulls because their Moms were lied to

    The one company that could turn it around, the mystery distributor, hides behind the FDA

    The mystery distributor is the scum of the earth. It has no soul

    Who will die next?

  9. e wem says:


    NY State food testing lab used a mass spectrometer to verify aminopterin in their samples received from Cornell. Cornell sent the samples to the State because the State lab had a spectrometer.

    Each organic compound produces its own ‘fingerprint’ or unique wave pattern. The results were re tested to verify aminopterin. Concentrations were not certain. However in other articles I read they estimated 40 ppm when 6 ppm is enough to tank a cat.

    This compound will cause renal failure in cats unlike melamine which normally produces crytals in the urine and kidneys. And severe birth defects in humans

    It could well be there was sabatoge, even in China. It is a country that runs on bribes.

    It may be that our sick fur babies were the canaries to alert us to a wider threat.

    I couldn’t eat french toast this morning

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