Poop Fuel

DogipotWho would have ever guessed that your dog’s poop would be useful? That is what the park board commissioner is trying to figure out in Vancouver.

Being tired of all of the dog waste around in the city, he wanted to see if it could be used for anything else and found out that San Francisco was also researching this situation and was looking at the possibility of turning dog waste into bio-fuel to heat homes. The proposal in San Francisco is in its early stages. The Vancouver park board commissioner is proposing that dog waste be gathered at drop off spots and after using some processes, the methane gas would be the final result. And then the methane could be used to heat or light greenhouses or park restrooms. I’m all for this if this means I won’t have expensive heating bills.

2 Responses to “Poop Fuel”

  1. CathyA says:

    Yeah! New bumper sticker - Powered by Poop

  2. Debbie says:

    Not commenting on this picture bec I want to make another comment.

    The fight against the poison pet food companies has become practically non-existent on this site. Unfortunately, some aware people are even returning to buying the poison pet food brands again…and the safe, organic ones are not being acknowledged as they should be.
    There is no more talk of writing emails, letters, or any kind of concern for accountability against the poison food companies…and not enough talk about advocating safe brands.
    However, people being the way they are, this is to be expected… and it seems it will all blow over…and once again the poison companies will prevail.

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