Prison Officer Receives Award For Saving Sniffer Dog


With all of the horrible stories of law enforcement officials either abusing their police dog or leaving their police dogs in the car which has resulted in deaths, it is refreshing to hear about an officer who saved a dog’s life.

Steve Tugwell, a prison officer, rescued a Welsh spring spaniel named Frodo when he saw him unconscious. Frodo was on top of another sniffer dog, a black Labrador named Patch.

Patch got his jaws entangled in Frodo’s collar while the two were playing, and Patch could not get free.

Frodo was asphyxiated when Tugwell cut off the collar with a knife.

He moved Frodo’s tongue, which was purple, to the side, formed a cone with his hands while using his finger to block Frodo’s nostrils, and blew three times down his throat.

Frodo began to breathe, and he was rushed to a veterinarian. He was diagnosed with a crushed wind pipe and burst blood vessels in the throat. But Frodo has fully recovered and two weeks later, he was back on duty.

After three weeks of going back to work, Frodo sniffed out a major drug bust at the prison.

Tugwell will receive an award for saving Frodo’s life. He said even though Frodo’s mouth was smelly, he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again and save his life.

Source: The Sun

10 Responses to “Prison Officer Receives Award For Saving Sniffer Dog”

  1. Kathy B says:

    Bless you Officer Tugwell - we need more people like you!

  2. mikken says:

    Well done, Officer!

    Maybe they’ll be looking into breakaway collars in the future…

  3. purringfur says:

    Way to go, Officer Tugwell!

  4. nora says:

    GOOD MAN TUGWELL! Officer Tugwell deserves the reward and I just adore his desire to save poor Frodo! I am also sure that he was joking (somewhat) about Frodos mouth being smelly because as most of us know, any humans mouth can be much worse!!!! Frodo and his partner Patch look like such fabulous dogs!!!!! God bless this police officer for his compassion and concern and quick life saving actions.

  5. Lynne says:

    Yes, nice to see that BRITISH police officers care for their dogs, but then Great Britain is far ahead of us in many areas.

  6. catmom5 says:

    YOU are a HERO in the truest sense of the word, Officer.

  7. thomas says:

    There are break away collars my little blind cocker wears one when we visit the nursing home . She is a volunteer there . Our obedience instructor had us get this type. If a resident refuse to let go of the collar all you have to do is push in on the sides of the clip and collar comes un done.

  8. Jackie says:

    You’re a wonderful person, Officer Tugwell!! Bless you!

  9. Tamie says:

    This very thing happened to our family, at Christmas, a couple of years ago. Our yellow lab and our daughter’s boxer were playing. Our lab’s lower jaw got caught under the boxer’s collar. Luckily I happened outside just as the boxer was passing out. We were able to cut the collar and she survived. We no longer allow our dogs to wear anything around their necks, including bandanas, while playing with other dogs.

  10. Lynn says:

    Our hero, Officer Tugwell!

    Here’s a tip should, heaven forbid, you need to give “mouth to mouth” aid to a pet: use the “mouth-to-SNOUT” method. That is, close the pet’s mouth and hold it shut while you breathe into the nostrils. You will get more oxygen down to the lungs this way.

    Take a minute to read this link. Knowledge is power!

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