Pug, I Wuv You

Odie the Talking PugIt’s a pug that talks (named Odie). It’s an amazing thing — a dog that thinks it’s a parrot. It’s so cute, yet kinda creepy in the way it says “I love you” like a shriveled old witch. Thanks again Montel, you’re a lover of all kinds of dogs.

3 Responses to “Pug, I Wuv You”

  1. Holly says:

    Hehe So cute, my dog Buster can say I love you as well but it sounds a little lower not so high pitched and it usually takes a little more persuasion, but it’s so cute to see these little guys talk.

  2. SusanUnPC says:

    That is so precious! And it sounds like it’s very hard for him to do, but that he loves doing it.

  3. itchmo! » Blog Archive » Itchmo Week in Review says:

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