Puppies Trained For Dogfighting Looking For A Home


Bella and Spanky, two American Staffordshire terrier puppies, were being trained for dogfighting. They were starved and didn’t have food or water in their crates.

But, these two adorable puppies have been saved from their horrible fate. After getting an anonymous tip, police in Burbank, Illinois arrested two men on charges of felony aggravated animal cruelty and dog fighting. The police found a dozen pit bulls in a van.

A Burbank police captain said that this is the largest case of dogfighting that they have seen.

Four puppies including Bella and Spanky were allegedly being trained for dog fighting while the eight adults were breeders. The director of the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge said that the dogs will be given temperament tests to determine if they can be adopted.

Bella and Spanky are expected to be available for adoption in a few weeks. The two dogs are just 7 weeks old and not considered overly aggressive. If you are in the Chicagoland area and would like to adopt Bella, Spanky or any of the other dogs, call (708) 636-8586.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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8 Responses to “Puppies Trained For Dogfighting Looking For A Home”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Kudos to the Animal Welfare League for being willing to temperament test these dogs so they might have a chance at a good home and decent life. As for the pups, they are beautiful and will probably be snatched up. Just hope the League does a REALLY good job of screening the potential adopters. Maybe this is the good that’s coming out of the Michael Vick situation ~ awareness and action on behalf of other fighting dogs.

  2. elizabeth says:

    I agree with the previous poster. Would sure hate to see these adorable and innocent babies end up back in a dogfighting situation with new owners. Interestingly, there have been two or three dogfighting related busts in the Chicago area just in the last month. (Obvious fighting dogs being housed or transported.) I do believe that in addition to the general public being more aware and willing to tip off authorities, there is a BIG federal investigation going on that is much larger than Michael Vick. The dogfighters are on the run. Hopefully many more will be caught and prosecuted.

  3. HighNote says:

    I did not know they used any type of terrier for dog fighting. They are not aggressive at all. The poor little puppies nails are so long they are curling. This is so sad to use such sweet little creatures like this! Those eyes are so sweet!

  4. 3FURS says:

    When those two innocent little animals receive some kindness, they are going to be thunder struck. They will be so happy and will return that with a large amount of love.

  5. Mary says:

    Check the photo; Somebody needs to clip their nails!

  6. nora says:

    The starvation, confusion, and love depravation is so apparent in their eyes. You can tell they think it may be taken from them at any moment. These innocent babies deserve protection and love for a lifetime. My Uncle (God rest his soul) had an American Stratfordshire Terrier when I was a kid, named Jocko. This dog was one in a million. From the time me and all my cousins (7 of us) were toddlers to teenagers, Jocko was our protector, our friend, and most of all, very patient with us clumsy kids as we showered him with affection and doting love. My Uncle Tom clearly instructed us to not bother Jocko when he was eating and we all learned the real boundries of intelligent respect between humans and dogs. Now in my 50’s, I will never forget the great Jocko of the hard and muscular build. Black and white he was, a true beauty. My uncle loved that dog and Jocko loved him back with many a fishing trip up North and many years of doggy love and devotion. I myself have herding dogs now, but I will always remember Jocko and his breed with a huge heart beating with love.

  7. Jenny Bark says:

    Nora what a beautiful story. I’m shure you are passing along to your children & everyone around you the same love & respect.

    I’m so happy for the puppies but it still breaks my heart. Walking on those nails, I bet all the dogs had nails like that. No food or water and it’s so hot, you can tell they been starved even just looking at them from the frount. I have seen those eyes all day no matter what I was doing. I want to cry every time I think of all the ugly sick things they have seen and no one to love & protect them. It’s past time our law does a much better job and our gov. starts doing the will of the people. We need Vic to do jail time & more people with money to go to jail too so the little time scums know they don’t have a chance if caught. They need to know what all people think of them not just aminal lovers

  8. Anonymous says:

    Itchmo, please do an update on this story when they find a home!

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