Puppy Detects Cancer In Owner

Catahoula Leopard DogAt six-months-old, Freeman, a catahoula leopard dog, was able to diagnose his owner with breast cancer when her doctors couldn’t.

Freeman’s owner said that he would constantly be interested in her breast and would touch it. One day, Freeman touched her breast with his snout, and it swelled up. With Freeman’s keen sense of smell, it was discovered that she had a cancerous tumor in her right breast.

Now, as Freeman’s owner is recovering from her chemotherapy, she thanks Freeman for saving her life.

For decades, anecdotal evidence has shown that dogs have the ability to sniff out cancer. Last year, scientists tested ordinary household dogs with basic puppy training and discovered they could detect cancer just by smelling the breath of lung and breast cancer patients.

Animals — they are simply amazing.

Source: Canada.com

4 Responses to “Puppy Detects Cancer In Owner”

  1. Lynne says:

    I remember seeing a special on t.v. about a standard schnauzer named George who was taught by his owner to sniff out cancer. A friend had had cancer removed from his back, yet the dog hit on that spot. The doctors assured him the cancer was gone. The man trusted the dog more and insisted more testing be done. Sure enough, they found cancer cells deeper into the tissue.
    Yeah, animals are simply amazing.

  2. Carol says:

    Another reason they are “man’s best friend”.

    My 2 yr old golden, Lucy, was persitent in smelling and licking the back of her littermate Harry”s, neck last November. I thought I may have spilled food on him but when I felt it –there was a Very small lump and after watching it for 4 weeks -we saw it grow and soon found out it was an aggressive sarcoma for which Harry has undergone chemo and radiation and so far (6 months out) is doing well. Unfortunately now Lucy has a similar lump on her shoulder—and we’ll see this week if her path will be the same! Harry has not been “drawn” to it so I’m hoping it will be nothing.. Harry does not have the same “intensity” Lucy has as he is afraid of bird feathers, afraid of swimming and would much rather spend his days on the couch napping!! He reminds us of the “cowardly lion”. What he lacks in “smarts” he makes up for with “sweetness”!

  3. Debbie4747 says:

    That is amazing. Animals just have so much more going for them.

  4. Linda says:

    My little girl dog Angie smelled a odd growth on my large Coonhound - she just wouldn’t leave the wart alone - so when I took my big dog in to the vet - sure enough - the growth was a stage 2 and we had it removed in time.

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