Purina Denies Woman’s Claim On Dogs’ Deaths

KaylaLast month, we posted a story about a breeder who has been in an ongoing battle with Nestle Purina. She claims Purina dog food caused the death of at least one of her dogs.

But now, the insurance company that represents Nestle Purina has denied any liability in the deaths of her dogs.

Julie, a Kentucky breeder, said two of her champion Bichon Frise, Beeble and Kayla, suddenly died last year. They both died within two months of each other. She was feeding her dogs Purina One, Purina ProPlan, and Purina Dog Chow.

She said both of the dogs were healthy and were bred from champion bloodlines.

“I think there’s something wrong with the food,” she stated. “There’s no other explanation for these dogs to suddenly die.”

Beeble, a 12-month-old Bichon Frise, began to drank excessive amounts of water and became lethargic. She died four days later.

Two months later, Julie’s eight-year-old Bichon Frise, Kayla (pictured here), also died.

Julie was determined to figure out why her dogs had died, so she had autopsies performed on Beeble and Kayla. The autopsy report on Beeble showed a possible link between her death and the food she ate.

Pathologists discovered problems with Beeble’s liver that were “consistent with exposure to a hepatotoxin such as aflatoxin.”

“The aflatoxins could have come from the (dog) food,” Beeble’s veterinarian, Douglas Mickey, said. “Aflatoxins are known to be found in moldy grains, like corn that would be in dog food.”

Dr. Mickey also stated: “If you’re asking me if there’s a possible connection between the pet food and Beeble’s death, the answer is: you can’t rule that out.”

In regards to Kayla’s death, it is still unknown what caused her death. Dr. Mickey stated that she didn’t die from anything in her food.

Despite the autopsy report, Julie is still convinced Purina’s dog food also led to Kayla’s death.

Purina’s insurance company disagrees with Julie.

Julie received this letter from Sedgwick Claims Management Services: “After careful review of the records from the University of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital, I must respectfully deny liability on behalf of Nestle’ Purina PetCare Company for this claim . . . neither Beedle’s (sic) nor Kayla’s medical problems would result from their diets.”

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, which misspelled Beeble’s name, said she died from “severe hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia.” They said Kayla died from what “appeared to be steroid induced and most likely the result of Cushing’s syndrome.”

Julie said the company made their decision without reading the entire autopsy report.

“I immediately called the insurance company after I received the letter and asked them how they could disregard the pathologist’s finding that the problems with Beeble’s liver were consistent with exposure to aflatoxins,” Julie said. “And the claims adjuster told me she didn’t see that in the report…she admitted that she didn’t have a copy of the last page of the autopsy report.”

Julie sent the report to the insurance company again.

“But a claim examiner called me later and said the company had reached the same conclusion…it wasn’t Purina’s fault. I asked them again about the aflatoxins and they just said Beeble died from pneumonia. They also said Kayla died from steroid induced Cushing’s syndrome, but she was never on steroids.”

Purina has declined to comment on the findings.

But Julie is not done fighting. The ASPCA is now interested in Julie’s case. An ASPCA veterinarian is reviewing the dogs’ medical records and autopsy reports. The organization said it is too premature to comment on any findings because they just received the documents earlier this week.

Julie may also pursue legal action and said she would do whatever it takes to get justice for her dogs and other pets.

“I’m not doing this to make a profit,” she said. “I never wanted to pursue legal action in the first place. All I wanted was for Purina to take my information and check its food. But now they need to acknowledge that this has happened and make sure no one else’s pets die. I don’t want any other animals to die like mine. You know that old saying that ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark?’ Well, something is definitely rotten at Purina.”

Source: Consumer Affairs

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  1. Jay says:

    Concur with E. that the reps from that world of pet food profiteering appear to be just a bit defensive. Good. I will go back over my archives and pull out the most penetrating facts and stories of the last months so they can be reminded once more that they are their worst enemy and not the public. Each bit of CYA they pull will receive a rebuttal that reminds us all to keep up the effort.

    Meanwhile, I was reading the forum on dioxin poisoning, and even after all this time, I am still astounded and saddened by these creeps.

    Here is the link for the story — why wasn’t this on the top of the news at some point:

    Read it and weep.


  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    Jay, thanks for that link. i read the whole thing. It’s just so unbelievable, yet believable. I sent it to all the people i know. Now, I know we’re all going to die and are probably dying slowly.
    First, the pets, then all of us.
    And who in Gov. or in the PFI gives a Da#@? We count for nothing.

  3. Jenny Bark says:

    E I like that idea of yell “lying Bast!!!!” out in front of people. Talking in a real loud voice in the coat departments about you think the coat was dog or cat instead of fake fur really helped a lot. It was dog & we knew it & after doing it often & writing into editoral pages of newspapers next thing we knew animal activists came (proberly Peta, don’t know) but boy did they do a He!! of a good job. They had people with signs at 4 stores, tv & newspaper people coverage. we didn’t even know it was happening till we saw it on the 6 pm news (we where trying to get more people to help us). In one day they had the stores saying they didn’t know about the dog fur, saying they where sorry & pulled the coats & then they where gone. Boy where we shocked & happy, 4 nobodys got enough attention to bring in the people who could do the job.

    I’ll go into department stores too, they always have tv’s on. I won’t yell out l B but I will use my own words in a real loud voice. like maybe ” Look at that , that should be a sin. They killed so many of our dogs & cats & still trying to make more money & it aint even good food It’s by- products. Do you know what garbage by-products are? I think that might get some shoppers to talk to me.

    I’m going to try something else too. When they give me cupons in the store for dog food I’m going to look at them & then tear them up & say loud enough for people to hear. Look at this, dog food killed thousands of dog & cats & made more sick & they have the nerve to disrespect us & give us cupons for garbage by-products dog food.

    E. keep comming up with more ideas. Imo their is a lot of good people who just read the mail without posting. I didn’t post for a long time.

  4. IMO Sheba says:

    Julie- I am sorry that you lost your kids- I personally know the grief that you are experiencing. It’s been 6 weeks since I put Sheb to rest. And not a day goes by without a tear in my eye, due to missing her so much.

    The more I read .. the more angry I become.

    I have been ‘off line’ - out of ‘the loop’ of all this crap- due to the near nervous breakdown over all this. I finally called the DR yesterday- pled for help!

    Keep the fight going.

    These people are heartless- beginning at the head of the line China-our own President, these ruthless manufactures and retail stores who are only looking out for their bottom line profit..
    The maufactures in China.. have their insurance people here in the USA protect them - and stand up for them, KNOWING DAMN well that there is a problem with the product.

    What a consipircy.

    I had to put my dog to rest due to kidney failure, from tainted dog treats.

    Since then, I have been dealing with the whole damn gang, from retail store, their insurance co., with calls to the manufacture in China.. I have spoken with TOP VETs in the US- VETS at Universities, Chemist who are testing for Melemaine, & DEG to Salmanella & EColi- and the FDA.

    the problem is that NO one (here in the US), can figure out which chemical, and bacteria that is causing all of this havic. (maybe both at the same time). NOR do they know how to treat it- other than FLUSH the kidneys.. Well, in my case it was too late to flush.

    And I even have written document FROM this claims management co., stating that… they know that there is a problem with the product and
    that it has been pulled from all shelves until they can find out what
    happened and what portion of what lot was involved-
    they are offering me a settlement.

    So.. They say they know there is a problem with the product.
    Admit that they ‘pulled the product’ (NO RECALL- just pulled),
    and are STILL looking for what lot was involved..
    And still the FDA has all of this information- and are STILL testing the product..

    NO results yet. Finally a call back today from- FDA– “We cannot release any information at this time. It’s still an ongoing investigation that we are dilagently pursuing this matter.

    Walmart, Where’s your test results?? OKay TRACES of Melamine..
    What else is there..

    China food industry should be shut down..

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    Jay I read your link too. THANNKS. I believe every work of it. Our America is so sick.

    Trudy, don’t you dare give up. We have kids just being born & we have to keep fighting & doing everything we can. You my sister are an important part of that, we all have to keep trying everything. We all know you are going thru some tuff times & you have a lot of people praying for you, so don’t you dare give up. Go look in the mirrow & think of all the good things you have done & all the love you have given people & pets. You have made a difference in this world & its time for you to know it. You my friend are a good person & in time good things are going to come back to you. When you get scared remember their is a big world out their filled with good people & they won’t give up.

  6. Jenny Bark says:

    IMO Sheba, I fell so bad for you. I am sorry all of this is happening to you. I will keep you in my prayers for a long time. I am sorry about your baby too. Wish we could do more to help.

  7. debbie T says:

    I agree with a few others. What champion dog breeder feeds Purina? I don’t get it. Just because it wasn’t on the list for the first round of recalls, doesn’t mean it is a good food. Don’t people read labels? geez.

    I am so sorry for the loss of a pet, but when are people going to wake up and stop feeding this garbage to their pets?

  8. E. Hamilton says:

    debbie T says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 12:11 am

    When they know, that is when. When the TRUTH is as widely known as the lying TV ads, that is when.

    And THAT is why we cannot give up or give in or quit.

  9. Jenny Bark says:

    Debbie T, When you win at a dog show your prize is mostly Eukanuba & maybe a show collor. I guess they are now giving Purnia too. At one time Eukanuba was consided good food & when money was tuff Eukanuba didn’t raise their price & for a little while even lost some cents on each bag to keep the price right for people. People who showed dogs remembered that & gave them their business. In 199? PG bought Eulanuba & has been cheapen it & adding garbage ever since. PFI has all the $ they need to keep buying people.

  10. thomas says:

    Some of the major pet food companys have booths at dog shows . They print up the arm brands that exhibitors where. Many shows are pedigree, eukanuba , and purina. These companys will have tents or booths set up giving away samples etc.

  11. purringfur says:

    MODS: May we have a separate headline for the story about the DIOXIN/PCBs?

    This went on for 4 months? No recalls? No warnings to the public?

    An excerpt:

    “During the four months between contamination and disclosure, livestock had eaten the feed, stored the dioxin in their body fat, and passed it on in milk, eggs and meat to humans and other animals. Some food contained almost 1,000 times the U.S. limit for the cumulative poison; just one of the contaminated eggs could increase a 3-year-old child’s dioxin load by 20 percent.

    Dioxin and PCBs are dangerous toxic chemicals and potent carcinogens that pose a serious public health threat. It takes 20,000 times less dioxin than DDT to kill a person outright.”


    And someone finally thought to test the chickens that were dropping like flies from the Dioxin/PCB-laced feed. Doesn’t anyone test anything before it is mixed into feed consumed by animals for human consumption? And, of course, NOTHING can be tracked or traced!

    If all of this is true (and I believe it), this needs to go to the mainstream media, Durbin, & anyone else who cares about staying alive.

    Thanks, Jay. What a shocking read this was! We’re on our own!

  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    Jenny Bark, thank you so very much. I respect You a great deal, sister.
    I won’t give up, i promise. i hate them all as much as all of you do.
    And i did buy the books that Lou Dobbs wrote. And also “The Jungle”. These are all great books.
    I have written to Durbin and also Lou Dobbs, etc.

  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    Since the Drs. can’t figure out what’s wrong with Me, maybe it’s Dioxin poisening? I wonder if that can cause anorexia?

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    I just got a call from a friend of Mine. she bought a bag of Purina “One” I think it was One, anyway Purina sensitive stomach for Her cats. They ended up throwing up all day. she threw the bad away. But doesn’t this sound very strange? It sounds like the same kind of poisening.

  15. Jenny Bark says:

    Trudy Jackson, who knows what is happening, but this Dioxin thing doesn’t look good. I’ve been thing all along that it is more than 1 or 2 things & that even after it’s figured out there will be more things. All of our food is so messed up. I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong, that would really make all of us happy. I’m just afraid that our babies is just the start. I want to be so wrong.

  16. E. Hamilton says:

    I do not have a clue what is going on with dioxin, more of the same from Monsanto and other big companies I guess.
    There sure seems to be a lot of really nasty stuff in all food now. Great for the waistline though, just thinking about the FDA puts me off food.

    I plan to take up smoking again since I enjoyed that a lot more than I have enjoyed the last few months and it certainly won’t hurt me any worse. At my age it hardly matters and I plan to do more drinking of the hard hooch too!
    If I was not so in love with my husband, and quite a bit younger, I might go back to fooling around with young hot guys so don’t be looking to me for the clean living tips!

  17. Trudy Jackson says:

    E, you are great to have on here.

  18. found on FDA page Purina premix had dioxin says:

    Purina Ratite Bioplex, a feed premix packaged in 25kg bags, Recall # V-059-2007

    Recalling Firm: Alltech, Inc., Nicholasville, KY, by telephone and e-mail.
    Manufacturer: Alltech, Inc., Alexandria, Canada. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
    Bioplex Copper 10%, a feed premix, and premixes containing Bioplex Copper, were made using copper sulfate pentahydrate that was contaminated with dioxin like PCBs.
    147,785 kg
    Nationwide and Internationally



  19. E. Hamilton says:

    Trudy, I DO apologize if that sounded like I am not concerned about your health. I hope you feel better. Myself, I have found that the LESS that I bother with Doctors, the MORE I enjoy life.

    Health nazi’s, as I call em, just bore the daylights out of me and not a single one of them has as good a time as I seem to find without all the fretting about what sugar or fat or whatever the boogey man du jour is, I eat what I like, get my exercise laying down and just get on with life.

    I DID need to go get some pain pills from a Doc a while ago but I told him he could skip the lecture about water skiing at my age because I had to bet to win and it was WORTH a sprain!

  20. Pukanuba says:

    E…….I just love your attitude about life & living it YOUR way. I laugh out loud at some of your comments. You are definitely one of my favorite people & a lady that I would definitely choose as my friend.

    If I ever thought we lived fairly close, I’d drive over & take you to the nearest bar to discuss life, love & scope out the young hotties……I know you love your husband, bless your little heart, but you can look can’t you???????

    I’m just sorry it took something this horrendous to bring us all together.

  21. E. Hamilton says:

    Pukanuba , fear not, I did a lot more than look before my wonderful hubbie wormed his way into my black heart!

    You bet I still look, lust in more places than my heart and come from a long line of feisty.
    Friends are friends, hon, I have made good friends in places and times worse than this, I will take them where I can find them.

    We will ALL get together sometime and have a blowout party that will lower property values for miles, my vote for the place is the smoking hole in the ground that is all that remains of Menu Foods. Good enough party and the new owners of the land won’t even need bulldozers. Trust me.

  22. Trudy Jackson says:

    Who wrote that Purina had dioxin in it? thanks for the info. where can I find the page?
    Thanks E, You are so much fun. We will all get together some day, even if it’s at a strike or something.
    You all on here do make life a lot better.

  23. found on FDA page Purina premix had dioxin says:

    I found this on the FDA wed site just type premixes + Purina it is at the bottom of the page.

    Or type Purina Ratite Bioplex the report is at the bottom of the page you have to look good or you’ll miss it.I over looked it 3 times.

  24. Nancy says:

    The C.E.O. of Purina acts like he never heard of this event happening. Denial is not the action a C.E.O. should take. Our dog died a slow painful death when her kidneys shut down due to the Malomine in the food. I was offered less than 9 pennies per day for her life, and death. They neglect to apologize, acknowledge their responsibility to the consumers (who trusted that they were feeding their dog good food, not poisoned food.)
    It is a very sad world. Next stop, Oprah. Howard Stern took a call from a woman the other day who exposed Purina. Good for her. I hope some of his 12 million listeners will get a lawsuit going and drain them dry, especially all the money the C.E.O. has accumulated for NOT doing oversight on this product. Maybe he will lose his job. I suggest he eats some of this product, as a testing procedure…oh, no, that wont work, I am certain he is afraid he will be poisoned too.
    Purina was supposed to represent all that is good for a dog, now all they look at are profit margins, they merged with the Nestle company (this will increase profits.), so remember the next tiime that you make hot tea, or iced tea, the consumer can die too… they apparently do not check anything anymore. People will drop like the pets next…What a sad world. Oprah, Lou Dobbs, Ellen, I will be calling. A sad Family in Missouri.

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