Ridiculous Press Releases: Purina Edition

Purina joined the tight club of pet food makers (including Del Monte) to pull their product and was initiated through the passage of the Friday press release. They also issued this Q&A.

After the jump are two highlights and our commentary. (We don’t mean to make light of the situation, but after reading a lot of pet food company spin, it’s just gotten more absurd and offensive.)


“We have confirmed with our supplier that our Crete, Nebraska, plant was the only Nestlé Purina facility that received the contaminated wheat gluten. We have a sophisticated traceability system that enables us to track all ingredients from time of receipt at our plant through their inclusion in finished products and on to our customers to which the finished products were shipped.”

We are very happy to hear about your “sophisticated system”, but considering it took you 2 weeks to announce the recall, we highly suggest upgrading to Windows 95.

From their 3/28 FAQ (ironically listed just below their 3/30 info):

“Should I stop feeding all canned pet food products? No. The FDA has confirmed that Menu Food’s recall is limited to the specific brand products of canned “in gravy” style cat and dog foods in cans and pouches that are listed at www.menufoods.com/recall. None of Purina’s canned pet food products are affected by Menu Foods’ recall.”

YES. Did we also mention, Oui, Si, Uh Huh and the You Betcha?

6 Responses to “Ridiculous Press Releases: Purina Edition”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Has Purina even offered to compensate people for Vet bills?

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for the chuckle Ben - nicely done!

  3. Robert F Davis says:

    Amazingly they make their announcement late Friday, so on Saturday the local Target has no clue the Alpo on their shelf was recalled…. I had to let a manager know so he could go check Purina’s website. The manager said he would check his messages from Target Corporate Offices about the recall and I told him….if you haven’t heard from Target by now, you should check the Purina website for the details since they made a middle of the night announcement….guess they were trying to scrape a few more sales.

    Cub Foods was the same way - they said we got all the food pulled. Amazingly, the printed recall notices did not include Purina Alpo, and only mentioned what had already been widely know for recall like Iams for example.

    These companies should have never made such late night announcements….people who were unsure of what to buy might have bought the Alpo thinking all was fine and the late announcement never got picked up by stores on Saturday morning. Purina should have come out a lot earlier on this. I used to trust Purina and even Natural Balance. But after reading how they have handled the situation (Purina) and the shady responses from Natural Balance….I’m glad I switched to Kumpi. At least Evy, the President of Kumpi, can speak straight on the issues. Kumpi is safe - so there is a fantastic alternative for your best friends!

  4. susanUnPC says:

    Ben, your *snark* reminds me how I blew a couple hours yesterday (did not! did too!) reading Dave Barry’s “24″ episode guide blog … these Barry samples, describing Fox’s ludicrous “24″ might also describe Purina’s press release and its, uh, responsiveness in a time of crisis!

    “Meanwhile the Wooden Dialog Generator was very busy, with characters spewing out millions of square feet of verbal lumber.”

    “Meanwhile the Counter Terrorism Unit continues its tradition of handling major terrorist attacks pretty much the way a cable-TV company handles billing discrepancies, but with less urgency.”


  5. Debbie says:

    I don’t really need to read any press release by Purina. Our dog, who was strictly on dry and canned Alpo, suffered and was medically treated for kidney disease for years, not relating his condition to his food. He eventually died from renal failure in ‘98. Our cat ate tons of canned Fancy Feast beef/gravy. She also met the same fate as my dog in ‘04. ENORMOUS vet bills for both! Yep, with great love for them, we really thought we were feeding them the best “quality”! All the while Purina was poisoing them! With our current 9 cats, we again thought we were feeding them the best: Nutro, dry and canned. Due to the recall, we discontinued Nutro, and ironically, ALL of our cats have stopped their occasional vomiting! Anyway, this poisoning has obviously been occuring longer than just recently.

  6. Susan says:

    anyone know of the lawsuit for this poison problem. I lost one cat in May and one was very will in March. I recieved a long letter from some lawyers in California saying the Class Action suit has beeen transferred to Chicago. But THEY want $$$$!!!!

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