Rare Breed Of Cats Possibly Found In Man’s Backyard

Pixie-BobA man has discovered that he may have a rare breed of cats — Pixie-Bobs, part bobcat, part cat. It was 2 years ago when he saw two bobcats fighting near his house and he found a litter of bobcat kittens in their den. He caught one kitten from the litter and named his Rufus (apparently, he was not worried about making the bobcat mom angry). Rufus joined the family and shared a pen with a grey and white cat. Soon, the grey and white cat gave birth to a litter of kittens.

The man tried to give the kittens away with no luck and was going to take them to a shelter, but something stopped him. He did some research online about the cats and found a picture of a Pixie-Bob that looked just like Rufus who he believes is the kittens’ father. The man posted about his cats on a website and it snowballed from there. Numerous emails and calls came in to purchase this rare breed. He then spoke to a Seattle-area breeder that got Pixie-Bobs approved as a breed and has agreed to sell his kittens to her. The breeder says the cats are worth anywhere from $300 to $1500 each.

13 Responses to “Rare Breed Of Cats Possibly Found In Man’s Backyard”

  1. Cathy says:

    And why wasn’t his cat$$ spayed? Rare breed my a$$.

  2. maj says:

    what an ass. first off what is he doing stealing a wild animal from it’s den.

    now he’s breeding a wild animal with a domestic animal..first off it’s wrong, second off he’s asking for trouble.

    I hope his cats steal his breath from him while he’s asleep.

  3. rescuemom says:

    Here, here.

    What are you doing, owning a wild animal? And why is it caged with a poor little kitty? And why is kitty not spayed? And why, oh WHY, is it considered acceptable to dump them at the shelter, when it’s OBVIOUS who is responsible for the situation???


  4. trucorgi says:

    Read “Bobcat Hybrids and Look-Alikes”, by Paul Woods
    On her website http://www.immaculateconceptsa.....ob/all.htm She says
    “Keeping a captive bobcat is illegal in many states and cities. It is also totally unacceptable in the Pixie-Bob Association, to keep captive bobcats for monetary gain (breeding purposes), and captive bobcats are NOT allowed as outcross AND NEVER HAVE BEEN”

    OK, so why are you buying these hybrids and passing them off as purebred when it’s a violation of your own code of ethics??

    This guy says he trapped a wild bobcat’s kitten and kept it in a cage for a year, He couldn’t tame him but he kept him. Why? Obviously he was waiting until he was old enough to breed. Then he threw his barn cat (in heat) in there with him (knowing she could have been killed) and after the breeding took place the barn cat mysteriously taught the bobcat how to escape the enclosure. Then 10 kitten were born with natural bobs. Right!

  5. Gerry says:

    He was going to take them to the shelter untill he found out he could make MONEY selling them! I just hope the mother of the bobcats didnt smell human and left the other kittys to die. Guess no one ever taught him to leave wild animals alone!

  6. PM says:

    hmmm, Sure does look like a regular ol’ tabby cat to me….and there are plenty gorgeous cats at shelters sitting there waiting to be adopted. I really do have a problem with breeders, although people do continue to buy and want cats that look a certain way.

    I’d put money that there are about 15 cats at least at the local shelter who look just like “pixie-bobs” and are probably less trouble to keep as pets because they don’t run the risk of having “wild cat” dispositions.

  7. Pixie Bobs says:

    There is more to the story than what was posted here. Fist off, Pixie Bobs are not and do not have wild cat tendancies. They are a breed selectively bred to resemble the bobcat. They are classified as a naturally occurring breed. Since no other breeds of cats are allowed as outcrosses, new lines are created from “Legend Cats TM”, found cats that meet the Pixie Bob standard that may or may not have bobcat herritage. Testing has been done on most, if not all, the foundation lines and no wild DNA markers were present so they aren’t classified as hybrids.

    These kittens fit the standard fairly well and will be used as foundation cats to cross to pixie bobs to create new bloodlines for the breed to preserve keep the breed strong.

    There are many things left out of this story and the feeling is that these kittens probably aren’t hybrids but the fit the standard close enough to be brought in to the breed.

    Pixie Bobs are some of the most well mannered, lovable and laid back cats around, and a good Pixie Bob won’t just look like any ol’ tabby cat. Many people realize this after seeing them in person. The ones that do appear somewhat ordinary still display the breeds unique personality traits. Most owners claim they are unlike any domestic cat they’ve ever owned. They have a wild look to them, they aren’t destructive, they have a unique personality and voice, they are extreamly intelligent, they get along well with most animals and people, all in all they are a wonderful breed of cat.

  8. Pixie Bobs says:

    Not condoneing the trapping of the bobcat, putting the bobcat in with his unspayed domestic. This story is a touchy one for the PB community. The kittens were sold before the story came out. When it did the media interviewed the man and the breed founder, put a different spin on it, didn’t report all what happened etc… In one report it says something like who knows who will find these types of cats and too keep a look out or something to that effect. GEAT! That’s just what we need.

  9. Loni Houck says:

    this iz very interesting cuz i THINK i have a pixie-bob as well. but im not posstivly sure about it so, thatz y i looked this up. but if i DO have a pixie-bob, i’d soooo love it. =D lol

  10. nicole meeks says:

    ya i also think i have pixie-bobs but i think they might be a very rare breed called manx because its very rare to see bobcats were i am. i’v lived here for years and have never seen one so i dont know yet.so if you want one let me know there white and gray like the mother so.oh there r 4 kittiens cant tell the gender yet they are to small.so if you want one e-mail me.

  11. kat says:

    Well why is his cat not spayed in the first place and you don’t just take wild animals out of their habbitat like that and I don’t believe in dumping any kind of animal at the pound, once you take an animal on you need to keep and take care of them for the rest of their life. But I found a stray kitten walking the streets one day and you could tell that he was a stray and didnt have a home because he was filthy he stunck he was exousted skinny and just look very fragile and so I took him home took him to the vet and the vet gave him his shots and hes perfectly heathy. But I was looking at him one day and then saw a picture of a bobcat kitten and his face looks identical to the bobcats aspecialy the eyes, so I was just wondering if he was a bobcat/house cat mix because he looks like both but the vet never said anything about it so I was just wondering…. is it still illegal to have a cat that may be part bobcat part domestic house cat?

  12. Nicky says:

    i love that i once had two tabby bobcat hybrids (the tabby was not purposly bred, it was an accident!) that i got from my neighbor, because she simply couldnt keep all the kittens, for nothing, my sisters looked just like anyother house cat but mine you could just have very easily mistaken for a slightly smaller than average bobcat right down to the large ears, enormuse paws and short tail(except instead of a brown back w/ black/dark brown markings, he had a grey back w/ black markings.) now i find out latter just how rare my cats were, that ppl where saying it was literally impossible for domestic cats to breed w/ bobcats and that on top of it, it may have been illegal to keep them as well lol. well this has certainly made my day^^

  13. Nicky says:

    oh and by the way, for anyone who is interested, even though my cats sire was a wild bobcat, those kittens where one of the most loving, well mannerd cats i’ve ever had (and i have had plenty of cats) tho i never recall ever hearing the one who looked like a bobcat ever meowing.

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