Rat Poison A Cause in Menu Food Deaths

Rat PoisonABC News reports rat poison is one of the causes in the Menu Foods deaths. Please tell your vet if your pet falls ill.

Sources Tell ABC News Rat Poison Has Been Found in Some of the Contaminated Pet Food That Has Killed Scores of Animals

March 23, 2007 — ABC News has learned that investigators have determined that a rodent-killing chemical is the toxin in the tainted pet food that has killed several animals.

A source close to the investigation tells ABC News that the rodenticide, which the source says is illegal to use in the United States, was on wheat that was imported from China and used by Menu Foods in nearly 100 brands of dog and cat food.

The chemical is aminopterin.

What investigators can’t say so far is whether this is the only contaminant in all of the recalled food.

It’s frightening to think that there may be more than one contaminant in the food as the rat poison does not account for all the deaths.

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9 Responses to “Rat Poison A Cause in Menu Food Deaths”

  1. SusanUnPC says:

    I’ve been sharing your link with many people — ever since I discovered you thanks to the Seattle P.I. linking to you, and crediting you with key info.

    You might want to jump into this current hot discussion at Daily Kos — and this diary is in DKos’s Recommended List:

    Breaking: Rat Poison found in Recalled Pet Food! — plus Healthy (safe!) Pet Food w/links!

    Susan in Port Angeles

  2. GordonH says:

    Here’s something that crossed my mind…

    What if this was a test run by terrorists to see if they could get poison into the food chain by first trying the pet food supply?

  3. DebM says:

    GordonH, that is certainly a question I have had since day one. What if?? Well, we would not be posting most likely. It is quite clear the the FDA is asleep at the wheel here. It could have been sooooo easy to deliver tainted “pet” food quality grains and products as there is no inspection of these foods. Human inported food is only screened 2% of the time. So here we have the fox guarding the hen house. The system has failed and it is past time to step up and get something done. I strongly urge you to contact your US Senators and Congressional members. Demand accountability for the FDA. We need to insist that steps are taken to insure the pet food industry is regulated as it should be and that quality controls are in place. Please take the time, write, call, e-mail or fax your US Senators, give our pets a voice in the matter. It is important you do this now, as soon this will all be history. Give our beloved pets the voice they deserve.

  4. HaileeHappyKins says:

    I am starting to think this is a terrorist attack also. I am terrified. Rat poison wouldn’t cause Renal Failure. Something is very very wrong.

  5. Traci says:

    the chemical they found does cause renal failure. It is not the same chemicals used in rat poisions you purchase in the US (like the hardware or farm store outlet)

  6. Traci says:



  7. DIVYA says:

    What will it be the effect? If someone person eat,

  8. Kayla ross says:

    well that is strange rat poisoning causing death. i new it causes death but how did it get in the food?

  9. barbara jones says:

    It’s been months since the first poison cat food deaths- I’ve had 6 cats die, now my 7th who didn’t eat as much of the same tainted food I know killed my other cats, but did eat it, is now showing signs of being sick.

    I want to know what is going on now w/ people and their cats. Anyone in the same boat- still being affected by the tainted poison cat food?? Urgent.

    My last cat death was 7/24/07.

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