Rats And Cats Work Together To Sniff Out Land Mines

Cat/RatRats and cats working together? Yes, they are.

For the past year, a Colombian police unit has put rats and cats together in a cage as part of a project to train the rats to sniff out land mines. More than 100,000 land mines were planted by leftist rebels across the country. The project takes advantage of a rat’s keen sense of smell and light weight to find mines without activating them.

The veterinarian that has been working with these rats for two years said that bringing the rats face to face with an enemy allows them to stay more focused once they are released.

The rats are taught to freeze in front of mines, but had difficulty staying put for fear of being attacked by predators.

The cats are put in the cages, so that the rats will feel comfortable with predators. The cats play with the rats instead of attack them. The felines wear shields on their nails, so they can’t cause any injuries, and the rats will feel comfortable playing with the cats.

Col. Javier Cifuentes, who oversees the project, said the rats’ success rate in mine detection is 96 percent.

Source: MSNBC

2 Responses to “Rats And Cats Work Together To Sniff Out Land Mines”

  1. Lynne says:

    I’ve had two pet rats (rescued from high school lab) and can vouch for their intelligence.

  2. Captn' Carl says:

    Rather than using rats, cats, dogs, etc. Why don’t the powers that be put convicted child molesters, wife beaters, animal abusers rapists and murderers to work doing this job.

    If one of these subhumans triggers a mine, look at the savings in feeding, clothing, entertaining and paying for their prison college law degree. It’s not like they are valuable members of society.

    Rats, Cats, dogs, etc. never do anything to hurt anyone. Can humans make the same claim?

    I know why! Rats, cats dogs, etc can never vote. The scumbags once paroled, pardoned, etc. will always find a way to keep the powers that be in power.

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