Reactions To Vick’s Statement After Guilty Plea In Dog Fighting Case


On Monday, Vick made a statement at a press conference and apologized to the public. He apologized to Commissioner Goodell, Arthur Blank, Coach Bobby Petrino, and his Atlanta Falcons teammates. He said sorry to the young children out there that look to him as a role model. He asked for forgiveness from the world and from Jesus (didn’t you know? Michael Vick is now a devout man of God).

But in his 4 minute statement, he seemed to glaze over one big thing: dog fighting. Vick said only one quick sentence about dog fighting: “Dog fighting is a horrible thing and I reject it.” (There was no apology to the innocent dogs he so brutally killed.)

After hearing Vick’s statement, much of the public, including media contributors and writers, reacted to what he had to say and what he didn’t say.

Michael Ventre, a MSNBC contributor, wrote a piece about how Vick did seem sorry and apologetic for what he did, but how Vick completely missed the point of why he was apologizing in the first place: dog fighting.

“This is all about dogfighting, but you wouldn’t have known it from the offhand remark he tossed out Monday during a cameo appearance choreographed to begin the massive repair job on his reputation.”

“The most likely answer, though, about why Vick hasn’t given a heartfelt explanation on his involvement with dogfighting is that his heart isn’t in it. His attitudes and his behavior on dogfighting were formed over many years. They’re not going to change overnight just because his lawyers want him to in order to make their jobs easier. Unless people are convinced otherwise, they’re going to assume that Vick still believes it’s all right to treat animals in such a brutal fashion,” Ventre wrote.

Alan Abrahamson of said: “It’s one thing — and, indeed, no small thing — to offer an apology. It’s quite another to move to a place of true contrition and humility in accepting responsibility. And the evidence presented would strongly suggest that Michael Vick is not there yet.”

Abrahamson said it’s not what you say and how you say it, but it’s how precisely you say it. He said Vick spoke in general language, and he didn’t explain and apologize for what he did in a clear and detailed manner. Vick didn’t say that he gambled or killed dogs or apologized specifically for his crimes.

He also stated: “God’s judgment ultimately awaits Michael Vick. In the near term, there is Judge Hudson. Who has seen many a sinner stand before him and profess redemption. And not been moved.”

On the other hand, some people believed that Vick handled himself well and is truly apologetic. Jeffri Chadiha, a writer for, said that Vick spoke from the heart, and this is the first step that Vick took to turn himself around.

“Vick hit all the important points. He apologized to practically everybody connected to him in the NFL and hoped that other young people could learn from his immature mistakes. That was more than enough,” Chadiha wrote.

“It was a good enough performance to make me believe in his chances at redemption. Not as a football player, but as a man.”

Bob Glauber of Newsday said Vick showed his human side. Glauber add: “It doesn’t excuse anything, and it won’t keep him out of jail or get him back to the NFL any sooner. But at least we saw that a man who admitted guilt to some of the most heinous actions imaginable show contrition.”

Claudia, one of our Itchmo readers, had the comment of the day regarding Vick’s apology: “That nimrod apologized to pretty much everyone — except the dogs that he killed, tortured and maimed. I hope Jesus has pit bulls.”

Source: MSNBC, ESPN, Newsday, NBC Sports

Photo: ABC News

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37 Responses to “Reactions To Vick’s Statement After Guilty Plea In Dog Fighting Case”

  1. Lynne says:

    He’s like the thief who is not the least bit sorry he stole, but is very, very sorry he’s going to jail.

  2. nora says:

    Vick was a no show on the Tom Joyner Show this morning. Per the show comments…..His attorneys would not allow him to speak. No surprise there. The comments he uttered yesterday….if he would say more he would only infuriate an already frothing at the mouth, angry (understatement) public sector. Rev Jesse Jackson came on the show and attemped to justify(in some peoples minds) Vicks actions, stating, “Dogs fight Dogs anyway” and “We never got apologies for the Civil Rights marchers having police dogs let loose on them and dogs bite people also.” OH MY GOD. Ignorance is only a radio dial away.

  3. Lynne says:

    Jackson and White are setting their cause back more effectively than the Klan ever could.
    I find it horribly sad and incredibly ironic that they view dogs with the same lack of compassion as white slaveowners viewed blacks.

  4. Sharon says:

    Michael Vick is like George Bush, in his own eyes he has never made a mistake in his life. That we put these people in positions of money and power shows just how stupid the American people have become. Apparently every child has been left behind because neither one of these men received a decent education or any moral upbringing at all. One sends men and women to die in Iraq (not his own daughters of course) and one kill dogs for sport. Neither can see the blood on their hands. Heaven help us all.

  5. Patricia says:

    Vick is only sorry he got caught. Probably depressed to find out he is not above the law. He is only interested in keeping his job, fame, and money. Probably has no other talent or brains to make it in our society.

  6. joycebell says:

    Amen Claudia!

  7. ellie says:

    I listened yesterday to a bunch of different commentators, some of whom said they had been surprised and disappointed by the guilty plea because they believed Vick’s initial denials. Now, they profess to believe Vick’s lame expression of remorse!

    Yeah, right. The remorse is probably just as false as the denials were. Vick’s only really sorry for himself–after all he did for them, his buddies rolled over on him.

    Jesse Jackson, just shut up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Insincere, cowardly , and overdone appologies. I doubt Mr. Vick will ever get it. I hope he never owns a pet /dog again!

  9. EmilyS says:

    I just want to amend Claudia’s great comment:
    “I hope Jesus has pit bulls because they’re the only ones who will ever forgive him”

  10. NH says:

    Poor Michael Vick. Whaaa Whaaa Whaaa. Cry me a freaking river! He is nothing but a sorry excuse for a human being. Get over yourself Mike and pay the price for your crime. Be a MAN!

  11. Gary says:

    This just shows, the power of money will even make someone like Vick reflect what his lawyer told him and say “I’m sorry”, even though the tiger cannot change his stripes.

  12. Moonbeams says:

    I’d like to see Sicko Vicko tied to a stake in a public arena and have done to him what he did to those poor dogs and then let him cry like a baby and spare him dying though, dying is too easy, keep him alive to be chained and beaten each day until his is really really sorry he ever hurt those poor defenseless dogs.

  13. thomas says:

    I agree that the only thing Vick regrets is getting caught. I am totally appalled at Jesse Jacksons comments. I can see it coming legislation to legalize dog fighting , I wonder who would sponsor the bill. Perhaps some of Bushies crimies who support the North American Union and turning the USA into a socialist country.

  14. Kevin says:

    His apology was written for him and he still could not refrain from speaking Ebonics.

    Vick, your an idiot. Enjoy prison.

  15. keciacat says:


    “Jesse Jackson, just shut up!”

    No word from Jackson on the executions of 3 young black college students by illegal aliens in New Jersey. What’s up with that? Looks like he only goes where the MONEY is! Can you spell HYPOCRITE???

  16. 2CatMom says:

    Jessie Jackson - do you know how to spell irrelevant? If you think that Vick is the kind of role model you should be supporting - you are nuts.

    There are plenty of injustices that blacks face in the US. Vicks voluntary guilty plea isn’t one of them.

    Where are you when your people really need you? How come it was a civil rights organization headed by a white man (the Southern Poverty Law Center) that sued in civil court on behalf of a mentally retarded black man who was beaten by three white thugs? They got a $9 million verdict from a jury composed of 11 whites and 1 black. Could it be that any money collected from the thugs will go towards the round the clock care of the now permanently disabled retarded man and not into your pocket?

    I lost my respect for you a long time ago.

  17. Carol Johnson says:

    Prejudice is wrong…and that goes for Blacks who make excuses for Vick and claim racism.

    Those poor dogs were neither black….or white…but they are all dead or will die…..because of Vick.

    Vick is only sorry about his loss of big bucks…if he were so sorry…why not fund a shelter for the dogs that were is HIS house.

    Hmmm….he has a place for them when they are fighters…yet lifts not one finger to offer help for them now that this scumbag is busted??

  18. JudyM says:

    Vick says he has now found God. Curious how everybody facing jail time suddenly finds God??

  19. Stefani says:

    Way to go, Claudia. You said it as well as any of us could.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  20. Bridgett says:

    Found God,eh?

    Someone should read to him Proverbs 12:10 “The righteous one cares for the soul of his domestic animal.”

  21. Moonbeams says:

    Thank you Bridgett - I never knew that was in Proverbs - I love it.

    Our domestic animals do have souls and not only that but when they die they go to heaven because God is love and he draws all that love to him - human and animal alike.

    Oh, Jesse Jackson is an idiot. What does a society do with people llike Vick? Oh, I forgot that’s why we have long term prison terms.

  22. Anonymous says:

    sorry my behind: If he was sorry — he would have stopped and made amends for his crimes against animals.

    He did not stop. He did not make amends.

    He’s just guilty and scared, not sorry. Pandering to save his own ugly hide.

    I hope he gets plenty of time to “see the light”.

  23. ellie says:

    I came across some comments about Vick from a black minister, “conservative radio talk show host and media commentator Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson” (about whom I know nothing, but these remarks are on the money):

    Here’s some of it:

    “We can no longer allow celebrities and politicians to break laws and then use ‘Jesus’ as a get-out-of-jail free card. Most of these people go right back into their bad behavior and criminal activities as soon as the storm passes.”

    “If Vick is truly contrite and has found God, he wouldn’t have minimized his crime by describing it as a ‘mistake’ or as ‘immature’. He would have confessed; assumed total responsibility, and then asked God to give him the strength to endure his punishment. That would have been a great example for the youth.”


  24. Lynn says:

    I figured Jessie Jackson would rear his ugly head and oxymoron statements Monday afternoon. I was a day late. I am convinced Jackson is a narcissistic idiot whose sole calling is to put himself in the limelight. [This man needs help!]

    As for Vick…..I have to wonder if he’s really following his attorneys’ advice. Usually in a legal matter so high profile as this one, your attorneys are breathing down your neck 24/7 to keep you out of further trouble. Yet somehow Vick managed to make some sort of deal to appear on Joyner’s show. Then it became publicly known he would appear. My guess is that that’s how Vick’s attorneys learned of the scheduled appearance, then ordered Vick to cancel the appearance. Just a suspicion. But one wonders how many other things Vick is going to do without the concurrence of his legal advisors. Oh well…..give someone enough rope…..hang himself with it…..

    There is NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, that Vick could say about the dogs that would be honest. Why? Because he is incapable of feeling anything about the dogs at all. So don’t expect anything from him.

    As far as those people who seem to accept Vick’s apologies yesterday, and who believe he sounded sincere and remorseful……..well, those people are very, very poor judges of character. But they will learn.

  25. Bridgett says:

    that is one of the things that is driving me absolutely insane about MVs so-called apology; immature!??!?!?! mistake?!?!??!?!?!

    Years worth of bad conduct, gambling, dog fighting, animal cruelty isn’t a mistake or immature. It’s a lack of morality, conscience and humanity. It is an ingrained behavior! Not a mistake or something you will grow out of. Can he change? Maybe… but only if he truly takes responsiblity for everything he did. That includes killing dogs.

  26. Lynn says:

    Anyone know what Poindexter’s up to? In a waiting mode?

  27. Stefani says:

    Lynne, Re:

    “I find it horribly sad and incredibly ironic that they view dogs with the same lack of compassion as white slaveowners viewed blacks.”

    EXACTLY. I was thinking this just yesterday. You could have an opening statement that goes something like this:

    “The men gathered around cheering and jeering as he was beaten, repeatedly. Bloody and gasping for breath, they held his head underwater, laughing as he struggled to free himself, in vain. He was overpowered, outnumbered, hopeless. Then he struggled no more. After they had killed him, they defiled his body — burned it, threw it on a trash heap, treated it without any respect.

    When people spoke out against what was being done to his kind, they were chided. He’s not human like we are, they were told. His kind are inferior, they are animals. We do with them as we please. If he doesn’t serve his master as his master wishes, he is worthless. WE OWNED HIM. In other words, shut up.”

    We could be talking about black slaves being beaten and killed by their “masters,” or hung by the KKK. Or, we could be talking about these poor dogs.

    The exact same statements would apply in either case.

    What is so horrifying about people, is that instead of being humanized and sensitized by the historical sufferings of “our people” — instead of having past injustices teach us tenderness and empathy for others, and teach us the WRONGNESS of cruelty . . . instead, the oppressed, once free from their oppressors, seem to want nothing more than to become LIKE their oppressors, and visit cruelties upon others. When challenged, they justify their actions based on their historical persecution. This is true throughout the world, in many cultures and situations. You can look anywhere and see it.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  28. Moonbeams says:

    Sad to say Stefani that identifying with the cruel side of oppression is a survival tactic - not that this is what’s happening with Vick - not to even lessen the horror of his actions - but the oppressed and victimized has a choice - become tender or become mean and often it is the mean that wins because that equates to strength and survival where the tender equates to weakness and death.

    I don’t agree with the choice - but choosing to be mean and sadistic and take pleasure in the pain of animals and humans is seen as making a choice to be strong and to have broken the bonds of those that are abused (the victim - so they think I will not be weak - I will be strong and mean) - so they- the victimized - become the abuser.

    Whatever the reason, being an abuser is wrong and evil and deserves harsh punishment.

  29. 2CatMom says:

    Amen to Reverend Peterson: Real apologies require a making of an amends. He hasn’t done anything. Even with his handlers, agents, lawyers working with him, he still managed to come out looking insincere.

    What would an amends be: Volunteering to pay for the care of the confiscated dogs for the rest of their lives, including a place for the ones who can’t be adopted to live. Or how about a sizable ($1+ million) to start a rehab shelter for former fighting dogs.

    Do you think he would think to do this on his own? No, because he couldn’t care less about the dogs. Even his paid advisors seem clueless as to what its going to take to give Vick a tiny chance to redeem himself. They are all so busy trying to keep Vick clear of the gambling charges that they have forgotten that if the fans don’t want him back on the team he won’t be coming back.

  30. Bridgett says:

    Just another thought…

    considering the link between animal abuse and child/domestic abuse…what are the odds that MV is beating his girlfriend and/or wife?

  31. keciacat says:

    Bridgett wrote: “It’s a lack of morality, conscience and humanity. It is an ingrained behavior! Not a mistake or something you will grow out of.”

    EXACTLY! That is it in a nutshell!!!!

  32. Lynn says:

    Look at his website. The photo shows the dog under anesthesia.

    Others have proposed Neighborhood Watch programs and educating kids. Excellent ideas.

  33. Lynn says:

    If you’re interested in more information about the link between animal abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence, here is an excellent bibliography resource:

  34. Sharon says:

    Too bad Michael Vick and Jesse Jackson haven’t learned that saying you have found God is meaningless. Actions speak louder than words and both men will rot in hell. If I were black I would be ashamed of my race right now.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Personal responsibility and making amends seems to be very rare these days. Vick is not sorry except that he was caught and now is ’sorry.’ Big deal!

  36. 2CatMom says:

    Maybe someone needs to start a 12 step program for animal abusers. Then they could be counseled why they really need to give it up to a higher power and why making amends is essential to righting a wrong.

  37. Anonymous says:

    He should be punished with his crimes. Put him in the ring with a bunch of aggressive dogs and let them tear his throat out. I hope he burns in hell.

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