Real-World Estimate of Pet Deaths

USA Today LogoUSA Today quotes Banfield, the largest pet healthcare provider in the US, as saying:

Over the three months the food was on the market, the more than 600 Banfield hospitals in 43 states saw 200 to 250 cases of kidney failure in cats above the usual number that would have been expected, says Hugh Lewis, president of Data Savant, Banfield’s data collection arm.

During that period the Banfield vets saw 100,000 cats. Extrapolating to the entire cat population of the USA, that could mean “we’re probably talking several hundred cats a week across the country being affected,” Lewis said.

7 Responses to “Real-World Estimate of Pet Deaths”

  1. Joeline Webber says:

    They can add our sweet 3-year-old black and white shorthair, Tuxx, to that list. She died of kidney failure a week before they announced the recall and she had been perfectly healthy before eating the contaminated cat food. The pet food industry owes us.. big time!!! Yet they are pussyfooting in hand with the FDA and letting our pets die.

  2. Angela says:

    I think this whole recall is scary.

    My dogs eat ProPlan wet and dry dog food. Its not on the recall list yet but I thing I may start cooking for them until this is all over.

    After all…they are my children.

  3. SLT says:

    Our elderly cat died from tainted food and our German Shepherd pulled through a siege after a very high fever. Another dog is running a fever now so one can never be sure. Most, as myself, have not reported ongoing findings because of all the hoops and documentation required - plus more $$$ vet bills for verification from my pocketbook. No thanks. This thing is major big. No one can really know HOW BIG.

  4. Jeanne Meeker says:

    I lost my beloved cat Shadow due to kidney failure. I miss him terribly and will always wonder if this recall had any involvement. I will never know but will always suspect. I have other pets and every day I worry about what to feed them. I found out that I had been feeding my dogs treats that were on the recall list. Here I thought I was treating them for being good dogs and all along I was slowly poisoning them. My cat Cinammon is alone for the first time in 13 years since I lost Shadow- she is so lonely without her housemate. I just don’t understand how some people can have absolutely no regard for life and allow these deaths and sicknesses to happen. My heart goes out to everyone who has a pet, we try so hard to take care of them and then this happens.

  5. Lauren says:

    They’re not pussyfooting–it’s because the FDA is obviously in cahoots with the pet food industry and the human food industry–just like the EPA is in cahoots with the Carpet and Rug Institute, which denies that VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in new carpets are harmful to breathe after a short period. These organizations don’t care about humans or animals.

  6. tammy says:

    Jeanne im so very sorry about shadow,my hart goes out to you,i dont need to say much because lauren just said it like it is.this should have never happened,thank god my dogs and cats are ok i switched them to a more natural food,so i know everything that goes in,and now i will decide what they take into there precious little sorry to all who lost you beloved animals.

  7. Fiona says:

    Angela, ProPlan is very bad for your dog. If you go to a Vet has written a book which you can read online there which is called “Work Wonders” and it tells you how to feed your dog raw food to keep it healty and well.

    I am so very sorry to hear about the death of the cats. When one of my cats had to be euthanased because of cancer the other never seem to be right again and like Cinnamon he missed the other cat so much.

    Although the pet food comanies are very much to blame I am suprised that Vets are getting off without criticism since in many cases it is Vets who have told us to feed this terrible pet food when instead years ago they should have been warning us never to feed dry food to our pets since dry food causes diabetes, kidney failure, cystitis, dilated cardiomyopathy, struvite crystals which can kill cats if they are not catheterised, calcium oxalate stones which can lead to kidney failure and so I would like Vets to be added to the class actions since if the Vets had spoken up years ago about the terrible things in pet food since there have always been terrible things in it then pets could have been saved from the illness and death that pet food routinely causes even if it does not have melamine or the other things recently found in it. Purina in a paper they have written say that the high incidence of kidney failure in cats and in dogs is probably due to the pet food companies putting acidifiers in the pet food and so pet food has for the past 10 years at least been the cause of kidney failure in cats and dogs and Vets have said nothing when they should have demanded that the acidification of pet food stop. This would mean banning all dry pet food since the reason the pet food is acidified is because loading it with carbohydrate alkalises the urine and this was found to cause struvite crystals which can stop cats passing urine and can kill them within 24 hours if they are not catheterised. My own cat got this illness and ended up euthansed because my Vet did not know about the veterinary research which blames dry food and the lack of protein in pet food for causing this illness so pet food has been killing our pets for years but the Vets have mostly failed to speak out about it and have let it silently go on without even criticising the pet food companies. I would very much like to see some Vets added to the class actions as defendants because it was their duty to speak out long ago about the illness that pet food was causing and they are the ones who tell us to feed pet food and warn us never to feed anything but pet food when they should have warned us never to feed pet food ever.

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