Reality TV Has Gone to the Dogs

Dog on TV Every dog has to get his fifteen minutes of fame. A new reality show on the WE Channel called Adventures in Doggie Daycare focuses on Seattle’s Downtown Dog Lounge and all of its dogs and the people that run the daycare. Maybe your dog will be a star if you send your dog to Downtown Dog Lounge! (But, no one actually admits to watching the Women’s Entertainment channel, right? Fine, I’ll admit it. I watch it to get a good laugh at watching women go crazy and be bitchy on Bridezillas.) The show will air on Saturday, April 7th at 9:30pm on the WE channel. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your guilty pleasures.

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  1. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Every Animal Needs Their 15 Minutes of Fame says:

    […] Steele type movies or crazy bridezillas — who would ever want to watch that?). The first is Adventures in Doggie Day Care (focuses on a doggie day care in Seattle) and the second one is America’s Cutest Puppies (a […]

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