Recall: HBH Fish Food For Pets


HBH Pet Products is recalling certain fish food for pets that were found to contain melamine. We spoke to a representative at HBH Pet Products today and he said that the recall went up on Monday. Aquabond, which was found to have contained melamine and related compounds, was used in these products. A contracted manufacturer for HBH Pet Products alerted them of the contamination. The representative said Aquabond was added without their knowledge or approval. HBH Pet Products is currently doing their own testing of their other pet food.

Here is the list of recalled fish food:

Crab and Lobster Bites 1.3oz
Goldfish Bites 1.5oz
Goldfish Nibblets 4.3oz
Goldfish Nibblets 8.0oz
Goldfish Nibblets 32oz
Goldfish Nuggets 32oz
Shrimp Pellets 1.6oz
Shrimp Pellets 4.6oz
Shrimp Pellets 9.1oz
African Cichlid Attack 3.8oz
African Cichlid Attack 8.0oz
African Cichlid Attack 28oz
Oscar Bites 1oz
Oscar Grow 3.8oz
Oscar Show 8oz
Super Cichlid Sinkers 29oz
Baby Bites 1.2oz

The full press release after the jump.

(Thanks Amber)

Shrimp feeds, ornamental fish feeds recalled

HBH Pet Products, Inc. is voluntarily recalling certain fish found to contain the contaminant melamine. Listed products are included in the recall;

20002 Crab and Lobster Bites 1.3oz
11012 Goldfish Bites 1.5oz
11013 Goldfish Nibblets 4.3oz
11024 Goldfish Nibblets 8.0oz
11015 Goldfish Nibblets 32oz
11016 Goldfish Nuggets 32oz
25000 Shrimp Pellets 1.6oz
25001 Shrimp Pellets 4.6oz
25002 Shrimp Pellets 9.1oz
22001 African Cichlid Attack 3.8oz
22008 African Cichlid Attack 8.0oz
22009 African Cichlid Attack 28oz
11017 Oscar Bites 1oz
11018 Oscar Grow 3.8oz
11019 Oscar Show 8oz
22012 Super Cichlid Sinkers 29oz
20007 Baby Bites 1.2oz

For more information see the FDA Web site at:

45 Responses to “Recall: HBH Fish Food For Pets”

  1. straybaby says:

    so is there a *Special Network* of illegal producers and suppliers out there? Seems like they aren’t letting their manufacturing customers/partners into the club . . .

    I REALLY hope some human food/product manufacturers are taking notes and precautions! This is absurd!!

  2. Monika says:

    Another pet fish product recalled. Quick thinking on the part of the rep that must have read about the other Aquabond recalls and decided to test? Whatever it was, I feel now that no food, cat, dog, fish or human is safe without testing it first. Unbelievable.

  3. sandi says:

    Would this not affect cat and dog food containing fish and or salmon??


  4. Monika says:


    From what I understand it’s not the fish meal itself that contains the melamine. From what I follow it is the binding/bonding agents used in the pellet type food.

    “Tembec, a contract manufacturer for Uniscope, makes AquaBond and Aqua-Tec II, which it distributes for Uniscope. Uniscope makes Xtra-Bond using ingredients supplied by Tembec. All of the products are binding agents that are used to make pelleted feed for cattle, sheep, and goats, or fish and shrimp.”

    What I would like to know is the brands that have purchased binding agents from Uniscope and Tembec.

  5. purringfur says:

    40% of Rainbow Trout Die at South African Fish Nursery: Due to Melamine?…..1000,37936

  6. purringfur says:

    Sorry. Link didn’t work: Dead Trout Article: Melamine?

    The article is listed under June 12, 2007

  7. Susan says:

    Do the rendering people come get the dead fish, make them info fish meal, and sell them to pet food manufacturers?

  8. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Great–wondering about my Purina Goat Chow, Purina Equine Senior for my barn yard animals……….always something to worry about. When I saw my link light up from Itchmo I almost freaked out. Man.

  9. 3FURS says:

    ” Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive.’

  10. pat says:

    the poor fishies… is nothing safe from this blight?

  11. Christine says:

    Whoever is the first to make an easy to afford
    and use home test kit is gonna make millions.

    Victory gardens and container gardens are
    beginning to look really good along with home-
    community poultry farms.

    Any one still trusting the USDA, FDA, or major
    manufacturers is palin out naive.

    My 35 cents!


  12. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Christine–what an idea!

  13. Howard says:

    Glad I started growing my own Veggies this year,,,by next year there will be no food on the shelves!

  14. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    I’m not able to grow anything here in Arizona. :o(

  15. Barbara in Phoenix says:

    Yes, you can! I have friends with large vegetable gardens–contact one of the garden clubs–Scottsdale has a large one that uses land next to the Community College.

  16. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Barbara, I’m trying to keep my vinca’s from dying. Me gardening? In Artizona one must have a green thumb. Thanks for the information. I do live close to Scottsdale. Small world.


  17. Dee says:

    I think the FBI should be involved in the food ingredient investigation - the FDA has NO authority.

    If Tembec and Uniscope are found to have knowingly added an illegal substance to a food product, there should be a criminal investigation - for product tampering at the very least. Same for Menu Foods and all the rest who have utilized harmful, illegal ingredients.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mulch helps plants keep their moisture in. Vincas like shade too.

  19. Denise T. says:

    First Dog food,
    then Cat food, Fish(for us to eat),
    toothpaste, fish food & much more!
    Why are we even doing business with China.
    There needs to be a boycott of products from China, At least anything that goes on or in our body or our pets.
    & Let our representatives know how we feel!!
    This is disgusting & wrong.
    Why is this even allowed to keep happening??
    Believe it, this will not stop unless it involves loss of money & those involved being held accountable(Which China is NOT doing)
    Please don’t just complain, hit them where it hurts(their pocketbooks!)

  20. Dee says:

    Denise T. - I believe the recent recall is the result of a US company spiking the product with melamine. It’s not all as a result of China.

  21. Steve says:

    straybaby at 1:39 pm

    Not only that I wonder how many of these shady operators are avoiding taxes with offshore setups.

  22. e wem says:

    First they came for Figaro the Cat. Then they came for Cleo the Fish. The only one left is Jiminy Cricket. watch out Jiminy.

    I was at the pet food store today and went by the aisle of pelleted feed. Our mallards would not eat the creepy grey duck pellets. They preferred the hulls and spillage from the bird feeder.

    This is the largest shell game in history

    For years we bought food from fine American companies that always made their food here. We got a few exotics from elsewhere, coffee, tea, off season produce which was expensive except for bananas.

    About 10 years ago trade laws changed and our American companies replaced everything not nailed down with foreign, mainly Chinese

    Only they never told us

    We kept on paying American prices assuming it was American value

    I have a game I play at stores. People tell me brands they prefer. When I tell them that brand sells all Chinese the folk go into shock. Almost no one has caught on to the size of this shell game.

    GE and Phillips lightbulbs are made in Asia, while the Walmart and Krogers brand X lightbulbs are made in the USA, and cheaper too. Folk have been buying the GE and Phillips so long they never noticed it is no longer American.

    Read the label folk. There is still American stuff but the big famous brands are the worst for pretending they are still making the stuff American

    For 10 years no one noticed until the cats and dogs started to drop dead. If they hadnt died all at once we may not have caught on. i remember a neighbor telling me her furbaby was getting kidney failure and so she knew it was time for this one to be put down. The kidney failure was becoming a sign of cat old age. But was it?

    Man we have been conned like no one in history has ever been conned before

  23. MEK says:

    Horrifying thought this afternoon, even before I read the latest on fish food…Imagine all domestic animals become extinct in the next 20 years due to these poisons. Not just sea animals from pollution, or birds from logging! This horror will hit home, where it hurts the most. I sure hope not, but who could have imagined something like this melamine craze unraveling 5 years ago?

  24. Anonymous says:

    On the Lou Dobbs section of tonight is this poll: “Is it rational for an administration to warn against China’s military buildup while supporting trade policies that pay for that buildup?”

    Take the poll:

  25. Dee says:

    MEK Says: Imagine all domestic animals become extinct

    Think about this . . . the contaminants are not only in food for pets, but also in livestock feed. So, there goes our meat/poultry/fish sources. And we’re eating the livestock, so . . .

  26. ThursdayNoos » Cat Blogosphere says:

    […] you have Fishy Friends, there be a pet food recall fur HBH Pet Products fur tha fishes.  fanks again, […]

  27. DMS says:

    Christine Says:

    June 13th, 2007 at 5:24 pm
    Whoever is the first to make an easy to afford
    and use home test kit is gonna make millions.

    Victory gardens and container gardens are
    beginning to look really good along with home-
    community poultry farms.


    If H5N1 takes hold, the backyard/community poultry farms will be out.

  28. Tammy says:

    i lost 47 fish from sunday to today I don’t know if it was the food. can anyone tell me what I should do?

    some of my fish were 20 years old well over 20 inches. it has been a heart breaking time for my family

  29. Ticked Off says:

    You know - this is going to be a common thing from here on out. It all has to do with the “Open Borders” and free trade with China. China KNEW what they were doing when they put the additive in their grains to raise nutritional percentages of what they were sending to us. The higher the percentage - of these values - the more money they make.

    It’s simple.

    We’re outsourcing our food manufacturing to people that don’t give a hoot about us - while farmers in the US are losing their homes/businesses because China is less expensive.

    Just like the I/T jobs going to India, Brazil, China, etc., who, when you call for a billing problem and you can’t understand the other person - because they’re not American…

    They’re taking our jobs - they’re killing our pets - potentially poisoning us….

    It’s all part of the ruination of the U.S. because we have to be FAIR to the rest of the world.

  30. e wem says:

    ticked off you voice my fears and what I am seeing.

    I dread the next stage: China is holding 1 trillion excess dollars they got selling junk to us at inflated prices. Even after the dollars our brand name middlemen take from redistributing the junk to us suckers, China is still making obscene profit to have a trillion dollar surplus.

    Will China start buying up our farmland soon or start investing into our big Agriculture conglomerates? Those business are already shifting to China, and don’t give a hoot about us suckers anyway, just the almighty dollar.

    I am making personal assumptions here. I figure they don’t give a hoot the way they are acting over the pet food scandal

  31. petslave says:

    Oh Tammy, that’s Horrible! I’m so sorry, it sure does sound like the food. Was it one of these brands? You should definitely contact the store where you bought it & the manufacturer, & get some new food for any that are still alive.

    How to know what is safe for the fish food? You won’t have any clue as to what’s OK to buy now since this is just starting for the fish. Is it possible to temporarily ‘home feed’ the survivors until you know which ones are safe? Maybe try aquarium forums–I know there are some out there. If you can afford to have the food tested, do so. In any case, save it just in case you can have it tested later.

  32. YaYa says:

    Tammy, I am Floored and So Sorry for you and family over this!

    I know it sounds horrid right now but Please save the Food {Is it a dry?} If frozen keep it in a well shut zip-loc and write Do Not Use on it! Then I know it might be very difficult but can you freeze a couple of you pet fish that have died? Just as they as and ASAP.

    Get New food, maybe even Fresh? Can yu do that?
    OR if you feel it was Fresh that made them sick, see if you can find food that is closer to NOW for expiration date. Meaning made longer ago. {hopefully before the Poisoning time frame}

    Clean/wash out what ever you have them in. The excretment might continue to contaminant the water the living ones are in still.

    Are these Japanese Koi?

    Next I would suggest getting a hold of one of the Attorneys dealing with the Pet food recalls suits.
    I think there is a list of them here in ItchmoForums.
    One I can think of off the top of my head is in Fl. But no matter:
    CALL them, find their # on their website! Ask their advice on what to do legally. Becaus this is HORRID! Maybe they ca advise an attorney in the suits in your State. BUT this classifies the same as a Cat and or Dog!

    I know it might be terribly hard but Please freezea couple. Then if you belong to a Fish Club or can get on line hunt for a Koi or whatever Club. Ask them wo you could send the remains to for necropsy for a few of the fish. {fish are easier and cheaper than fish for such if my memory serves me.}

    This isno Different or easiert than Other folks loss of pets Tammy. YOU Count ad they count too here in this.

    Beside I imagine they were Loved and expensive too.

    {I cried when my SeaHorse died as a kid :-( I loved it.}

    Please Tammy hang in there.
    Did you ever use a “fish” Vet in the past you coud call???

    Gawd Almighty!

    So Sorry, I hope I helped, but probably not much. Keep Us posted. Please.

  33. Purina Puke says:

    Tammy that is so awful and shocking. I am so very sorry. To lose so many so fast… Did they show any symptoms that you know of?

  34. Tammy says:

    YaYa i froze some fish and pond water. We at first thought it was lawn chemicals that chemlawn had used 9 days previous. They came took some fish (they wanted all the dead ones) i said no take 5 and they took water. I have 3 in the fridge right now because health and welfare are coming in the morning. chemlawn is blaming the food it has been heart breaking. i had these fish for years. the minute they;d hear my voice they came to the top for food. they ate out of my palms. that can never be returned

  35. Tammy says:

    yaya sorry they were several different kinds of koi. Silver koi, ghost koi can’t remember the names of others. chinese koi. you you’d like to see some pic’s e-mail me

  36. YaYa says:

    Tammy do you know the list of chemicals we are insisting Labs check for in the pet foods? {besdies the Melamine?}

    Cyanuric Acid
    Acetaminophen {yeah the Tylenol product}
    {the top 3 see if you can insits on these at least}

    a couple of others are these {there are even more but}

    I also saw somwthing mention in a report today of Triazine- pesticide

    I hope you’ve got More fish pets left after this devastation Tammy! {that it did not get all of them}

    PLEASE keep us posted and stay on top of those Labs for results. {you might still consider your own private testing too}

    Is your Email in our Forums her Tammy? If so are you listed/registered under “Tammy”. Then I could Email you :-D

    This makes me Doubt entirely, the FDA’s reports insisting that, Farmed fish they allowed to be released in streams or sold in the market for food, AREN’T going to be so “diluted” with melamine!!!

    Koi and types are so Cool! They just Know and if they could talk! You can almost feel it. LOL

    What a Horrid week for you :-(

    Do you post in the other pet threads here too Tammy? I think there might have been one there before. Maybe you? :-)

    I hope it’s Stopped and you have a Better weekend!

  37. Tammy says:

    Purina Puke when they first started dying each one for several hours would be very still laying on thier sides and breathing then they would die sometimes it would last 12 to 24 hours

  38. Tammy says:

    YaYa i don’t know how to register my e-mail

  39. YaYa says:

    Tammy, got to the: {or the link above top of pages}
    You’ll see a place to register on the fisrt page of the Forums there. Pretty easy. And it’s for registered members sections where we can list an addy for Email {if we want to and for one that we might not use for anything else but Itchmo stuff and members}
    I made a new one for Itchmo stuff at my ISP and listed it.
    There is a members only listing section after you register. {for who we are}
    There is also alot of info In the Forums to read up on too.

    You should start a category for Fish! prblems, health, photos etc. Would be nice :-)

    I’ll check back here to see if you have any problems.
    Okey dokey!

  40. Tammy says:

    YaYa I registered and made my e-mail public

  41. furmom says:

    Tammy I am so sorry you lost your fish. If it hasn’t been mentioned, save and freeze some of the aquarium water in case you want it tested, and so a food manufacturer can’t claim some other random disease. Personally I stopped feeding my Bearded Dragon his commercial chow because I was afraid as soon as I heard fish food was affected. It seems possible anything could be contaminated these days. so now he gets homefed insects, and greens from our non-sprayed fields, and people food.

  42. JANICE BOLICK says:


  43. Elisabeth H. Dyer says:

    I had 8 large Koi who died over night from Fish food that I purchased at English Creek Supply on August 6th 2007. The pond and fish were 7 years old. Many people like to walk their children by and look at the fish. It has cost me quite alot of money for new fish. We purchased our new Koi from Wild Bird Crossing in Seaville, N.J. 9 total. I still have the package of food. The fish have been burriedby my daughters friend Vicky. The was one Koi left in the bottom of the pond. I drained The pond imediately. The fish we saved was hanging out under the filter.

  44. Scottsdale Entertainment says:

    @ Sandi

    The only way it would effect other pet foods (that isn’t Fish food) is if it was manufactured in the same plant as the fish food noted above and used the same ingredient that caused the recall. There was a recall not too long ago with pet food and effected numerous different brands that were manufactured in the same factory.

  45. joe wagner says:

    I have (5) Koi fish that I had raised for ten years, and I had purchased a koi food called Pond Pellets, sold by OSI, and made
    in China. After 2-1/2 week all five of the Koi died… No virus
    or other scale diseases noted on the fish… I had called OSI
    but they said that I was the first to report this… Cannot find the proper website to report this… If anyone can help on this, please call me at 707-523-2629 or email me
    at tks./joe wagner

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