Recall Update: Easter Sunday Edition

Recalled foods list and what you need to do on a single page.

Slate tells us why we’re importing wheat gluten.

Listen to Senator Durbin on WGN Radio’s pet show today at 8pm Central.

Former Hills exec. expected to testify on poor pet food certification standards at senate hearing.

CNN: FDA inspection budget continues cutbacks. And ways to make our food safer.

ChemNutra CEO tells Itchmo that his family’s life has been threatened (We are beyond angry, but actions like these will not help our cause or our pets).

FDA’s wrong numbers reach Baghdad: “Inordinate amount of time spent on what started out as 12 dead pets.” No! It’s about the utter failure of the government in protecting pets and their parents.

We’ll update this post throughout the day.

(Thanks for the tips everyone!)

11 Responses to “Recall Update: Easter Sunday Edition”

  1. Debbie says:

    RE (article above): “Former Hill exec. expected to testify on poor pet food certification standards at senate hearing.” Transparency has turned into blatant lies now that the pet food industry has FINALLY got caught with their pants down big time!! The FDA and the pet food company execs are looking for any excuse to cover their butts! Now they want to play the infamous pretentiously “innocent” game of “I didn’t know that.”
    Forget it, FDA and pet food execs!! Are you getting paid the big bucks not to know anything????

  2. Debbie says:

    Rep./Senate “hearings”? More like “blah, blah, blah.”
    This is how the observant general public perceives Congressional hearings:
    First, they have to talk about the issue’s value in order to bring it to a proposed bill that’s really worth fighting for, ie, does it come from their special interests’ groups ($$$,$$$). (after all, why would they want to hear from the millions of common ordinary citizens?)
    Will my stance on this issue benefit favorable votes for me in my next election? Will this issue benefit my political party on the whole?

    Then they go on to grueling hours/days of back and forth jibber jabber as to who can belittle or debunk another’s progressive comments. (after all, with their inflated egos, each one need their 15 minutes of fame, which is so much more important to them than the issue at hand).

    By now, they are so exhausted from all the jibber jabber, that they need to take a few weeks’ break. (gosh, it was so hard for those highly educated people to determine if action needed to be taken immediately, even though they have tons of verified, documented info).

    Back to session, with tons of petitons from U.S. citizens decrying the issue.
    Well now, they need to talk some more about it. Talk, talk, talk, (stall, stall, stall)

    A conclusion has finally been reached!!! We get an email or letter from our Reps. or Senators saying: “Thank you for your interest in this matter. I appreciate your valuable input. Bill (number) has been rejected at this time. However, if there is anything I can do for you in the future, please feel free to contact me.”
    Those replies from them was typical from practically EVERY animal abuse issue that I have ever written to them about…and I am talking about at least 50 issues within the past decade! Each of my letters, emails, and phone calls was only one out of the thousands of people who also contacted their Reps./Sen. on the same animal-related issue!

    I sincerely hope on this pet food recall issue that the Reps./Sen. take action immediately…AND prove me to be wrong about them…for once!

  3. Steve says:

    All pet owners and concerned citizens of the world want is something that says we have a brighter future here.

    Right now, The Pet Food Industry reminds me of the HAL 9000 computer onboard the spaceship Discovery in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, out of the control of its makers.

    I was a real supporter of the direction the industry was heading in general for many years recently. New healthy formulas, naturals, so many brands to choose from.

    Until March 16. And the astounding and staggering revelations began spilling over when the dam broke.

  4. spocko says:

    Hi Debbie:

    I’d like to make a suggestion for you. You can help make the senate hearings MORE effective. It will take a bit of research, but if you do it and share it with us and Sen. Durbin’s office it might help.

    1) Find out who the Pet Food Industry has been donating money to in the Sen and house. Those are the ones that the lobbying industry will go to first to try and shut this down. Do a list of top contributors. In your research don’t just look at the obvious. Look for PERSONAL connections as well. is the place to go.

    2) Calculate the “value” of this to the people who’s pets are dead or ill.
    Calculate the value of pets! Put a price on them that is worth more or is equal to the donations to campaigns and the pet food industry.
    Point out the “I’ll never buy again!’ comments. And the “My family member is gone!” Crie of pain. Try to avoid, “They are priceless.”

    If the real numbers you dig up (cost of purchasing the pet, feeding it, vet care) are lower then ask questions about what numbers are NOT included. Maybe intagibles like “the role they played as early warning system for our food supply. What was THAT worth to America. What if this was 3,000 dead constituents?

    3) “Debunk each other’s progressive comments” find the right experts to get in place. That is part of the battle. Nikki at Howl911 has three up so far. We have been working to idenitify the experts who aren’t beholden to the industry. Find more. They can

    4) Prep for the bullsh*t. If you have the same old “experts” who are beholden to the industry. (Note who pays for the ASPCA. Note who funds the Vets?)

    This is something that Ben’s timeline will be invaluable for. What did the FDA know and when did they know it?

    Then look at the Pet Food industry or FDA’s first response to questions. Why was that not an appropriate response?
    They will have standard responses to the Sen. questions. What will be the FOLLOW UP to their question.

    You sound like someone who can clearly do this kind of work. There are no “experts” who are going to do it for us. It’s just us. So this could be your contribution. If there are others reading this and are like minded, DO THIS.
    the more people working on this the better.
    Howl911, Itchmo, Petfoodtracker and I are all working on this
    when you get the info share it with us and Sen. Durbin.
    This is important. This counts. Go!

  5. Jonathan says:

    “ChemNutra CEO tells Itchmo that his family’s life has been threatened (We are beyond angry, but actions like these will not help our cause or our pets).”

    This is not going to help one bit. Tne only real way to make a change is by changing the laws and better regulating the entire industry. Rather than getting angry we should focus on making a change.

    Focus on sending letters to congress and educating them and the media.

  6. johnypaycut says:

    So chemnutras ceo is scarred? how do you know it’s not a faint?
    (a pity plea)..
    i’l bet a lot of ‘em are scarred for they’r jobs right now??
    dam thats a shame..
    i’ l bet the chinese company that traded in poison isn’t worried ?
    maybe the other crooks would consider becoming communists to?
    i cannot feel sympthy for persons that disreguard others for a living..
    (i am thinking enron here?)

  7. Louie says:

    Dear Pet Food Executive,

    Here’s what I DON’T want to hear at the Senate investigation hearing next week:

    I don’t want to hear that FDA doesn’t require you to test for aminopterin. melamine, etc. It’s YOUR responsibility to determine what contaminants may potentially contaminate your processes. That’s why you make the BIG BUCKS.

    I don’t want to hear about your high quality ingredients. They’re not.

    I don’t want to hear about your high quality manufacturing processes. They’re not.

    I don’t want to hear that your products weren’t “affected by the recall”. They should be—all of them.

    I don’t want to hear that the name of your contract manufacturer is “proprietary information”. Just put it on your packaging. The next time this happens, we’ll figure it out for ourselves.

    I don’t want FDA to assure me that the human food chain is safe. Where’s your proof?

    I don’t want to hear that all 792 metric tons of gluten has been accounted for. Show me the spread sheet.

    What I DO want are answer’s to the following:

    What part of BY-PRODUCTS contain the so-called quality?

    What is a pet’s daily nutritional requirement for BHT and BHA?

    Why are cancer causing preservatives in your foods?

    Why do you foist your junk on gentle pet owners who want the best for their animals?

    Do you have ANY IDEA how much pain and suffering you’ve caused?

  8. 5CatMom says:

    The EPA is killing our pets.

    Maybe the EPA should call the FDA and give them a clue.

    Just found this in a google for “melamine parent for cyromazine”. It will make your brain go “blooey”, but it’s a great read.

    Looks like the EPA, in their zeal to accomodate Novartis, allowed the amount of cyromazine to be increased in by-products (that means rendered, right?).

    Please note that “only about 10% of cyromazine is converted to melamine in vivo”. Now that’s a relief.

    Do ya think some real smart Pet Food Industry food science guy figured
    out the effect this would have on pets in 8 to 10 years? Me neither.

    Note to FDA: Exactly how many cattle, goats, hogs, horses and sheep with a level of .05 ppm can be put into the rendering pot and cooked down before the junk becomes lethal when fed to pets?

    Also, looks like the World Health Organization isn’t real concerned about testing for melamine.

    You need to read the link, but here’s an excerpt:

    “6. Novartis Corporation PP6F3332 proposes establishment of a
    tolerance for meat, fat and meat byproducts (of cattle, goats, hogs,
    horses and sheep) at 0.05 ppm.”

    “There currently exists separate tolerances in 40 CFR 180.414(a) for
    cyromazine on celery at 10.0 ppm and lettuce, head at 5.0 ppm. Since
    the crop group leafy vegetables (except Brassica) includes celery and
    lettuce, (head) these individual tolerances under 40 CFR 180.414(a) are
    being removed.
    EPA has concluded that only residues of the parent compound
    cyromazine need to be regulated and used for risk assessment and is
    proposing that melamine, a metabolite of cyromazine, be removed from
    the tolerance expression as a residue of toxicological concern.
    Melamine was initially included in the tolerance expression for
    cyromazine because of limited evidence of its carcinogenic potential in
    laboratory animals. At that time EPA agreed with FDA’s Cancer
    Assessment Committee that melamine was not a carcinogen, per se, but
    was indirectly responsible for the induction of urinary bladder
    neoplasia through production of stones in the bladder. A detailed
    discussion of the initial risk of melamine can be found in the Federal
    Register of April 27, 1984 (49 FR 18120). Since then EPA has reassessed
    the weight-of-the evidence for both cyromazine and melamine with
    particular reference to their carcinogenic potential. Cyromazine is
    classified as a group “E” carcinogen (no evidence of carcinogenicity)
    with an chronic RfD of 0.0075 milligram/kilogram/day (mg/kg/day) with
    an uncertainty factor (UF) of 100 using a no observed adverse effect
    level (NOAEL) of 0.75 mg/kg/day and a lowest observed adverse effect
    level (LOAEL) of 7.5 mg/kg/day.
    Melamine is a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of amino
    resins and plastics as well as a contaminate and/or a metabolite of
    several pesticides including cyromazine. Melamine produced bladder
    tumors only in the male rat urinary bladder at very high doses i.e., at
    a threshold effect > 10,000 ppm in the diet. These tumors were due to
    the accumulation of stones (hard crystalline solids) which caused
    irritation and secondarily resulted in the formation of tumors;
    therefore melamine is not considered to be a direct carcinogen by the
    In addition, only about 10% of cyromazine is converted to melamine
    in vivo. Anticipated human dietary and occupational exposure to the
    parent compound cyromazine from its current pesticide usage is
    estimated to result in melamine concentrations far below the NOAEL in
    rats (500 mg/kg/day) that led to formation of stones in rats. Thus, EPA
    does not have any toxicological concerns for the minimal amount of
    melamine residues that could result from the use of the pesticide
    cyromazine. Also, melamine has been removed from the World Health
    Organization as a residue of concern for cyromazine, and Codex limits
    are established for the parent cyromazine only”

  9. 5CatMom says:

    Yes, I know that cyromazine is the parent and melamine is the by-product, but it was just a word search — the word sequence doesn’t matter.

  10. Debbie says:

    Hi, Spocko!

    Thank you for your response and your contributions. Wow! Lots for me to digest, lots for me to work on. But meanwhile, I have a quick plan:

    We, the consumers, have contributed to making the billions-of-dollars-a-year poison pet food companys outrageously profitable…and WE are the same ones who can bring them to a halt…permanently I hope! Those of us who are well-informed and dedicated to this issue will follow through with our boycott, BUT protest groups need to be formed NOW in front of the stores who still sell the poisonous foods (all of the irresponsible food producers with the rest of their product lines) to inform other people who are still not aware* Protesters should pass out copies of the recalled food that has been made available on this site…place them under car windsheilds…office bulletin boards…anywhere possible. The more and more that people know, the faster the companies’ profits will decline…and as WE know, the sound of their “bottom line” falling out is the only thing that they will hear loud and clear…really fast!

    (*too many people are still not aware, or are just not that terribly concerned as they should be…yet)

    I refuse to trust any of them ever again no matter what they say and do…and especially do not to trust what the FDA/govt. has to say or will say.

    And as I have already done, people need to write letters to their local papers, to the “Letter to the Editor” type columns, expressing any losses, their contempt, and suggesting (newspapers reach unknown thousands of people in just one small area)

    I agree, as you said: “There are no “experts” who are going to do it for us. It’s just us.”

    We, the consumers, have more clout, more power with OUR purchasing MONEY than all of Washington and their cronies!…and all of their dragged out, worthless hearings combined!

    ps: My deepest sympathies to everyone who has lost a beloved pet…but unfortunately and honestly, the poisonous pet food companies could not care less about your loss or your feelings.
    They only care about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…and when there is only care about money, there is no room in the heart for emotional situations. So please don’t fall for their fake apologies and their future promises of integrity. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over for them…just like the lives of the poor animals who have “spoken” to us with their unfortunate and untimely deaths.

  11. Debbie says:

    Your April 8th post was nothing short of excellence! It should be the first page that is presented to the “hearings,” followed by all the excellent comments and research that has been presented by the other good people on this board! The FDA and Congress needs to know right from the start that we are not going to tolerate things that we don’t want to hear, and HONEST answers to the things that need to be answered! Congress and the pet food companys need to start realizing that the public isn’t stupid to their ways!

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