Recall Update: Friday

(NEW) FDA is more concerned about other toxins (than melamine) in food.

(NEW) FDA is “sitting on a solution” to screening tainted food. Plan created in reponse to 9/11 lacks funding.

Yesterday, we saw several recalls that should have been announced more than a week ago. The FDA says no more recalls (again) which is immediately followed by several recalls.

We write this update with a heavy heart. Itchmo suggested avoiding rice protein — what we didn’t know was that many ingredient lists were misleading. The ingredient labels did not list rice protein. In fact, ingredient lists can no longer be trusted — leaving the consumer with little chance at avoiding high-risk ingredients.

Recalls Within the Last 24 Hours:

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  1. L@@k at this says:

  2. Roxan Tiscareno says:

    This is somewhat off topic but I have to wonder: If this happened with the pet food and they weren’t truthful, could this be happening to the Human Food Supply as well?

  3. Chuck says:

    If the food is made by a commerical pet food company dump it.
    We have feed our pets for years Canidae, Innova, Precise, Simply Natural, EVO, and others without any problems. These foods are produced by small companies who only use human grade quality food. Stay away from the corn, wheat, chicken by-products, bone and meat meal, BHT,BHA, digest of chicken by-products, proplyene glycol, nitrates and many more. Become a label reader to save your pets life and your families life. Many human food companies use BHT, BHA, proplyene glycol in processed foods you buy every day. Ever hear about baby boomer cancer??? Support the American Farmer stop buying produce from foreign countries.

  4. JJ says:

    Bil-jac contains propylene glycol which is anti-freeze. Merrick wet and dry contain Ethylenediamine Dihydriode which when I got an answer back from Merrick informed me that this is organic iodine? It’s not. Asked why it just doesnt say that on the food? Never received another reply. Would stay away from both of those foods. Any treat, food-wet or dry with propylene glycol in it is ANTI-FREEZE as is the Ethylenediamine Dihydriode which is ethylene glycol also anti-freeze.

  5. JJ says:

    I forgot to state that I feed Karma dry which is 93% organic, expensive but I like the peace of mind I have. Also use Evangers wet. In IL I found the Karma at Pet Supplies Plus. Evangers has a big variety at Scotts Pet Store in Westchester 31st and Wolf road. Glad I stopped using Nutro Holistic before it was recalled as it has synthetic vitamin K in it and was making my dog have stomach problems. She now has filled out, coat is so soft, eyes bright and shining, all around happy spirit. Hope others can also find a food as I did that is a safer alternative.

  6. toprob says:

    Dry dog food from Royal Canin marketed under the label of “Vets’ Choice” has also been blamed for the deaths of dogs in South Africa. I saw an article referrring to the Melamine content, which was described by the manufacturers as miniscule amounts, being the possible culprit. I am amazed to see that this seems to be a global problem. I dont know what the gluten content of the food is, but intend to find out.

  7. j13152934@aol,com says:

    hey what old roy dog food is begine recalled.

  8. Eric says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Recall Update: Friday. Thanks for informative article

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