Recall Update: Friday

FDA press conference recap: (Transcript here)

  • FDA refuses to name second US distributor of tainted rice protein concentrate. Fortunately Pet Connection reported this days ago. Chicago Tribune confirms.
  • 198 facilities may have gotten tainted fish feed.
  • Still investigating risk from fish.
  • FDA refuses to give a reason for why a 5th ingredient was redacted.

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  1. Helen says:

    What? No Friday afternoon recall? What is going on?

    Lorie(VA?) My cat is not interested in her dinner either. Cat conspiracy to make us crazier? She wants to play…just not hungry! She is ALWAYS hungry! AUUUUGH.

  2. Helen says:

    menusux: Thank you for another great post! Yeah, I would hate to be compared to dubya or any of his pals. They are doing such a bang up job of ruining all things good.

  3. Barb says:

    HA! Lori–you’re not alone. Enjoy your weekend and stop worrying. (yeah, right)

    Sandy–I’m sorry to hear about your dog dying from Purina. What brand? Both my Sister’s feed their dogs Purina One. All of the dogs eat the senior dry food. They have been on this food for years with no problems. they will nto switch, they will not listen to me. The dogs are all very old. Imagine that. I can’t get a german shepherd to live past 9 1/2. My old gal died in December and her mate in March of this year. Both had health problems. They ate canidae all their lives. Plus I did give them the wet recalled bull crap. All I have now are two sheps & a chi left. This has been the worst year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eric says:

    The day is far from over, and we all know how much they like their sneaky after-hours announcements.

  5. Helen says:

    Eric, You are probably right, but the suspense is killing me!

  6. Lorie says:

    Okay just made chicken tenderloins Topaz is chowing down and Geisha is like ick whats this, I thinkyouguys are right it is a conspiracy .

    SandyC sorry you lost your dog I am esp sorry it was to no good PURINA. Unbelievable. I hate those clowns. I thnk I just realized my kids need pepcid this isalways fun be back a little later. GRRRRRRRR

    Darn FF

  7. SandyC says:

    Barb, sorry to be slow answering. I’m making dinner for the family (4footed and 2 footed). Barb it was Beneful that made my dogs sick. I’ve homecooked and raw fed my dogs for years but used kibble to supplement on days when I was overly busy. All 4 dogs became sick but 2 became extremely ill and one died. We suspect the smaller dogs were filled up more with treats and food they begged from the table and ate less of the dog food that night so they had less severe reactions to it. This was in Feb before the recalls. When I called Purina, they just flat told me it couldn’t have been the food because it was safe. Well it wasn’t too safe since I had a dead dog! They weren’t even willing to discuss it until after the recall. When I called FDA to file a complaint, I was told they have had many many complaints on Purina products but it’s a large company and not to hold my breath waiting for a recall. And an interesting note, the last Purina representative that I talked to told me that she is home cooking for her dog at this time.

    Purina may be large enough and powerful enough to try to cover up that they make poison dog food but I’ll do everything I can to make sure people know that their food kills dogs!

  8. Pordgie says:

    Hi all,

    Just sharing a pet food company I came across called Pet Promise. It was one of the can foods mentioned by Dr Marty Goldstein. I’m not sure if it’s been talked about here or not.
    I really liked what I read about why the company was formed because of their mission to supporting family farms and changing the way animals are raised and treated.

    From Pet Promise Website: Pet Promise only obtains its meat from U.S. farmers and ranchers who are committed to eco-friendly, natural and sustainable practices and who practice the humane treatment of animals. Our pasture-fed beef and free-range chicken come from certified natural producers, such as Coleman Natural Beef & Petaluma Poultry, and your purchase of our quality products helps support family farms that are committed to natural growing methods and a healthy environment that we all can share.

  9. JanC says:

    Claudia: it’s the Natura products that I was referring to……Innova, Evo, Calif Natural & Karma. Go to the website & read the letter from the Pres. I know I’ve seen it on other websites (the good, premium pet food, not the crap stuff) & if I think of them, I’ll post it. You have to understand I’ve been reading for weeks on end & been to every PF website there is so I’ve lost track of what’s where. I do know Natura is doing extra testing & that’s what I want to hear. I also hear wonderful things about Canidae & Felidae. I want to check out Evangers but I haven’t gotten to their website yet.

    SandyC: so sorry about your dog. The more I hear, the more my heart breaks for all of those who lost their babies.

    I had my dog on Beneful when I first got her but she was scratching like crazy…..then switched to Purina One……she had the runs… both of those were off my list in just a matter of days. And I thought they made good stuff. Yeah, right. What a stupid, ignoramus I’ve been for years buying the big names in PF & finding out they’re all crap.

    It was Iams that had the signs up. Iams is the one that killed my neighbor’s cat (long before the recall)……when I got my dog last year (from a private party), they had her on Iams. I’ve never been fond of Iams so I put her on Purina, then on Nutro Ultra until their wet was recalled & eventually got her on Blue Buffalo. Then BB had a few recalls (which I honestly believe was not their fault……I would use their dry food again). So now I’m on Bench & Fields Holistic but she gets about 1/4 c with each meal & the rest is rice, meat & veggies that I cook for her. She also gets a daily multi-vitamin that I hope & pray isn’t more crap from China.

    This is just mind boggling…….I am so afraid of commercial food now, I don’t know what to do. I’m constantly watching my dog & feel like there’s something wrong with me. Then I read posts from other people & find I’m not the only one. Don’t know where I’d be right now without Pet Connection, Itchmo & all the others……& all of you who share the heartache, anger & confusion with the rest of us.

  10. Lorie says:


    I have two sick cats from Purina with in 24 hours of each other and Purina also tell me it is not he food it is safe. Pretty funny they became sick right after the recalls started on March 23rd. ANd it was 2 cans into a new case of their product. Their si no such thing as kitty flu to pass like children do. I didn’t just give both my cats PEPCID for the hell of it. And I sure as heck didn’t spend 2k at the vet because I am a nut that like to drag her cats to the vet and hear them cry the whole way there and have to have urine and blood extracted etc…..they make me sick

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    Sandy, thanks for the tips on Beneful. We just bought a big bag of it yesterday to feed our four dogs. Now, I will get rid of it. thanks,

  12. SandyC says:

    I saw an Iams commercial today. This woman says their vet “Dr. Jill” recommended Iams. Then the voice over says “4 out of 5 Vets recommend Iams”. I’m thinking..where the hell are these vets???? I want to talk to them!

  13. JanC says:

    SandyC: You do know there is a big movement trying to get Purina for all these deaths that they have refused to acknowledge. They have to know their food has been killing animals & they do nothing except to keep saying their food is safe. These are the kind of people I hope we can put a real dent in their bottom line. I also hope they are made to pay up on some of these lawsuits. However, they are huge & probably have 100 big time lawyers they can hide behind. And you can bet your sweet bippy that their lawyers are working around the clock to save their rearends. If we could just stop people from buying their products & hurt them financially, that would make a lot of people very happy.

    One pet website was doing a lot of reporting on this but I haven’t seen anything lately so I have no clue what’s going on. If I can find anything more, I’ll post it.

  14. SandyC says:

    Trudy after my dog died and the others were sick, I got on the net and did a Google search for “Beneful seizures” I was horrified when I found the number of people that had sick and dead dogs because of this food. You can find pages and pages of stories similar to mine at the following link:

  15. Helen says:

    Claudia: Kumpi is testing. Kumpi also tested production samples from the last ten months, all clean according to Kumpi.

  16. Helen says:

    JanC: Word of mouth is great for getting people not to buy something. I have personally talked quite a few people out of buying Purina, and I am going to keep right on doing it. I fed my cat Fancy Feast for years, but no more. Think how much money we can cost them if we just keep talking. Maybe that will get their attention, since sick, dying, and dead pets are not their concern.

  17. YaYa says:

    Hi SandyC, I just wanted to menton or ask a couple of things.

    With the shipping label to send the food back to Purina, did they tell you, WHEN they get the Test Result WHEN YOU’D be Informed of them too?????????

    If it were me, I’d Insist on That. Get it in writting if you can, that You {and your Vet} will receive a Copy of the Results In EMAIL & HARDCOPY {US Postal on Paper}.

    The Test do Not take Weeks and Weeks to get the Results for either. Get them to agree to a Time limit to get back to you with the Results. 4-6 weeks say.

    I think you might be in “limbo” waiting if not.

    {tho you already know the answer, having it IN PRINT is Important.}
    Tho it is your choice o how to handle them.

    Also, I know about Coleman Ranch and their meat. It’s Excellent. I think the Family Ranch has been around for more tha 100 years. and Fed on Good Colorado Grasslands. {Range fed}. You can Order their Meats as well :-)

    For folks : I think it’s Or just do a search on the Coleman Ranch in Colorado.
    I’ve got some of their “chuckwagon” recipes :-)
    Just FYI.

    When all of this Pet Food issue started and my cat was sick. The Vet said to go Organic.
    My cat was on Proctor and Gamble’s IMAS and Nestle-Purina’s Canned Friskies when she got sick. {so was my Pure Breed Oriental Shorthair “Shimi” whom I had to put to sleep in 2005.}

    This was all Prior to March 16th. The Vet SAW my cat on March 15th, tho we talked for the whole week before that. {I said it was The Food :-) }

    There’s just are not alot “on the shelf” ones around here. But the store he mentioned had “Pet Promise”. It says “Natural”. I bought some Dry.

    Now I’ll admit my Cat does Like the Pet Promise. I read the website and all.
    The ingredients appear Great and all. {it wasn’t the Organic the Doc. wanted tho}

    BUT— I found out the Pet Promise is Purina under the Radar. HERE. Nestle-Purina Owns Pet Promise. I asked and it took them a while to admit it.

    I’ve spoken with them {several times since March 16th}, as the next day After the Vet visit for my Cat {and I had the Food already {tho still looking for an Organic}}

    It All made sense to me then. AND All the way back to my Pure Bred OS too.

    I also have a Case# with the FDA. From when I made my first call to them. I called them on Saturday nite the 17th. Their “emergency number” and left a message. They called me about 9am on Monday the 19th.

    I called and called and called for DAYS to Purina and Imas. It/they were Constantly BUSY.

    I’ve talked Several times with FDA. The gals were Great to me and took down everything. Tho they REALLY wanted Test Results If and When I got any. Tho the Vet did not take any. {my cat was not “dead on her feet sick” but sick none the less; we did not Know about the Recall untill the next *day after the Vet*.}

    So a few days went by. And I decided to Stop with the Pet Promise due to it being Nestle-Purina.

    And as the Recalls Grew— and Purina slide into Silence; I was Glad for my decision.

    I despise Them for Ignoring US and for their “night time raids” to remove foods quietly off of store shelves and away from Public View.

    Their name is MUD in my mind and I won’t spend my money on ANY of their Products.

    That includes Cocoa!

    I would have future respect possibly, for a Company that Stand up and takes their Medicine from us and Makes things right for/with Us. Oh Soooooo much More.

    Like the ole Tylenol way.
    {did the Not learn from THAT Disaster???} All You Pet Food Companies reading this???????!
    Of course Humans died then.

    I’m sure they’ve got FILES on All of Us outspoken ones here. So if we have any future “issues” with Them; they will be locked and loaded.

    My Cat did not have the Blood work etc initially {the rock solid proof for this}
    BUT, the FDA told me to SAVE ALL the Food remaining.

    I’ve gt half full Cans in the freezer in zip-locs. I’ve got the remains of the IMAS.

    I’ve Also got the ALUMIMUN Cans with the codes/dates/lots/plants on them as we Recycle here.

    I’ve got Cans {washed} that go back for more than a year.
    {as trips to the metals recycler facility is a drive and we make it worth our while now. All nicely packed in clean Hefty trash bags.}

    I’ve got all the unopenned cans we bought in Jan./Feb 07 sitting on a shelf in the back of the pantry.

    The FDA took down lots of those numbers.
    So I’m “on the record”.

    It’s been a long hard recovery for my cat to get the TOXINS OUT!

    It’s been to difficult a luck of the draw for so many here. And I will Not support these Companies even if *1* of their lines is “good”.

    I don’t mention the Case# etc. with FDA very often to folks. They thought I was NUTZ in the begining BEFORE this Fiasco!

    It’s Your Choice folks. To support a Company or Not.
    To Boycott or Not.

    WE have a Chance to EFFECT A CHANGE Upon the Pet Food Industry. For Now and the Future.

    Your choice how you did it.

    Sorry for the “quieter” Rant :-)
    Oh and as usual, the typos!

  18. Trudy Jackson says:

    Sandy, Thanks for sending Me to that web site. we bought the Beneful , not yesterday, but the day before. They have been eating it sense then. I had no idea about this at all. I have lost 3 cats to Hills Z/D that they still say is safe, I don’t want to lose any more pets. My cats are also on Purina One. Now I don’t know what to do? Thank you so much, trudy

  19. YaYa says:

    Oh! SandyC, I also advise to SAVE a Sample of the Food {a cup and a half, even 2 cups.}, that you are returning to Nestle-Purina. In a zip-loc.
    Write the codes and dates etc., on the ziploc and SAVE that sample! Write the codes etc. on a paper and save That in a file.

    Wouldn’t want Nestle-Purina to come back to you with a sad story that, the Returned food was “lost” in shipping, or “somewhere” while, they were doing the testing.

    Is it possible to get it returned with a Signature upon, receiving? On top of their method of shipping. {might cost *you* a dollar more or so, but worth it imho.}

    Maybe down the road, you might just want to send a portion of that food sample off, to an Independent Lab for your Own Results. {you know for “comparision” purposes} :-P

    Just some more thoughts here.

  20. Lorie says:

    Ya Ya and everyone else with Purina complaints:

    To be honest I wouldn’t even trust PURINA to test I would love to have my FF tested but it is so expensive. BTW have you guys gone to the forum and filled out Donna’s survey on PURINA products. Go check it out it is a good one.

    I here you when you say it takes awhile to get the toxins out my youngest just had loose stool againfor the third time this week. I am sure part of that is the food cahnge still but it is all because of the recall so it is all relative.

    My poor kitties are so confused on what they get to eat these days. They are tired of tired of the chicken I made tonight really do not want o eat it, sick of wild salmon, so I had to break out sardines in spring water ick they are gross but they liked that is all that matters.

  21. Trudy Jackson says:

    What is Donnas’ forum on Purina? thanks,

  22. YaYa says:

    Oh, Another thing I remembered. Pet Promise was Suppose to call me back nearly 2 weeks ago now. I had called and asked WHERE their supplements etc {even the Yucca in it} CAME From. I’ve not hear a “peep” back from them on THAT part. That does not bode well for themwith me either. Say {now}: I do not know or will find out, OR CHINA! {she did say: I do not know But Will find out.}

    I’m not the Only one who wants these answers. They should have it written down *by now* for when we call, for ALL of us.

    I not only do not want things From China IN the foods, I also worry about Other contaminants IN the other ingredients.

    Things we’ve not begun to address.

    I Firmly believe China will/would “cut”, “dope” and alter, *ANYTHING* they can to send to the USA now. And Have since this Trade began in earnest. Maybe the last 5 years heavily.

  23. YaYa says:

    Hi Trudy, go to: and look for Donna and the catagory for sign-up and post your Purina problems. I can’t think of the exact title right now!

    But it is with the Recall Issues.

    There is Lots there to read and post back on.

  24. Lorie says:


    Yes it is on Purina product user survey, taking type of pet symmptoms or issues form product etc

  25. Claudia says:

    JanC, Helen,

    Thanks for the info. Sadly, I can’t get Kumpi here in Canada. I can’t even order it on the Net because they only deliver to the US. I’d love to try it, sounds like Evy is really honest and willing to answer questions.

  26. SandyC says:

    YaYa, I have most of a large bag left..obviously didn’t take much to kill a dog and make 3 more ill.. Anyway, I talked to my attorney today and he said for me to bring the bag in and we would prepare four 2 cup packages in front of witnesses and notarized. One I would send to Purina and one to an independent lab. We would hold the other 2 for future needs. Purina told me it would take around 3 weeks for me to get the results in the mail. Is a good idea to get a signature for delivery. I hadn’t thought of that.

  27. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thanks, I’ll go there.

  28. YaYa says:

    I just LUV the Ichtmo Ban!

    I feel all safe and warm and cozy Now!

    If you Ever want lessons on how to “Cover yer Butt” ask China’s Government.

    {hear that Corporations?!}

    I say Raspberries! {:-þþþþþþþþþþ

  29. JanC says:

    SandyC: Do you want me to save you time & trouble & tell you what Purina’s test results will be? We can all guess. I’d love to hear back on this especially what the independent lab says. I have little doubt it’s tainted.

    Sort of reminds me of the people who told Nutro that their gourmet feast canned made their cats sick…..Nutro, of course, said it couldn’t possibly be their food & to send a sample. They sent a sample & also sent a sample to an independent lab. Nutro said they tested it & it was fine…..other lab found melamine. Now, I ask you, is this not the absolute worst thing you’ve ever heard a company do? This is the lowest of the low as far as I’m concerned. Nutro was forced to recall as they had the results from the other lab & reported it to the FDA (not that they are much help). So you see, I have a long list of companies I wouldn’t do business with ever again. I would cook for my dog for the rest of my life if these asswipes were the only choices I had. Another big company bought out Nutro, probably so they won’t face any liability with all the animals they’ve killed. Kiss my ***, all of you cowardly PF companies.

    Keep us up to date…..

  30. SandyC says:

    After reading Itchmo’s warning in the formus, let me add to my previous posts…IN MY OPINION. :)

  31. JanC says:


  32. YaYa says:

    SandyC, GREAT! An Attorney on the Ball!
    I’d thought of witnesses, but thought this was just between you and Nestle-Purina.

    Maybe put the extras in a Safe deposit box at Attorney or Bank with a Witness {2 even}. {you have to sign in and out so *that* will be on the record too.}

    I’d send the Sample{s} {any or anywhere} Certified/Registered US Postal.
    {can’t remember if a “box” can be sent Cert/Reg. tho.

    Good Lord that bag must be Load with Poison Sandy, WEAR GLOVES! And wipe down any-place it touches afterwards. Maybe wear face masks too. Wash After-wards too!
    Is the whole big bag IN a heavy Hefty or something? I would definitely put IT In something to protect from the sifting through the seams!

    Gawd to kill so many with so little amount!

    That is about the Worst one I’ve heard yet.

    I’m So Sorry.

    Can I ask how large were your dogs?

    This just is AWFULLLLL!

    You hear me PET FOOD COMPANIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Sandy.

  33. YaYa says:

    And as ALWAYS and I should not have to Repeat it: My Opinions and thoughts Only, here, folks! :-þ

  34. PegH says:

    Anyone else besides me having no luck accessing pet connection site?

  35. YaYa says:

    PegH, I haven’t lately, but they might be updated it momentarily. Sometimes that happens even here. And we’ve had a Busy week in the Pet world. {week?! Heck Months!}

    Lots of Info to load.

    Just give it a little bit of time and try again Peg.

  36. SandyC says:

    My dog that died was approx 45 pounds. He ate the largest amount of food. The next seriously affected is 12 pounds…tho she was been given home made/raw food at night and ate the kibble as a snack before bedtime so we believe the “dilution factor” prevented her from dying. The 2 smallest are 6 & 7 pounds. They’re spoiled and beg very well therefor they eat very little dog food. They were the least seriously affected. They mostly vomited bile,were lethargic and confused. After my big dog died, we continued to use the food for about a week because this was BEFORE the recalls and we had no idea the food was causing the sympoms. But as I’ve said, the dog food was only to suplement the home made/raw so they got very little of it which we believe saved their lives.

  37. Eric says:

    Eight Sensible Choice Dry Dog Food Products, Seven Kasco Dry Dog and Cat Food
    Products Recalled Nationwide by Royal Canin USA Effective Today

    Trace amounts of a melamine derivative identified in limited number of
    recalled products

    ST. CHARLES, Mo., May 11 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Canin USA is announcing
    today the voluntary nationwide recall of eight Sensible Choice dry dog food
    products and seven Kasco dry dog and cat food products.

    This announcement is based on the company’s ongoing extensive review of
    its manufacturing and quality assurance testing procedures, which
    identified trace amounts of a melamine derivative from tainted Chinese rice
    protein concentrate provided to the company by domestic ingredient supplier
    Cereal Byproducts, headquartered in Illinois.

    “We deeply regret the concern and anxiety this announcement today will
    cause our loyal customers and the entire pet community,” Olivier Amice,
    President and CEO of Royal Canin USA, said. “While a very limited number of
    Sensible Choice and Kasco products in this recall tested positive for trace
    levels of a melamine derivative, Royal Canin USA is voluntarily withdrawing
    these products out of an abundance of caution and because we are fully
    committed to the welfare of our customers’ pets.”

    Royal Canin USA has no confirmed cases of melamine related illness in
    pets eating Sensible Choice and Kasco products affected by this recall.
    Last month, Royal Canin USA announced it will no longer use any Chinese
    vegetable protein suppliers.

    The following eight Sensible Choice dry dog food products and seven
    Kasco dry dog and cat food products with date codes between July 28, 2006
    to April 30, 2007 are being voluntarily recalled:

    SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) (available in pet specialty stores nationwide)
    – SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Adult (Dry Dog Food)
    – SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Reduced (Dry Dog Food)
    – SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Lamb and Rice Reduced (Dry Dog Food)
    – SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Puppy (Dry Dog Food)
    – SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Large Breed Puppy (Dry Dog Food)

    KASCO(R) (available in pet specialty stores nationwide)
    – KASCO(R) Chunks (Dry Dog Food)
    – KASCO(R) Hi Energy (Dry Dog Food)
    – KASCO(R) Maintenance (Dry Dog Food)
    – KASCO(R) Mealettes (Dry Dog Food)
    – KASCO(R) Mini Chunks (Dry Dog Food)
    – KASCO(R) Puppy (Dry Dog Food)
    – KASCO(R) Cat (Dry Cat Food)

    Based on today’s announcement, pet owners should stop feeding their
    pets the eight Sensible Choice dry dog food products, seven Kasco dry dog
    and dry cat food products listed. Pet owners should consult with a
    veterinarian if they are concerned about the health of their pet.

    The safety and nutritional quality of Royal Canin USA pet food is our
    company’s top priority because we understand that the health of pets comes
    first. Pet owners who have questions about the voluntary recall of Sensible
    Choice and Kasco dry pet food products and other Royal Canin USA products
    should call 1-800-513-0041 or visit our web site at

    All Sensible Choice and Kasco products have a satisfaction guarantee
    and the company will refund or replace the diets that are part of this
    recall announcement.

    See the Royal Canin website for more information.

  38. YaYa says:

    Well there goes the Friday night anticipation factor. The just can’t seem to let us down :-(

    They’ve fulfilled our Prophecy.

    And the Band Played On•••••••

  39. PegH says:

    I for one, would be lost without you folks.

    Happy Friday from Royal Canin………………

  40. PegH says:

    Interesting too, is how Royal Canin refers to the contaminant as a melamine derivative. But to their credit, they have it front and center on the site!!
    Thanks to you too Eric!!

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