Recall Update: Friday

FDA press conference recap: (Transcript here)

  • FDA refuses to name second US distributor of tainted rice protein concentrate. Fortunately Pet Connection reported this days ago. Chicago Tribune confirms.
  • 198 facilities may have gotten tainted fish feed.
  • Still investigating risk from fish.
  • FDA refuses to give a reason for why a 5th ingredient was redacted.

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  1. LorieVA says:


    You just made me LOL I too breakout the laser pointer right in the middle of nap time to see it they will play. Or test geisha with her Petromalt that she would eat the whole tube of if I would let her before all this. I also entice people food a little more than usual and if they do not want to eat it, play with it wahtever I feel like I am going to puke. I know they think I am a whack job

  2. LorieVA says:


    It is great to know, I am not the only worry wart out there driving my kitties crazy trying to figure out what is a symptom from their normal behavior because they are a cat. their finickiness does not help this either.

  3. YaYa says:

    Eric, I think that’s is “abnormal” water drinking to me. To STOP playing 3x’s?!
    My experiences are that, a cat seems to Always drink ‘to satifaction’ WHEN- each time they do drink.

    Not like us and sip and sip and sip a beverage.

    I’d beging a measured obvservation: put a bowl down that you Know How Much it in it each Morning. If you have to use a measure cup and pour a specific amount In the bowl. At the end of the day, pour the water back into a measure cup and WRITE down the results.

    In a few days you will have some “regular use” {for that cat} numbers. Go by Ounces. Call the Vet or check a reputable Online site for “norms” for cats.

    Ah shoot! I just remembered you’ve got more than one cat! sigh.

    Still 3x’s and stopping play to go back is ODD drinking to me.

    Can you take a Urine specimen In to the Vet Today?
    I would. That’s My way :-)

    -line a litter box with Heavy duty trash bag try to get him to go on/in and then Save the Urine in a screw top jar. Take right in to the Vet if possible or keep in Frig until you can.

    Get results ASAP. Tell them you want a Urinalysis To-Day. Tell them you expect results by Closing time today or first thing in the Morning on Saturday. Don’t wait until Monday.

    Or put THAT particular cat in a bathroom with a CLEANED litter box, NO LITTER in it. See if he will go in an empty box.

    OR, put a large enough bowl under him as he urinates, and try to catch it.

    I’d get at least That much checked out for him. And no nasty trip to the vet or cath procedure to get urine etc. {cheaper too} :-)

    Just my own opinions Eric.

  4. LorieVA says:


    have they ever been exposed to one of the suspect foods, what were you using before KUMPI ……………….

    And if they were exposed to a suspect food have they been tested

  5. Eric says:

    They have eaten dry only, and some of the food they’ve eaten has been the same as recalled brands, but not the specific line of product. For example, they ate Natural Balance Premium for one week, but not the Venison and Green Pea.

    I’m stuck at work right now, with no way to get a urine sample. And let me clarify a bit: around 6 pm he walked into the kitchen and had a quick drink. Later, around 8:30 pm he was playing and walked into the bathroom where we keep a water dish, and he came back out a few moments later. I didn’t actually see him drink then. And then around 10:15 pm a put out fresh water in the bathroom and he came in and had a quick drink (I saw him that time). The water levels in the bowls this morning looked about normal, and I never saw him drink this morning, he just wanted his treat and to play with his mouse. All of our cats eat the exact same stuff, and I’ve noticed nothing weird out of them. They are all around 3 years old. Also, I’ve not really noticed a change in the amount of urine in the litter box, so I very well may just be completely paranoid…

  6. susanUnPC says:

    Eric, this fascinating article by a veterinarian completely changed how I feed my cats … If they get dry food, no matter the brand or how much you pay for it, they aren’t getting enough hydration:

  7. Eric says:

    I’ve read that page before, and will likely find them a good wet food when I feel they are safe enough again.

  8. SandyC says:

    Panic attacks are a daily way of life now it seems. Rushed my smallest dog (6 pounds) to the vet yesterday because she refused to eat and wouldn’t drink. This is not unheard of behaviour for her but now its panic time behaviour. The vet tech says well you were in 5-17-06 for this same thing and 12-13-06. I said yes..but this time its different!! Vet says yes she was a little dehydrated, gave her a shot for nausa and said give her Pedalyte. I knew the routine but just had to make sure. Little piggy is back to her normal self today. I’m the one that’s not my normal self. I follow 3 hyper little dogs around and examine it each time they pee or poop. I wake them up from naps to see if they’re acting right. I offer them bits of treats all day to make sure they’re eating. AND

  9. SandyC says:

    ooops! hit submit by accident…
    And now instead of hubby calling from work and saying…Hey, just called to say I love you..he says…hey, just called to see if the dogs are ok. Life will never be the same will it?

  10. Eric says:

    I hear you. This is no way to live. And just like LorieVA said above, everytime something seems a bit off I feel like throwing up. I have anxiety issues anyway, so this is just tearing me completely up.

  11. K says:

    LorieVA, why not give your cats the bones and skin from the canned salmon? They’ll get calcium and other nutrients from it, and happily eat stuff we don’t like ourselves ; )

    To everyone, cats drinking more water than usual can also be a symptom of diabetes, not just of impaired kidney function. According to some vets, feeding an exclusively dry diet — which is substantially higher in carbohydrate than most canned foods — has led to increased incidence of feline diabetes.

    Our cat thankfully went into full remission in mid-April from “sudden onset diabetes mellitus” which was diagnosed mid-February; we were told to watch for increased drinking as well as increased urinating, and increased appetite.

    We now find ourselves wondering if one of the things that contributed to him developing diabetes was that we were feeding him a low-protein, higher-carbohydrate veterinary diet as recommended by our vet because of a 2004 diagnosis of CRF; it was supposed to be easier on his kidneys and we weren’t aware of other risks at the time.

    Not all cats respond to a higher-carb diet by developing diabetes; plenty thrive, but others will gain more weight than is healthy, leading to increased risk of diabetes as well.

    Sorry to throw more stuff out there that’s potentially worrying (as well as for going on so long), but after spending 2 months giving our cat twice-daily injections of insulin, multiple emergency vet visits when his blood sugar sky-rocketed for no apparent reason, fear that he’d never be “regulated”, weeks of watching him walk on his hocks and wrists and being unable to get up on a chair by himself because of diabetic neuropathy (which thankfully reverses once blood sugar is under control), and the risk of him also developing pancreatitis, just wanted to make sure folks are aware of the possibilities.

  12. K says:

    susanUnPC, thanks for the link; I’ve read similar information elsewhere, and it really sticks in the mind, especially these days!

  13. Linda says:

    I’m using distilled water for my dog…struvite crystals. Dr. Pitcairn’s book suggested fluoride is bad for dogs (in tap water) does a purifier take that out?. I don’t have info. re distilled water safety, for the most part what I read is spring water may be full of impurities.

  14. Sylvia says:

    Have global trading jitters revealed the international trading shadow government? This just broke:

    Obviously could relate to Menu Foods debacle. Note Bush uses the word “regime”.

    Bernanke used same phrase doing damage control on 5/1/07: “Some features of the world trading regime…”
    (Remarks by Chairman Ben S. Bernanke
    At the Montana Economic Development Summit 2007, Butte, Montana
    May 1, 2007
    Embracing the Challenge of Free Trade: Competing and Prospering in a Global Economy )

    I’ve been looking for previous uses of the word ‘regime’ in past Bernanke speeches and am not finding any.

    They are definitely circling the wagons now.

  15. Barb says:

    What about a german she pup, year old with slightly elevated kidneys diagonosed over a month ago. If she was posioned, how long would it take for her kidneys to totally shut down? She’s acting normal, eats, runs like a wild coyote. I may get her tested again. We did the urine test, clean. I worry every friggin day about her………..(yawning).

  16. LorieVA says:


    I call my husband at work every morning to see how the cats were acting before he left the house I leave 2 hours before he does, so he is the last to see them in the AM. And the first thing he says now when he gets home is how are the cats acting are they doing anything funny.

  17. LorieVA says:


    Geisha had slightly elevated kidney levels a month after poisoning. at her last ER visiit because she atarted gaging and drooling again i was convinced this was it. Her kidney levels were perfectly normal. So they can come back down. dates and levels

    3/23/07 1.2 creanintine first exposure symptoms ER visit
    4/16/07 2.1 creanintine 3 weeks ck up after exposure
    4/27/07 1.4 creanintine ER visit

    also urine was done at this visit and it was fine except for her usual crystals which I think came form IAMS last Spring that is a whole other isssue

  18. Eric says:

    Just to let all who I’ve been talking to know, I just talked to my vet’s office and I’ll be having a urinalysis done on Gidget hopefully by tomorrow.

  19. Barb says:

    Thanks for the helpful information re kidney levels. I may get her tested one last time next week. She’s running around, eating, good poop, shredding everything she can get a hold of.
    Funny you should mention calling your husband re how the animals are. I leave before my husband does for work and I call him, always saying “how are the critters”? lol Daily. Then I can sneek in a “I love you” (for taking care of the animals) Of course I always worry about them bloating, since I have two wonderful german shepherds. Ahhhhhh. Worry, worry and more worry. That is my middle name.

  20. Helen says:

    Linda: You have to read the specifications for a water filter. They are all different. Some do take out fluoride. Some filters only “reduce taste” of chemicals in the water. Some take 99.99% of chlorine, fluoride, industrial and agricultural chemicals. The countertop models are usually more effective than the ones that are a small cartridge that hangs on the tap. You also have to read specifications of replacement filter cartridges to make sure you are getting the filtration you want. It is cheaper and you get purer water using home filtration over bottled. I have never found a filter that removes the dissolved minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) from the water, but that is not generally a worry unless a vet says so.

  21. martin says:


    YAY Lorie. Great post!!!!

  22. LorieVA says:


    Thanks, i was convinced and so was the vet that she was going to be a CRF kitty, since her level double in 3 weeks. God takes care of his own. I truly believe that. And animals are the most innocentout of the bunch. She and Topaz both have GI upset sometimes but so far so good for now

  23. Barb says:

    Lorie–we have our husbands trained!

  24. Eric says:

    That’s great news! I hope all of their GI disappear, or already have. And I will continue to pray that your kitties have no long-term ill effects. I also agree with your statement that God takes care of his own. I’ve praying almost nonstop since this whole crisis began. Also, Evy of Kumpi being a Christian also helped sway me to using KumpiKat.

  25. Eric says:

    And oh yeah, you all have the husbands trained, well I am the husband and my wife realizes that right now the cats are getting the bulk of the attention.

  26. Claudia says:

    I’m also one of those cat moms who wake them up to see if they’ll play. Did it just last night. My one big cat (18 lbs) was sleeping a little more than usual in the basement and I had to see if he wanted to wake up and play. I’m feeding them all the same stuff, and the others are more playful than they’ve ever been. Still, I’m not really sure about anything anymore.

    Since I haven’t been feeding them a whole lot of wet food recently (I use Merrick or Evangers or Felidae) because of the whole melamine in U.S. chicken and U.S. and Canadian fish, I’ve been making them homemade chicken broth (with local chicken and fresh carrots — fingers crossed) and they like it so much they’ll drink about 1/2 cup at a time. I figure this makes up for the lack of water. Only 2 of my kitties really like their water; my 18 year old and my 18 pounder — they always have (no diabetes, renal disease, etc.)

    Maybe make a meat broth of your own and see if they’ll drink. I found since I started the high protein dry diet that they do drink more than usual, but I think they know that their kidneys need more liquid to process the protein.

  27. molly says:

    Eric: that’s good, Ive been reading all this and was going to tell you, just go to the vet, better safe than sorry. Im so worried all the time like everyone here. Maybe Gidget’s just drinking lots of water because it’s so hot…………. hope Gidget is fine :) . let us know

  28. Eric says:

    I’m hoping and praying the higher protein, healthier dry food is all that’s causing an increase in drinking for my cats. Then again, I can’t even be for certain that they ARE drinking more, and that it’s not just me being more attentive and paranoid.

  29. Eric says:

    I’ll certainly let everyone know. Thanks!

  30. Linda says:

    Thanks Helen! I’ll check into that. I sure am getting tired of buying all that water!!!

  31. menusux says:

    Analysis: Asia fears Chinese greens Published: May. 11, 2007 at 10:05 AM

    “Concern about fresh produce grown in China is particularly increasing in Asia.

    “While the United States and other countries have stepped up calls for China to improve its food and drug labeling processes, countries across Asia are also worried about the foods that do not get labeled and yet make it to their markets — fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish and meat.

    “Reports of Chinese-farmed vegetables grown by using chemicals banned in Japan or unsanitary conditions appear on a regular basis.”

    Seems we aren’t the only ones who don’t want food or med products from China.

  32. Eric says:

    I’ve even read that people in China who can afford it have their food shipped from out of country (Australia, Japan, etc.). When Chinese citizens try not to eat the food, that’s really bad.

  33. Helen says:

    Linda: What’s even better than not having to buy all those jugs of water is not having to lug all those jugs around! :D

  34. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed, menusux!

  35. Barb says:

    Eric…ha! My dogs get MUCH more attention than my husband. this whole thing is a nightmare.
    I may take my doggie in one more time for a blood test to be safe. I see her drinking more than the other ones…then again she is a puppy full of energy.

    Hot in Arizona.

  36. Gary says:

    By menusux:

    “Reports of Chinese-farmed vegetables grown by using chemicals banned in Japan or unsanitary conditions appear on a regular basis.”

    Seems we aren’t the only ones who don’t want food or med products from China.”

    Hopefully they will accomplish what the U.S. can’t because of corruption and greed.

  37. YaYa says:

    Regarding the “nasty” GREENS from China question by other countries; well I think I’ve mentioned before, of my researching all of “this” that, in China the average farms there are 1-2 ACRES apiece. Not the 1-2000 {or more} like WE have Here. Thousands and thouands of Very Small farms make up/farm the China Farm crops.

    These poor people are just Peasants. Trying to eck out a lving besides food for their Own tables.

    They take that extra to market {I imagine with oxen-pulled carts, the same ones that plowed the field to begin with}

    Many many small farms coming, bringing, sending crops into the Big cities to be processed.

    I imagine many many “hands” passing that crop along till it reaches the Manufactures.

    They do Not have the Farming Regulation like Us or say Japan for food crops.

    Can you Imagine, a Country of 1.5? BILLION and what it would take to REGULATE anything, considering their Very Recent Stronghold from a Gonernment of Communism????? Who did’nt give a Rats åSS if Any of them {country folks} ATE at All???

    The water is filthy, they are now using chemicals that the “city folks” tell them makes Bigger and Higher Yield crops etc. etc. etc

    And all along they they Always had the practice of “night soil”. {you put *your* “own manure” down along the crops}
    What did they know. What did they have? that’s how they’ve always done it.

    500,000 people a year die from Hepatitis B alone in China. That’s viral. But 500,000 Per Year for that One virus Alone in China!

    Wooooo, Can you Imagine if 500,000 People {or pets} DIED each year HERE?!

    I swear it’s STILL like buying crops from “cavemen”.
    And I *don’t* mean that as a slam. Just a point of “comparison” in the Time frame we’re dealing with.
    The lack of progress, education and safety.

    {tho these days being a ‘caveman’, or even a caveman, is a sort of compliment, I guess :-) }

    THAT’S Some of the reasons Other countries Ban or won’t do business with China’s crops {lord help em, Fresh is Terifying to ME! ECK!

    I hope I haven’t hurt any one’s feeling telling these facts. It’s just the truth.

  38. 4lgdfriend says:

    Wally World down the tubes yeah!!

  39. 4lgdfriend says:

    menusux said: “Some U.S. lawmakers are pushing for punitive tariffs on imports of Chinese goods if Beijing fails to ease currency controls that critics say keep its currency undervalued, giving exporters an unfair price advantage and adding to China’s trade surpluses.”

    So now we need to know how to contact the US trade envoy to China to voice our concerns re: the pet food issue.


  40. YaYa says:

    Whew Eric! :-) That pattern of approx. every 2 hours is Much better than it sounded like was happening.
    Thank goodness. I would still, to ease your mind take in a specimen. {which I think you said you were doing tomorrow.}

    1- thing, Urinalysis is FAST. For Many many things. And I understand the crystals are Very apparent too. {including elevated sugar for diabetes}.
    Microscopic blood, higher white cells, can’t remember if they do a centrifuge seperation of simple urinalysis. It’ll be good, no matter.

    SO you SHOULD get results {most} before you walk out of the Vet. office even on half day Saturdays. :-)

    See if You could possible get the specimen on your own and ‘freely’ {like I explained above methods}. No expression or catheterzation- Ouch. :-P

    If you can’t I understand. :-)
    Keep us posted!

  41. JanC says:

    I have been reading all your posts & cracking up…..I don’t have a cat, I have a dog. I thought maybe it was just me constantly checking her potty habits, waking her up when she’s sleeping to make sure she’s ok…..watching her water intake. One day I think she’s drinking too much water, the next day not enough…..oh my God, it’s making me crazy.

    I don’t think I ever checked her drinking or potty habits before March of this year. I can’t believe how obsessed I’ve become with my dog’s behavior…..things I never gave a second thought to before this recall.

    I was feeding her the dry version of a canned food that was one of the first recalled & that made me totally freak. She went in for all the tests & she was ok, thank God.

    I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same about commercial food, EVER. I was one of the naive ones who believed that all dog foods were wholesome & good for my dog…..never had one clue about 4d animals or chemicals. Really pissed me off to think I could’ve put my faith in these money hungry jacka***s. Who would think that any pet food would be bad for our beloved fur babies? It still doesn’t make any sense why they throw all that crap in there……I would think it would be in their best interest to keep animals healthy, not kill them. But then again, I’m not an exec with a PF company looking to buy my fourth house & 17th Mercedes.

  42. Claudia says:

    Yikes! After reading some of the messages here today, something just twigged. I have been boycotting Chinese products for about two years now and it just dawned on me that I have investments in my retirement portfolio that might be supporting China. I called my financial advisor and asked him to look into what companies the funds I have invest in. After a while, he called me back to tell me that none of my investments are in China. They are mostly supporting small national businesses.

    Could you imagine? Here I am spouting off about China, and I might have been directly contributing money to their death machine.

  43. 4lgdfriend says: on the high tech FDA

  44. Eric says:

    I should have better clarified earlier, but I really appreciate your advice. I had not thought to take a urine specimen in until you suggested it. I have a litter box set up with aquarium gravel, now I’m just patiently waiting for Gidget to use this new, strange litter. I also stopped by the vet to get some syrenges (sp?) for collecting the specimen. So far he just wants to eat and play, and thinks the litter is weird.

  45. JanC says:

    Just another thought……

    Saw a sign in Wal-Mart yesterday (cruised down the dog/cat food aisles just to check it out)……one of the big PF companies felt the need to put up a big sign proclaiming how safe their food is & that you can feed it with confidence. I laughed out loud. They had their chance & they blew it, big time. I can only hope that their sales are down. It couldn’t happen to nicer people.

    Also read somewhere yesterday that some of the premium PF companies, those that were smart enough to put up notes on their websites telling pet parents that they are now testing testing testing before the food leaves their plant, can’t keep up with the demand for their food. I have a very short list of safe foods & those that are doing a lot of testing are certainly on it.

    Still wonder why the biggest PF companies, the ones with dry food that has been killing animals all along & which they still claim is perfectly fine, have remained silent. We know that rather than going public, they have been sneaking around pulling their food off shelves in the middle of the night…..cowards, all of you. I will never buy food from any of the big PF companies again, ever. If you had any brains at all, which we all seem to doubt at this point, you would start making a pet food to keep an animal alive & healthy rather than killing them. Why you choose to use our animals for your own personal toxic dump is beyond me……& makes me question your humanity.

  46. anon says:

    “FDA censored a fifth suspected substance from the inspection list. Why hide it now?”

    As a person closely related to someone in the chem/ingredient distro industry — they’d hide it if it’s a common ingredient…there is a LOT in our food, vitamins, etc. that comes only from China (ascorbic acid is one), and the distributors here have been having huge trouble for years with the tiny cheap-quality companies (which also are known for using VERY unsafe practices) “cheating” exactly as the jack**ses did with the recent melamine trick, as well as many other ways. They weren’t surprised at all at what happened. There are a few big Chinese suppliers that are good/trustworthy but they’re also pricey, so they take OUR chances buying from cheap iffy places instead…

  47. Claudia says:


    Which companies are on your list that are “testing, testing, testing?” I haven’t had time to go through all of the PF company sites recently.

  48. SandyC says:

    JanC your’e so much kinder than I am about the big pet food companies in that you don’t say their name…but I will. Purina pet food killed my dog in February. It also caused a second dog to have seizures. Purina…I’ll say it every chance I get because I don’t want them to kill someone else’s dog. Speaking of Purina, I just got a return mailing label this week from Purina to send them a sample of their food that killed my dog.

  49. Lorie says:

    Hey guys just got home form work and no one attack me for food right away I am like are you guys are ok whats wrong why isn’t anyone ding donging for food. if we all make it though this with a visit to the funny farm it will be amazing.

    Oh boy here we go Geisha just ate a little bit an headed to the drinking fountain. I am trying to go out of town tomorrow for the first time since this all started in March. I wish a paid closer attention before all this so I would know it that is normal routine or not. UGH

  50. menusux says:

    OK re: US Trade Envoy, here’s what I have so far:

    Office of the US Trade Representative is a cabinet-level position. The current chief Trade Representative is a Bush appointee, Susan Schwab:

    Timothy P. Stratford is the US Trade Representative for China Affairs:


    Mailing Address
    600 17th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20508
    United States of America

    Phone Numbers for Representatives/Departments:

    Administration 202-395-7360

    China 202-395-3900

    We have a “general” e-mail address which says that your e-mail will be directed to the appropriate office:

    I’d believe that “Dear Mr. Stratford” in your e-mail would get it forwarded to him, and that “Dear Ms. Schwab” would do the same for the Chief US Trade Representative.

    Since we’re now banned in China, I’d take this as a sort-of back-handed compliment because it means what we’re posting here is truthful and the Chinese government apparently does not want their citizens to know about the dangers to the food and medicines sold in their markets. Would also believe they wouldn’t want it known that the Olympic Village is said to be the only place for safe drinking water during the 2008 games. (Also think they weren’t too happy about our not wanting their cooked chickens for the same reasons.)

    Those of you who are old enough to remember the old “Iron Curtain” days can recall that many of us lost sight of the fact that it was our GOVERNMENT having serious differences with theirs. All Soviets weren’t bad, just as all Chinese citizens aren’t bad, nor are all US citizens good. (Should you be inclined to think that US citizens do no wrong, read the news, on the net, in various papers, or watch it on TV-most of the stories are not “good” news ones.)

    The Chinese government needs to make changes–many of which will benefit their citizens and those of the rest of the world. And we all need to remember to keep the people separate from their government. (Imagine if we were all judged by the head of ours!!!!)

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