Recall Update: Friday

Exclusive: Lab report says cyanuric acid found in unrecalled dry food.

To verify the lab’s report, Itchmo is asking you to find an unopened 20 lb. bag of Iams Large Breed dry dog food that matches the lot number: 260608 70574173 F4 US30940 with the expiration date of 6/26/08.

If you find this unopened bag, please email us at and we will provide further instructions. If it’s the right bag, we will pay for the cost of the bag of food, shipping and testing. There will be no cost to you.

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  1. sandi says:

    Why is Itchmo. looking for a bag to test?

    Is Iams attempting to hide this?

    Walmart sells alot o f Iams dog foods, do they want it hidden, like the foods being imported that are tainted.


  2. Genny says:

    Sandi, (OOPS - posted this on the other blog first by mistake).

    I think they want an UNopened bag to verify the lab’s report and probably to circumvent any cop out excuses.

    From Itchmo - at begining of this blog:

    “”We cannot stress this point enough: This test was performed on a sample from an opened bag. We do not know if this is an isolated case of contamination before or after the sale, or if it is widespread.””

  3. Susan says:

    Is Itchmo looking now? Has anyone found a bag? I planned out a trip I can take today from pet store to feed store, etc., that will take me to 8 different places. I just want to know if anyone’s found a bag yet.

  4. HomeGrown says:

    Just found this on Walmarts Recall page. Diesel Fuel anyone? I’ll take mine on the side thanks.

  5. HomeGrown says:


    I’m guessing Itchmo would have put up a notice if they had found a bag. They are on top of things here. I am also going out today and will check. If I find one and Itchmo already has a bag I will just return it.

    I am holding onto a 20# unopened bag of IAMS Lamb and Rice that I bought before when this first started. Has some of these numbers on it but the expiration date is 6/19/08. Been afraid to feed it and not going to donate it so will probably be buried after all this is over. IF it is ever over.

  6. HomeGrown says:

    Just thought you would like to see this. Letter to the President from Rep. Delauro:

  7. LorieVA says:


    this is for your IAMS spreadsheet not sure if you saw post from way back that my 2 cats last spring had issuse with IAMS hairball formula and indoor wt control they ate the two mixed together,

    Geisha had bloody runny stool and develop a UTI with perm crystal problem vet said she at some bacteria, she is an indoor cat of a very parinoid cat owner MOI who makes everyone remove shoes, no plants etc……..

    Topaz would vomit yellow bile and then foamy stuff in about 20 piles at a time all over the house upstairs in down, vet said she had sensitive stomach issues from turning seven

    Switched food to Eukanuba sensitive stomach for Topaz no more vomiting till new problems with FF this past March

    Switched Geisha to Science Diet RX C/D no more problems till FF this past March

  8. Chuck says:

    LorieVA, Iams and Eukanuba are partners. Check out the toxins in Science Diet too.

  9. Rick says:

    Thanks for the post about Margaret Holmes diesel greens! I went to their website and it says they found a “trace” of diesel fuel in the turnip greens, and it is “not a health hazard”—ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? And this from a grown & made in the USA company. Amazing…
    BTW, I had a can of the tomatoes, okra and corn. Into the trash it went!

  10. LorieVA says:

    Ok, I just got off the phone with a lab I am sending 3 cans of my suspect tainted food on Tuesday morning to be tested, they need about 8oz of product so to be safe sending 3 cans all out of the same new case they got sick from half way through second can. Hopefully, the case is all the same batch and not just a random bad can here and there and I just so happened to use the poison can. *sigh* that would be just my luck. Keep fingers crossed we get the results we need to hang another company out to dry.

  11. Debbie4747 says:

    LorieVA…good luck with the testing. Let us know how it progresses. We’re with ya!

  12. LorieVA says:


    Thanks, due to possible blow up of lab i am sending to or hit man beig sent to my house I left out specific names in above blog. *WINK* You never know I think these b people are crazy and desperate.

  13. menusux says:

    We all know that “Nobrain” sits in his SmithBucklin office in DC, with his PFI hat on, spinning stories to try justifying his paycheck for that account. When he last emitted meaningless hot air regarding Chinese imported ingredients, this is what came out:

    USA Today May 21, 2007

    “Rather than “shut the door” on Chinese ingredients, Pet Food Institute President Duane Ekedahl says better procedures are needed to ensure quality. Many pet-food makers, including the USA’s biggest, Nestle Purina PetCare, now screen for melamine.”

    And now let’s hear from the Country of Origin:

    USA Today May 25, 2007

    Chinese say U.S. shares blame in food scandal

    “Fed up with weeks of Americans bashing their food safety standards, Chinese government and industry officials say that bargain-hunting U.S. food companies share blame if contaminated Chinese ingredients wind up in food.

    “”Officials like me in the Chinese government can supervise the producers here, but U.S. companies doing business with Chinese companies must also be very clear about the standards they need, and don’t just look for a cheap price,” says Yuan Changxiang, a deputy director in the ministry responsible for inspecting imports and exports.

    “Jin Zemin, general manager of Shanghai Kaijin Bio-Tech, which specializes in wheat gluten, agrees. U.S. importers “want cheaper prices, but that can come at a cost,” he says. “You should know exactly where the products you buy are coming from. Don’t just look at the price.”

    “Even before the news came out that melamine had been added to wheat gluten, Jin says, he was suspicious of some of his competitors.

    “”I thought it was strange that other companies offered wheat gluten at $26 to $39 per ton cheaper than ours, with a very high protein level,” he says, adding that his company’s wheat gluten sells for about $900 a ton. “How could that be? If it is so cheap, there must be a problem, I thought.”

    “”Some clients asked us before why other companies sold wheat gluten at cheaper prices than ours. Now we know why — because they used fake raw materials,” Yang says.”

    And you have to admit the old adage about it being too good to be true holds water. Yes, Mr. SmithBucklin, better procedures ARE needed–the companies need to realize they get exactly what they pay for and can’t believe that “cheap” doesn’t come with some heavy baggage.

    Let’s see how you and Mr. Levick can spin your way out of the fact that your members were buying cheap C$$P while still telling the buyer that the food was premium or super premium quality. Heaven knows the pricing reflected that it was. Nobody really meant for the Titanic to hit an iceberg either–but it surely happened.

  14. Gail B says:

    News from Brakke Consulting:
    > JBS-Friboi confirmed it has submitted a bid to acquire Swift & Co. Additional comment was not available. JBS is the largest beef processor in Latin America and the sixth largest in the world.

    > Perdigao S/A announced an agreement in principle to acquire Dutch processor Plusfood Groep BV. Plusfood, a subsidiary of Dutch holding company Cebeco Groep B.V., manufactures poultry- and beef-based processed and convenience food products. The deal is worth approximately EUR 30 million ($40.35 million).

    –Now do we really want South America and Latin America taking over US and European countries. Haven’t we had recalled items from SA manufacturers due to lax production controls, lack of proper sanitation and poor quality control?

  15. Debbie4747 says:

    LorieVA Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 10:50 am

    Thanks, due to possible blow up of lab i am sending to or hit man beig sent to my house I left out specific names in above blog. *WINK* You never know I think these b people are crazy and desperate.

    Good idea. At first I thought it was funny, but ya never know. I don’t recall hearing back from Teric with his testing. He said it tested negative for melamine, and would know in a few days about other contaminants….I don’t recall seeing a followup. Hope he’s okay. Then there’s those vets that were doing some testing….no follow up on that….and the lady in Canada who got sick from eating dog food…no follow-ups…..

    Still, we’re all with ya on this. Fingers crossed that you get some results quickly.

  16. LorieVA says:


    Ok I was sorta joking also but now taht you listed all thoe people never getting back to us, maybe I need to be put in the witness protection program YIKES.

  17. 4lgdfriend says:

    and the next recall is…………….???

  18. pam says:

    well, it’s friday and we all know what that means…recall day…used to be my shopping day. then it was my fear day. today my 2 cats and beagle mix are eating home-cooked salmon, valencia rice and spinach for dinner. maybe i’ll shop tomorrow based on what happens today.

  19. Debbie4747 says:

    Didn’t mean to scare you! There are just so many loose ends with all of this, not to mention that fifth element that the FDA isn’t naming. Maybe your testing can determine what that may be.
    Just walk around with a scarf around your head, sunglasses and a long overcoat and no one will ever know it’s you.

  20. Debbie4747 says:

    Pam, I do my shopping on Friday too. I wish they’d do their recall during the day, before I hit the store! I hope Itchmo has that thing with Iams underway by now!

  21. DMS says:

    I just sent this email to the USDA. You might want to check out their latest assurances that eating contaminated eggs now, as well as the fish, pork and chicken is safe. What will be next? Beef, milk, cheese?

    Letter to USDA:

    Per your May 24 release 0152.07, you are asking China to give you raw data results of regulated products they are exporting to the US. You are also asking for details of the methodology, procedure and technology used. Why won’t you give your data to American people? How you are arriving at your conclusions? What are the details of your investigations, including actual levels (or at least a range per each product) of contamination of specific products released for human consumption and brand names. Are your assumptions of 100 ppb actual figures of the concentration of melamine and cyanuric acid in poultry, fish, pork and eggs? It’s hard to believe they would all be equally contaminated. Further, this is hard to accept unless you have recently developed a workable assay for measuring cyanuric acid in animal flesh and products. I believe as of last week, you said you had not in a press release. What if one eats 2-3 eggs everyday, what would the total toxin load be. What is the effect of cyanuric acid in human beings? When melamine and cyanuric acid bond into spoke-like crystals, are those crystals as easily excreted from the human body as melamine alone? Are they metabolized or able to lodge in the body due to their shape. I have only seen testing on cows eating biuret, and since we do not have similar digestive tracts and are now eating a combination of melamine and cyanuric acid (and perhaps some other unknown toxins), I wonder how you can come to any logical conclusions of short- and long-term safety. The msds does not look encouraging.
    Regarding eggs, they are in may processed foods we eat. It looks like our toxin load is getting heavier and heavier. Shouldn’t you stop releasing contaminated food now, what will it take to tip the scales in favor of protection and concern for the American people? What will you find tomorrow?

    You ask China for data, I am asking you as an American citizen.

  22. LorieVA says:


    LOL, if I disappear too you know we have a problem. HMMM who could you call if I disappear, not the FDA or PFI. Who know I may eand up in someone’s next can of pet food, i hear humans are are good protien booster.

  23. JanC says:

    Debbie4747: Funny you should mention teric. The last I heard was the melamine results……I was just thinking that I haven’t seen any posts under that name in quite a while.

  24. Chuck says:

    Itch, I think I need to re-group here about these safe pet foods that I eliminated for the reasons explained and most likely will be eliminating Life’s Abundance.

    1. When asked about who formulates their food, Canidae tells me that is “proprietary information.”

    2. Kumpi’s first ingredient is corn meal, a cheap filler.

    3. Evanger’s ingredients for dogs contains potatoes. Potatoes are toxic to dogs.

    4. Can’t find ingredients listed on Innova’s website.

    5. Now I find out that Life’s Abundance (has) had toxic vit K in it. Purchased it several weeks ago, dog is good, but for the past three days, been picking up vomit after vomit from cats. No hairballs.

    6. Vit D 3 in just about all pet foods, including the above, was identified to be a rat poison.

    7. Other brands don’t have their ingredients on their websites, but they all talk a good game all around it about how good and safe their pet foods are.

    What is your take on this? Where do we go from here?

    Need reply from you.

  25. Debbie4747 says:

    Lorie, please remember to patent your butt along with Helen’s new pet food company. I guess your brand would be “Lorie’s can in a can”???? Maybe you should keep a little note in your wallet,….”In case of an emergency, notify Itchmo.”

    JanC, yep it’s like he just disappeared. Last I heard was that it would take a few extra days to test for other things and I haven’t seen him post anything since….or those vets that were doing testing, anything more on that lady eating dog food and probably a few other things I can’t think of right now. This would make for a good segment of that TV show, “Where are they now?

  26. LorieVA says:


    Lorie’s Can in a can Pretty catchy name. LOL FYI I am probably loaded with mela whatever since human food is also laced with crap so please avoid all products that contain my CAN.

  27. Debbie4747 says:

    Okay Lorie, if you insist, we will “Can” Lorie’s “can” in a “can”, since it is “can”taminated. “Can”sider it “Can”celled.

  28. Dogmom says:

    I too have been watching the blog closely for Teric’s return. Especially as I feed Canidae and Felidae and they were among the food Teric sent for testing. Teric is definately MIA.

  29. Lynn says:


    Last night some bloggers asked if Menu Foods could really have been issued a gag order by the Federal Court, as they claimed on their website. I checked with an attorney and his response was:

    “The order does appear valid. Apparently what occurred is that many people have filed class action lawsuits and the court is attempting to put the overall contamination/ settlement question in context. Not unusual in those type of suits.”

  30. Debbie4747 says:

    I just sent Teric a PM from the forums section of this site. If anyone has his regular email addy, maybe you could email him?

  31. menusux says:

    More from & about the “powers” that be:

    Frustrated House panel threatens to subpoena FDA
    Thursday, May 24, 2007; 11:32 PM

    “A Congressional committee on Thursday threatened to subpoena the Food and Drug Administration unless the agency responds to lawmakers’ requests for documents about U.S. drug and food safety.

    “If the FDA does not comply by June 1, Dingell said the panel would issue subpoenas to obtain the information.

    “The FDA said it was cooperating with lawmakers.

    “Since January, the committee has asked the FDA to provide documents about generic drug approvals, an outbreak of salmonella in peanut butter, post-market surveillance of the antibiotic Ketek, contamination of pet food with ingredients imported from China, and antibiotic resistance linked to wide use of drugs in farm animals.

    “”The delays and the quality of responses to the committee’s requests concerning FDA are unacceptable,” Dingell said in a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt. Leavitt’s department oversees the FDA.

    “Dingell also complained that in some instances, the FDA turned over redacted records to the committee without any prior consultations about the redactions.”

    By Audra Ang
    ASSOCIATED PRESS 5:53 a.m. May 25, 2007

    China asks U.S. to clarify food regulations after catfish banned in 3 states over antibiotic

    “In a notice on its Web site, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine – China’s main food safety regulator – said it had contacted its American counterpart about the use of fluoroquinolones.

    “”In its statement, the quality inspection administration asked Washington to “deal with the problem in an objective, scientific and equitable way.”
    It also warned that the U.S. should not violate World Trade Organization’s rules, which give countries the right to ensure food safety for consumers but not to manipulate health standards to protect domestic producers.

    “The Food and Drug Administration has not responded, the Chinese regulator said.

    “The Chinese regulator said the drugs are allowed in China, the EU and Japan – and said the FDA allows their use if below concentration levels of five parts per billion.

    “According to the FDA, fluoroquinolones have never been approved for use in aquaculture and any amount detected in fish tissue deems the product adulterated. Regulations against the antibiotics in food are intended to prevent bacteria from developing resistance to the drugs.”

    Note to those able to read Itchmo in China–as you can see, FDA cannot/will not respond to the citizens and lawmakers of its own nation. You’re on the “call back” list just like Congress and the American people.

  32. Joan says:

    menusux Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 1:08 pm
    More from & about the “powers” that be:

    Thank you menusux! - most interesting!

  33. Katie says:


    You asked earlier about staph. and cont. food. I think it was on PC or earlier in the month… a number of pets had UTI’s that cultured staph. Some of the vets were treating with antibiotics for staph. before the cultures results.

    If a pet is eating cont. food which doesn’t have a true protein level, I can see where that would possibly make an animal more prone to infection. Any vet techs with info.?


  34. Katie says:

    RE: dry dog food/cyanuric acid/possible cont…

    I re-read the post that someone re-copied from the NY Times re: cyanuric acid. Something that jumps out… Mr Yu Luwei, mgr. of Juancheng Ouja Chem Co. in Shandong Prov. said: “I sell (cyanuric acid) to fish meal manuf. and fish famers…and to animal feed…”

    I’m curious; is fish meal only found in dry dog food or is it also found in the wet foods? And, I’m still thinking about that co. that was in the news with the fish food.. that stated they provided fish meal to pet food manuf. I don’t remember seeing any more discussion in the news about that.


  35. Joan says:

    The FDA’s next move to protect themselves is SWI - Shopping While Intoxicated

  36. HomeGrown says:


    So glad you saw the post above! I know. You would have to have a pretty good imagination to explain how it got into a can don’t ya think?

    Ok, now for how my day has gone. First let me say Grrrrrr. LOL I stopped at a few places and decided that I would try Canidae and Felidae for my pets. I have heard no one having problems with them other than that sometimes the cats don’t like the Felidae.

    But let me back up a little. I entered the Pet Food shop and looked around a little trying to decide between the Cal. Nat. or the Felidae. Then there was Merrick. Heard good things about that too. I grabbed a the bags of Felidae and Canidae and figured I would ask the girl at the cash register about what others are saying and buying. She looked at me like she didn’t know what I was talking about. I said “You know, all the recalled food and such.” She said “None of the food on our shelves has been recalled.” Duh! She then named off some of the so-called “premium” brands. Many of which have been involved in some way with the recalls, and to her detriment continued…”All foods here have a 100% guarantee. You can bring it back.” And with people standing in line behind me I said “That doesn’t help me if it kills my dog.” I left the food on the counter and walked out. I don’t have patience for stupid people anymore.

    Went to the next store and bought the Felidae and Canidae. Brought it home excited to see if my older cat would like it. She was eating it! Yay! Then 3 minutes later puked not once, but twice. Anyone else have this experience? I am scared to give it now. I have been home cooking, but need something to leave out when I go on vacation.

    Oh, and not a 20# bag of IAMS Large Breed in sight. :-( I tried.

  37. furmom says:

    I’ve been boning up a bit on melamine/cyanuric acid chemistry and discovered a couple of things. Forgive me if someone has already covered this. If you take a bunch of melamine, mix it up with one of a few kinds of bacteria, they digest the stuff, they love it, and they turn out cyanuric acid as a result! Also, you won’t have any melamine left when they are done. So you could have some foods with melamine not yet digested, you could have other foods with the melamine all gone, and you will probably get cyanuric acid (not sure how long that sticks around before it’s degraded.) If the pet food is cooked, it would probably kill the bacteria (I’m guessing) so you wouln’t see much evidence of that either. So just testing for melamine may not show a problem. But if it was there, (and you had these bacteria), you will probably get some cyanuric acid, and we now know in an animal they combine to make urinary crystals. Are traces of the bacteria what made some animals sick quicker, some slower (because it takes longer for the crystals to kill them? Also somewhere else said the melamine could be turned into cyanuric acid inside the animal’s digestion, but I haven’t found much on this idea yet. If the bacteria was only a sometimes phenomenon, maybe that explains why animals were sickened at lower levels in previous years, with perhaps also less melamine in the food. So if you are getting food tested, the lab should do the melamine and cyanuric acid test too.

  38. Helen says:

    Sorry Itchmo. I struck out on my lunchtime witch hunt for the elusive bag of food. ALL bags I found in a few places expire in August 08. I find it unusual that ALL bags of the same stuff on a shelf expire at the same time, let alone more than one place. Interesting.

    P & G, I wasn’t boycotting all of your products until you seemingly thought it would be a better idea to intimidate a web forum and a testing lab than it would be to respond appropriately to the complaints you have been receiving about your pet foods. Shame on you. I am really going to miss a couple of those products, but I will get over it quickly.

  39. cheetah-dog says:

    We can’t even trust organic foods anymore! This is an article from 2005. Imagine how the Chinese organic ingredients have probably expanded since then:

  40. Helen says:

    Debbie4747 and LorieVA: I hear that if you try to “butt” in on Their Own Butt premium cat food and Everyone Else’s Butt premium dog food patents, they will probably send a some men in black after you. Maybe you should “can” it. :D

  41. Maureen says:

    New release from FSIS/USDA just received:

    FSIS Seeks Comments on Agency Decision-Making During Investigation Into Animal Feed Containing Melamine

    WASHINGTON, May 25, 2007 — The Food Safety and Inspection Service today announced the availability of a Federal Register document that details the decision-making process that FSIS followed related to pet food scraps fed to swine and poultry that contained melamine and melamine-related compounds. This Federal Register document provides the public an opportunity to comment on those FSIS decisions. FSIS’ public health decisions were made based on the best available scientific data and information. The document is available on public display today at the Office of the Federal Register…AND MORE…

  42. Rick says:

    I’ve been using both Canidae & Felidae, with good results so far. Your cat my have gotten sick just from switching foods abruptly–it is not uncommon. The kids also like the Merrick wet food. Many people here seem to like Evangers as well. It seems like people have been hving good luck with the Kumpi Cat dry–that was what I was going to try if my cat did not like the Felidae, but she seems to be ok with it.

  43. HomeGrown says:

    Thanks Rick. I didn’t think i had heard anything bad about it. It is totally possible I gave it to her too abruptly. I will keep an eye on the younger cats and try to ease the older into it. Deciding to try any commercial food was a big step for me, I but it was that or no vacation. I have a few weeks to ease her into it. Ever try the Merrick Dry? I haven’t seen the other two brands in this area.

  44. Helen says:

    HomeGrown, I have read vomit stories on a number of trial feedings involving foods I feel comfortable offering my cat. I have read Felidae vomit, Merrick vomit, Innova and Evo vomit, California Natural vomit, Evangers vomit…

    These are all very rich foods. I don’t personally believe any of these are toxic, and have offerred all to my cat trying to find a new canned food she will eat. She has eaten some Merrick (though there are still questions about the rendering plant), and she has eaten some Evangers, different flavors all with no vomiting and no ill effects. She would not eat the Cal Nat., Felidae, or Innova or Evo. Try giving a couple of bites along with some food that has not caused any vomiting if you end up wanting to try again. Could be that particular food just does not sit well, and maybe better to try a different one.

  45. LorieVA says:


    Felidae gave my littlest one runny stool at first I did too much too soon. other than that she loved it. However I went with KUMPIKAT, Felidae piece were to large for my older cat to chew they would gag her. Two of my co workers are using Felidae with no problem

  46. Helen says:

    HomeGrown, Natura is testing all of their food for melamine and cyanuric acid. My cat loves Innova Senior dry food, and has been eating with big enthusiasm and no vomiting whatsoever for over two months now. She was vomiting a lot before the recalls.

  47. HomeGrown says:

    Thanks Helen. I will do that.

  48. HomeGrown says:

    You are all so helpful. I will give this a day or two and then switch if the need be. I was hoping this would work since it is a drive to get it.

  49. menusux says:

    “Katie Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 1:33 pm
    RE: dry dog food/cyanuric acid/possible cont…

    I re-read the post that someone re-copied from the NY Times re: cyanuric acid. Something that jumps out… Mr Yu Luwei, mgr. of Juancheng Ouja Chem Co. in Shandong Prov. said: “I sell (cyanuric acid) to fish meal manuf. and fish famers…and to animal feed…”

    I’m curious; is fish meal only found in dry dog food or is it also found in the wet foods? And, I’m still thinking about that co. that was in the news with the fish food.. that stated they provided fish meal to pet food manuf. I don’t remember seeing any more discussion in the news about that.”

    Am looking around trying to find a wet dog food containing fish meal–so far, no luck.

    But here’s something interesting about fish meal in general:;more=1

    “Some preservatives are added to ingredients or raw materials by the suppliers, and others may be added by the manufacturer. The U.S. Coast Guard, for instance, requires fish meal to be heavily preserved with ethoxyquin or equivalent antioxidant. Evidently, spoiling fish meal creates such intense heat that ship explosions and fires resulted.”

    Did find a page re: Robert Abady Dog Food Company addressing why they use menhaden fish meal, but can’t seem to “connect” the fish meal to any canned dog foods they make so far. Note the URL on this–abadysingpore:

    Menhaden Fish Meal In Abady Dog Food

    Robert Abady Dog Food Company

    “Food that is outsourced is manufactured with Abady formulas.”

    So there must be some production in Singapore.

    What it looks like is that some suppliers secretly added melamine, some secretly added cyanuric acid, and some produced chemicals containing both melamine AND cyanuric acid to add to the proteins they were selling, in an effort to falsely boost protein content. The NYT article also talks about the sellers who cooked up a brew of both.

    API’s pet food page has a list of major recalls-one of which might also be of interest given the report about Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food:;more=1

    “In 2000, Iams recalled 248,000 pounds of dry dog food distributed in 7 states due to excess DL-Methionine Amino Acid, a urinary acidifier.”

    Hope anyone who finds fish meal in wet dog food will post the name & ingredient list here.

  50. DMS says:

    i may be interpreting this wrong, but after i saw a posting by menusux, i did a bit of research on biuret, which contains cyanuric acid and is fed to cows in US an China. Looks like it is an approved part of their diet. Little did we know. Now we like it, too.

    Archer Daniel Midland on Biuret

    Look who uses the most non protein nitrogen in the world

  51. Debbie4747 says:

    Helen, yes we’ve “can”ned Lorie’s “can” in a “can”. She was the “butt” of our jokes “briefly”. I wish I was online the other night. Looks like I missed a very good party! Maybe we can gety together later on tonight, LOL!

  52. LorieVA says:

    Debbie4747, Helen,

    The BUTT of the jokes is off to look for IAMS 20lbs bags now. Will check in once I get home. Hopefully with good news.

  53. YaYa says:

    I can report No vomiting with the KumpiKat, altho Evy {the owner there} warns about it. She says, “just a “little bit” at first please”.

    My little “cc” {crazy cat- a nickname } Loves it, but also expects her Wet which I make “homemade” for- the BRAT! LOL

  54. YaYa says:

    You better check-in LorieVA or we’ll worry boutcha being *in* the next can of Butts! LMBO

  55. Steve says:

    Business as Usual.

    Feed and Pet Food

    Vital Wheat Gluten
    Rice Protein Concentrate

  56. Helen says:

    Ya Ya, If you laugh your butt all the way off, Their Own Butt is always looking for new sources of protein…

  57. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Me worried about Canidae again because it has herring meal in it. I’m thinking “fish meal”, “herring meal”??? Oh brother,,I switched from the lamb and rice to the all life stages because of the canola oil in the lamb and rice brand. Geez.

    Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Brown Rice, White Rice, Lamb Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Herring Meal, Flax Seed, Sun Cured Alfalfa Meal, Sunflower Oil, Chicken, Lecithin, Monocalcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Linoleic Acid, Rosemary Extract, Sage Extract, Dried Enterococcus Faecium, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract, Inulin (from Chicory root), Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Fermentation Solubles, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Mixed Tocopherols (source of Vitamin E), Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Iron Amino Acid Chelate, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Cobalt Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C), Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (source of B2), Beta Carotene, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Calcium Iodate, Folic Acid, D-Biotin, Sodium Selenite, Papaya, Vitamin B12 Supplement.

  58. YaYa says:

    WoW Maureen! You’ve done it Again! Excellent site and letting Us leave a Comment?! I’m There! LOL

    I hope Everyone goes to it and does the same.
    *Please* read then Click on the links and follow the directions!
    {this is Too good to be True! LOL But it IS!}

    Maureen’s post this thread at #39, 5-25-07 at 2:09pm

    Let them know what You Think!

  59. Tony says:

    Free bag of Iams to the person who guesses what NEW BRAND of wet dog food launches in 3 months. (No, its not Iams) Need to guess the brand, not the company.

  60. YaYa says:

    Yep Helen! LOL I should have let Lorie choose which: Their Own Butts or Others Butts, Sorry!

    By the time I’m done laughin’ over this “one”, I’ll have No “protein” left! Hehehehe

  61. Golden Lover says:

    Barb, GSD MOM Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 3:07 pm
    Me worried about Canidae again because it has herring meal in it. I’m thinking “fish meal”, “herring meal”??? Oh brother,,I switched from the lamb and rice to the all life stages because of the canola oil in the lamb and rice brand. Geez.

    I called Canidae about the herring meal they use. I asked them where they get there herring meal from. The lady assured me they catch it between Newfoundland and Britian. She also said they are testing. Also she said there cant be any contaimation because they use there own machines. I am still feeding the all life stages to my Golden. Lets hope they are being truthful!

  62. Debbie4747 says:

    I’ll be shopping after work at ShopRite in NJ. I will look for that elusive bag of IAMs dog food too.
    Meanwhile, I’ll be checking out Maureen’s site….sounds like it could be interesting!

  63. HomeGrown says:

    Well, I went upstairs to start the latest homemade batch of Finicky Feline Feast for my cat with Cattitude and low and behold she decided to try the Felidae again. (Didn’t get the bowl picked up in time) So far so good! Maybe she was so excited to have her crunchies back and ate too fast. I have always had one mainstay food and then occasionally gave them something different
    and never had a problem just putting down whatever was the flavor of the week. So this is good news! Still on watch though…..back to the kitchen.

  64. Helen says:

    YaYa, we might as well laugh now, because later on we will be making our usual outraged comments about whatever is getting recalled tonight. The suspense is killing me! Which one…which one will it be?…….

  65. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Golden Lover:

    Thanks for the feed back. I am still concerned about ANY dog food, but so far so good.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed!

  66. YaYa says:

    LOL Tony! That’s Baaaad :-P

    A HEX upon Imas in this Household! {well, Any “commercial” pet food that is- Never again!}

    Boy o Boy have there been a Ton of Pet food commecials on especially the news hour, the last couple of days!

    Of course Purina is the Biggie doing it.

    And Fancy Feast, is that Purina too?

  67. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    I told my Sister to try Innova Evo for her kitties. They would not eat the Felidae. Geezzz…kitties are finicky! So, if the Innova Evo is recalled I am in BIG trouble. She said “well, I should go back to feeding Purina Naturals”. (yuck)

    Ok–next food to get recalled is IAMS.

  68. Helen says:

    YaYa, Fancy Feast is Purina. :P

    I look up the pet food aisle every time I go in a grocery store now. Still no one there. :D

  69. ally says:

    Golden Lover,

    Thanks from me as well. I’m about to switch from Canidae’s Chicken & Rice to the All Stage. My labs have been doing fine on the Canidae so I keep praying it remains on the safe list. I’m also mixing in home cooked and my dogs have been going nuts at mealtime.

  70. YaYa says:

    I’m Hoping it’s BOTH Proctor&Gamble’s IAMS AND ALL of Purina’s Total inventories in a Voluntary Recall tonite!

    But think they are Both too Big for their britches. :-(

    I doubt they will Ever own up to anything nor make it right with the Consumers.
    That would be The Best thing they could Ever do in the Interest of All Pets they make food for.

    They could ‘maybe’ rise like a Phoenix then, but instead choose:
    Very Bad “PR” moves. imho

  71. pat says:

    i just had a look at the risk asssessment… what a piece of work this is. it decides, based on the sketchiest of data, that it’s ok for us to eat melamine and related compounds every day for our entire lives. it clears the way for melamine contamination to continue unabated. here’s the salient excerpt:

    “Margins of Safety and Levels of Concern for Melamine Compounds
    The point of departure (POD) is the NOAEL of 63 mg/kg/day from the rodent subchronic bioassay. This POD was then divided by two 10-fold safety/uncertainty factors (SF/UF) to account for inter- and intra-species sensitivity, for a total SF/UF of 100. The resulting Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) is 0.63 mg/kg bw/day. The TDI is defined as the estimated maximum amount of an agent to which individuals in a population may be exposed daily over their lifetimes without an appreciable health risk with respect to the endpoint from which the NOAEL is calculated.6″

    no wonder it’s business as usual at chem nutra

    excuse me while my head explodes

  72. Sandy says:

    The thing is I do not see on the site that they are testing for cyanuric acid…maybe my browser needs to be cleared but I see melamine and a vague other contaminates…until I SEE THE WORDS TESTED FOR CYANURIC ACID itself I am not as comfortable with their food as I was..I did email them again…we shall see if we see the words…..tested and testing for
    CYANURIC ACID not vague crap and melamine…OK I am off to score a bag of Iams for Itchmo

    >> Natura is testing all of their food for melamine and cyanuric acid. >>>

  73. Chuck says:

    Whoa! wait a minuite. (my post 11:47a)
    I’m reading rave reviews here since my post about Canidae, Evanger’s, Kumpi, and so on, and that not many are having any problems for the most part, or so far.
    Looks like no one has bothered to read my post.

    We learned the secrets about the recall pet food companies, but if we don’t bother to check out the secrets and ingredients in the new companies, then when are we going to become educated consumers?

    Sure things seem fine now with the new brands, but has anybody else besides me checked out any important information in new brands? Or are some of us falling for more hype again?

    1. Do you know who formulated those brands?

    2. Do you know if the formulator has certified credentials or not?

    3. Do you know exactly who and what their sources are?

    4. Do you know who they might be in affiliated with as far as recalled foods by using their (former?) contaminated facilities, and they would be paying the very same manufacturers for facility usage that are responsible for the pet deaths?

    5. The common pacifier now is “proprietary information,” aka, it’s none of our business to know. Pardon my skepticism, which I believe I have a right to at this point, but since the information is not provided, then how do we know if the recall pet food companies don’t have a hand in this?
    Sneakier things have been known to happen.

    These are things I look for, and isn’t is odd that I can’t find the answers.

    Here’s another example, I forget the “healthy’ brand right now (been around for a few years and not commercialized), but the website gave plenty of information about the three guys who started their pet food company, and went all around about how great their pet food is.
    Gave no breakdown of ingredients, nutrition, or inspection standards.

    I’m at a total loss. Homemade pet foods are looking better and better.

  74. robert says:

    Merrick does not have their dry cat food on the market yet. was due out this spring but taking longer, was what they told me in an e-mail, They do answer your ??? takes a while, but they. I will be trying it when it is on mkt.


  75. mittens says:

    it would help if my cats liked merrick wet- and they don’t. inconsistant watery mess often. artemis was more consistant but they didn’t like that either. i leave out the evo dry and they no like.

    im starting to think it is something like an addictive narcotic they’re putting in the more mass produced foods- theyre suppose to be crap and these fancy pants ones are made by virgin nuns somewhere with cdc level contamination protection and my cats think it’s gross and want the melamix.

    maybe they should be testing for crack…our pets are junk food junkies.

  76. YaYa says:

    Steve, Luv the part on the ChemNutra site about Sally {Qing} Miller being {President} a “QA” Manager etc., she musta been on Vacation when the Nasty loads came in huh?

    I’d LOVE to actually SEE her Credentials.
    {too bad WE didn’t benefit from such ‘credentials’}

    And I imagine a “Lawyer” has plenty of Nutrition experience, working in places like Smith Barney etc.

    {I couldn’t find her at the ISO- yada yada thingie or Any place else for that matter.}

    Woman owned, Minority owned, huh. Ahhhhhh you get “breaks” for such companies. Look it up. Small Businesses, women, minorities etc.

    Only 4000 tons per year for Some items? How much went to MF for just {Vital} Wheat gluten?

    Too bad they did not bring home a sample from China of junk/scrap whatever and Have it Tested BEFORE purchase. And Done it Again and Again AFTER it Arrived too. And maybe upon Sale too?

    Isn’t “that” QA?????

    But hey, I’m just a country gal.

    Of course, These are simply my Own opinions on the Subject. {kan’t but help, the ‘kat’ swipes right now, Sor-ry}

  77. Katie says:


    that is interesting about the recall in 2000 - reason being.. the old formulation of Eukanuba Sr Maint contained dl-methione and the new formulation contains; dl-methionine. I wonder why they changed back? I wonder what the symptoms were….


  78. kellie says:

    i’m in the same boat.
    they do kinda like the seafood flavors of merrick.
    they will nibble at the EVO wet, no luck with the dry unless i mix it with water making it wet food, they take a few bites of that.

    they really like wellness wet but i have free samples coming from evangers so maybe they’ll like that. Felidae is hit or miss too, one can they’ll eat and not touch the next.

    they did enjoy the solid gold tuna but the can is too big and they will not touch ANYTHING after it’s been opened and refrigerated.

    i’m gonna look for some CN wet.

    As for dry, my cats really liked the california natural chix flavor.
    you might want to try this since your cats seem to have the same tastes as mine.

  79. kellie says:

    does anyone know if kumpikat sends out samples?
    i’m not buying another full sized ANYTHING unless they like it first.
    I have bought and wasted or returned so much new food both wet and dry this month i’m exhausted.

    i’d love to see if my kitties like this kind or not thugh since all you guys rave about it.

  80. Mandy says:

    I think all Purina foods should be sent off for testing. Don’t forget that Purina makes some treats too. Beggin Strips for dogs is made by Purina. My grandmother’s dog LOVES that treat, but she’s not giving him anymore of it!

    In MY opinion, Purina is one of the worst companies in this whole mess. I’ve seen so many people say their cats got sick or died from eating Fancy Feast, or that they said their dogs got sick from eating Beneful.

    The whole thing is outrageous. Purina only recalled some of it’s Alpo and Mighty Dog when it’s obvious the problem with the products is MUCH bigger.

    We will NEVER use Purina products again.

  81. YaYa says:

    Kellie, I got the smallest {didn’t ask about samples sorry} which was 4Lbs. The next size was much larger, maybe 20?

    My lil cat is PICKY too, and suprised the Heck out of me by chopping it right down.
    {she got only a tablespoon full at first}

    It was 22.00 flat to ship to me Fed Ex ground manner.

    The previous brand I tried my cat did Not like at all and it was 17.69+ tax, {locally bought} for only 2.2 Lbs. expensive!

    You could call Evy if you’d like, to see about returning an opened bag and if she has Samples sizes.

    303-693-6533 Denver

  82. Amy says:

    LOL Mittens! My thoughts exactly!

  83. Gerry says:

    cheetah-dog..Thanks for the info on the organic food. I dont know how we are suppose to know about any food any more. GMO seeds, organic produce from China, antifreeze toothpaste etc……it is enough to make you give up. Think I will go down and clean my clothes with a rock in the creek, spear a fish for dinner and pull up some grass [I mean the kind cows eat] for a side dish.

  84. Lorie says:

    I am back from my search for IAMS went to 3 stores all are US61591 think that is the plant number that is sent to the east coast. So I probably won’t find it here. The closest date I saw was 7JUN08. DARN

  85. ann says:

    Someone said the bag came from the Denver area

  86. mittens says:


    i have had luck somewhat and i may have mentioned this before smearing human baby meat purees on top of the icky poo health food- veal, turkey, chicken and beef- they all go crazy for it and it comes in little jars so no waste, the plain meat ones are best and don’t use one with onions as cats are allergic to onions.

    still they lick the baby food off the top but they are eating the artemis regularly and i am working through the merrick i bought slowly by mixing it with things they like. i don’t see where you can’t dump some baby food on dry food. i personally don’t like feeding dry food- only as a side dish for when i am not home. part of cats suseptability to urinary tract probelms is theyre not getting enough water and dry food adds to that problem although i understand many people only feed dry and don’t trust any wet. just my preference.

    i also dump canned fish and the wiskas all fish packets on the top and they seem to like that fine. my cats have all made it over 20 years eating like this-4 i have now are pushing 20-pretty good for a cat and theyve gotten canned human tuna and purina poo for all of it. cats are particularly stubborn about these things when they’re pushing 100 in human years. im trying to ween them off 9 lives- just in case. i haven’t had any problems( some of my cats are monitored for hyperthyroid so we’re on top of any kidney problems) but i cannot trust these companies to do right in the event something has or did go wrong with their food.

  87. YaYa says:

    LOL mittens! Love the virgin nuns ’scene’ :-P

    I notice that ChemNutra has “flavor enhancers” on their Web-site too that Steve posted above.

    Wonder if that includes beef or fish, or poultry too?

    {secret sauce, hold the mayo :-P }

  88. pat says:

    excellent editorial in the China Post today:

  89. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Chuck–thanks for all the good info & questions we should ask the companies–but what good does it do? They lie..look at the Canidae website..geezzz..all they do is change the date and leave the same info on there.

  90. mittens says:

    uh… that’s not pureed human baby meat(!) but human baby food meat purees….oopsy! although as far as i know human babies just may be safe to feed your cats-not that anything else appears to be…but that would be breaking the law and we wouldn’t want to be sunk to the same moral level as menu foods…

    i would NEVER suggest pureed CEO but someone just may want to test one for contaminates- just in case.

  91. Helen says:

    Mittens, re: “im starting to think it is something like an addictive narcotic they’re putting in the more mass produced foods”

    The mystery ingredient may be phosphoric acid, which supposedly causes a tingly sensation on the tongue, which cat apparently like…a lot.

    It is also in carbonated soft drinks.

  92. straybaby says:

    “It was 22.00 flat to ship to me Fed Ex ground manner.”

    YaYa, where are you located? It cost me that to have 50lbs of meat delivered same manner PA to NY.

  93. DMS says:

    There is an excellent blog from a fish nutritionist in Thailand on goldy’s blog horse’s-you know what. Anyway, i am not sure if it is legal form me to copy it here, but i just think it really speaks to the kind of personal integrity and knowledge of one’s field that it takes to do the job right. If this is illegal, Itchmo admin can delete it. But please take the time to look it up . If only our FDA/USDA were so conscientious. I don’t even think they know how to do the job.

    Thomas Wilson says:
    I am a fish nutritionist working for a company in Thailand.
    My company produces both fish feed and shrimp feed for domestic aquaculture here.
    I am most concerned about feed quality and feed consistency, because this directly effects the results the farmer obtains when he uses our products.
    I rarely buy Chinese raw materials because I am looking for cheaper costs. I don’t trust the consistency and I most certainly don’t believe documents from Chinese suppliers, especially concerning heavy metals.
    Heavy metals are a serious problem in Chinese agricultural products. A meeting in China last year admitted that more than 12 million metric tons (US ton x 2.2) of Chinese cereals (wheat corn rice) are contaminated with heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic), and that more than 10% of Chinese farmland is polluted with heavy metals. The economic loss to China is huge, but the main driving force for change now is the rapidly increasing incidence of cancer in China.
    The question I ask myself, is — If I were Chinese and I knew that the agricultural products were unfit for human consumption, would I (1) destroy them, (2) feed them to people as if they were safe, (3) feed them to animals, or (4)export them?
    Your guess is as good as mine, but I think they would not be destroyed. My guess is they would lie about the levels of heavy metals in their documents, and (1) export them, or (2) feed them to animals. In any case, the heavy metals will probably enter the food chain somewhere.
    I unfortunately have to buy some materials from China, since for example, European supermarkets mostly want non-GMO ingredients in feed for shrimp that are to be exported to Europe. I can buy non-GMO corn gluten meal only from China.
    In some cases, factories in western countries have closed because they could not compete with Chinese prices, so it is getting harder to find non-Chinese sources of some raw materials.
    I installed equipment in my lab to check heavy metals, mainly to check Chinese raw materials. I thought this was the only thing I needed to worry about
    However, now we have the melamine problem in our hands in the USA (and also melamine in Chinese corn gluten meal in South Africa).
    We buy Chinese wheat gluten to use in shrimp feed, but I don’t think we would get caught the way the feed producers in the US were. The reason is we use wheat gluten to help to make shrimp feed stable in water for 2-3 hours. We test the gluten by washing it to remove all of the starch, knead it for a while, and measure the amount of water the gluten absorbs. If it doesn’t meet our standard, we don’t unload it from the truck. There is no way fake wheat gluten (wheat flour + 20% melamine) would pass this test.
    There is a certain amount of culpability in the US, because no one in the ingredients chain actually confirmed that the product was actually wheat gluten.
    The fake glycerol used in cough syrup in Panama that killed more than 100 people - which passed from the producer to a trader in Shanghai, another trader in Spain, another trader in Panama before it ended up in the government’s medicine factory was not checked by anyone to see whether it was actually glycerol. Why Not? Is it that there seems to be too much trust, or is it rather that testing everything is too much trouble and costs money.
    The USDA/FDA’s ALERT program is to remind food and feed producers that they should not forget they have substantial responsibility to ensure their raw materials and final products are safe.
    Today in USA Today, there is an article industries/food/2007-05-25-chi na-food-scandal_N.htm
    stating that Chinese officials said foreign companies are to blame for looking for cheaper and cheaper and cheaper raw materials. Well, in my opinion, the competitiveness of the food retail and food service industries in the and elsewhere partly to blame, driving prices down to attract customers.
    In the end all of us as consumers have to decide - when is cheap too cheap? While we are trying to make ends meet, and buying on low price, we are almost certainly going to be buying an imported product, and when do we start picking up undetected or hidden risks to our health and the health of our families (banned chemicals, chemical residues, heavy metals, filth etc.)
    Thai Govt agencies, including the Livestock Dept. and Fisheries Dept, as well as the animal feed producers association are working full time to find a way to check raw materials here, are surveying all feed producers for the possibility that they could have been using melamine -contaminated raw materials.
    They (as well as everyone else around the world) are trying to find equipment to set up testing for melamine as soon as possible. They want to reassure customers overseas that Thai feed and products such as pork, chicken, fish and shrimp are safe. If you don’t want to buy Chinese (just like me) then I think buying Thai would be safer.
    Thailand signed a free trade agreement with China, and cheap Chinese vegetables are flooding in and killing off all of the local producers, but I told my wife to support Thai farmers. US citizens should do the same. Then the US trade imbalance with China would be history.
    Anyway, I cannot speak for the whole aquaculture industry here in Thailand, but certainly the part of the aquaculture industry I am aware of is very concerned about the quality and safety of the food we produce.
    Thanks for reading
    05/25/2007 at 2:26 am

    it is found under the contaminated catfish article.

  94. kellie says:

    i feed wet 2 x a day and a bowl of dry stays down.

    I was just suggesting the CN dry as an option for when you arent home.

    my cats didnt like the baby food, i tried that, only one will eat people food or canned tuna.

    After someone posted a possible Mars/menu/Doane foods link i’m not using anything from Mars either. In my opinion they are the other purina(the #2 grocery store big brand) and they own Royal Canin one of the foods that actually killed not just sickened alot of dogs.

  95. Helen says:

    straybaby, the $22 includes the price of the food.

  96. YaYa says:

    Ooooops! Straybaby! I need to clarify that! LOL

    The 4Lbs of Food and Shipping Fed Ex ground was a Total of $22.00, all together total period! :-P

    {I forget that flat is also a term for shiping costs!}

  97. straybaby says:

    ah, OK! thanks!! I think my brain went on holiday! Duh!

  98. Purina Puke says:

    Has anyone heard of Purina being sued because of any of it’s products? It made my cat throw up. I’m just curious.

  99. Helen says:

    Chuck, those brands I listed as having offerred my cat…I don’t think any of them are poison now. If Purina or P&G bought one of them, I would stop feeding it immediately. I quit offerring the Merrick until I could find out more about the rendering plant, and am still not satisfied and not giving it right now. I don’t think the Merrick is unsafe, but that is my opinion after much research. Same with the others. I have not offerred any food without a lot of research, and just because I am willing to feed it right now doesn’t mean I won’t keep an eye on the company. You are absolutely right in your post. We can’t afford to let our guard down for a minute! Can’t with our own food either.

  100. ann says:

    I found this list that tells what is and isn’t good for dogs……

  101. ann says:

    chuck Candidae and felidae are canned by evangers. Cooked potatoes are good for dogs. Check out the abouve link. I agree that the primary ingredient should not be corn in any pet food

  102. mittens says:

    yeah i know mars bad but my girls gotta eat and i had one have a reaction to her heart meds wherein she was dehydrated and anoerexic( the meds stripped the potassium from her system. she’s a real chow hound so it was a shock when she wouldn’t eat. the meds were changed and she’s fine now)-and she;s hyperthyroid skinny-eats like a pig doesn’t gain an ounce. so i have to make sure she eats every day as much as she can stand. like many i have made compromises to ensure they eat and maintain there weight. i wish it were not so but it’s the best i can do for now.

    ive used canned sardines in water and mackrel too as well as the tuna and there mad for it. the wiskas had no grain in it which is why i opted to put aside my problems with the company and try to get these calico fiends to eat.i have a bag of the primal raw food in the freezer which i have yet to try.

    i think the key to all this is in the grain based products-whether its GMO or not. it seems to be the most likely culprit . i have this horrible feeling that someone is doing a massive snow job to ensure that somehow it all remains an alleged mystery so grain nazis like monsanto can foist their frankengrains off on the world. theyre the ones who started an investigative trial of their modified wheat in china years ago because no other country would let them do it. i have a feeling this is the offspring of that trial and if people knew that perhaps this is what exactly killed their pets there’s no way they’d be allowed to continue what theyre doing at least not without massive popular outrage.

  103. Lorie says:

    Purina Puke

    what are you feeding a lot of people have issues with Purina?

  104. ally says:


    I did LOTS of research for several weeks before making my choice to try Canidae. I believe their dry is made by Pied Piper (divulged through various sources). I did NOT make my decision over night. As I also said, I’m mixing in home cooking in the event I decide to completely switch to home cooked, something I’m learning and leaning toward. I have a close friend with the same breed as mine who’s fed Canidae to her dog her entire life. She’s one year old and healthy as can be. Both my dogs recently had lab/blood work done and came back with flying colors. So I don’t think I made my decision lightly. I may not yet have all the answers but I DO feel 100% better getting both my dogs off Hill’s prescription diets. At least I no longer have to worry about cancer causing preservatives like BHA and ethoxyquin (sp/).

    I watch my dogs like a hawk. They are the light of my life. If I suspect ANYTHING, off the Canidae they go. As for the Evanger’s wet I’ve been adding a little of to their kibble, I’ve been using that for well over a year. The type I buy is made from kosher meat, water and that’s it.

    As I’ve posted in various places for several weeks now, I encourage everyone to do their own research and make their own decisions. After all, you are the one who has to live with your choices. Being as informed as possible will undoubtedly help.

  105. menusux says:

    Katie Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    that is interesting about the recall in 2000 - reason being.. the old formulation of Eukanuba Sr Maint contained dl-methione and the new formulation contains; dl-methionine. I wonder why they changed back? I wonder what the symptoms were….



    The best URL I have right now for them both comes from a cats’ urinary health page. Know you’ve heard of people who tend toward having UTI problems drinking cranberry juice to prevent them.


    “Some dry foods especially designed for FUS prevention are Pinnacle Feline, Wellness Feline, and Innova Feline Light, all containing cranberries, which have been found to protect the bladder and urethral linings, and Wysong Uretic, containing DL-methione, an acidifying amino acid.

    “Use a supplement that promotes good urinary health. Both Vitamin C and the amino acid DLmethionine are natural urinary acidifiers. Cranberry extract can prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall to cause infection.”

  106. Sandy says:

    I looked at KMART…..My grocery store and a feed store still no bag like ya need…We are unpacking all the junk we DID buy lol for us….soon we are off to a nearby city to look at…..Walmart….Petco and 2 small petstores…we do not live my any big cities so this is the best we can do

    ANYONE IN CO lookm for the bag of IAMS please I Iam not in CO but still looking

    ALSO ON CA Natual…..Innova and EVO..I just got an email back…they are testing too for the cyanuric acid…..I am looking on there site late tonight for an update but I got it confirmed in email; THEY CARE AND ARE TESTING ..WHEW

  107. Lorie says:


    Look at the US***** number if it is not the same as the US# listed your state doesn’t get it from the same plant as CO. My state is US 61591 they need US30940 which I am guess is a west coast plant I am on the east coast. I have been to 3 stores all have thas same US #.

  108. Evy says:

    To All ~

    Kumpi Pet Foods are manufactured by Crosswind Pet Foods. None of the ingredients are sourced from China - not even the vitamins by second generation. The lamb meal is from New Zealand. My nutritionist has been doing multi-species work for over 35 years and works for zoos like The San Diego Zoo (on contract) and has successfully formulated feed for zebras, giraffes, elephants, etc; he has formulated the most widely used feed for rattites (the large birds that cannot fly, like emus, etc.)

    If you would be sweet enough to take the time to visit my website, you would find that we have tested all finished dry products manufactured this year for melamine, cyanuric acid, amoriline, amorilide and aminopterin. This protocol will continue.

    I can certify that none of the chickens used in Kumpi products were ever fed tainted pet food. I could certify all kinds of things and to a certain degree, that isn’t the entire point. It is the integrity, reputation and motivation of a company that needs to be examined these days as well. Again, please consider reading the history at

    I will take umbrance that corn is a ‘cheap filler’……that has been parroted so many times, but now, when safety is so important, it grieves me to read those words. IF there was a better grain to use than corn for the dog food (it isn’t in the cat food) believe me, it would be used. The fact is that corn brings a lot to the table nutritionally. Over 60% of the naturally occurring fat is Linoleic Acid aka Omega 6, a powerful anti-oxidant. Now, there are different grades of corn and a cheap filler corn may be used by other companies. But I pay dear money for a grade one, non-GMO corn and it’s part of the reason people’s dogs get such beautiful coats on Kumpi Dog Food.

    For over five years I have been trusted by The New York State K9 Handling Unit, MTA/NYC and The United Nations Ambassador Security K9 Unit. I watch over the integrity of my product and have developed a strong relationship with my manufacturer and the people who provide the dries to them. They themselves have many self imposed safeguards they don’t need to. But they are small and they aren’t into the ‘big bucks’ like some other companies.

    While I would never suggest Kumpi dog food is for every dog, there are these and many other law enforcement agencies who have seen incredible results from my ‘corny’ dog food.

    Ok, I’m typing too long lol. It just hurts me to be one of the safest foods out there (and yep, my manufacturer has been nowhere the recalls) only to read someone saying something about corn that isn’t true. But, I understand why you feel that way, since it’s been said so often by so many. Nutrition is an extreme science and if there was a way to get that ingredient off of the label AND keep the food as awesome as it is, don’t you think I’d do it in a hearbeat?

    Warm hugs to everyone’s FurAngels and mucho grande thanks to Itchmo, Therese and the whole gang who keep working on making this a story that won’t go away as long as we have their havens to gather in, share information and have direction on what senators/representatives to contact about legislation, etc. This is all so serious and sad.

  109. Evy says:

    ps I am the President/Owner of Kumpi Pet Foods, should have said that lol

    I do want you to know that I agree with you that there is such a thing as corn that is a cheap filler - grade five cwap. But please know that I wish as much as ANY consumer that I COULD indicate that on my ingredient label. However, doing so is considered an illegal label claim by the FDA. So much is so screwed up, that the good guys can’t say what we wish we could clarify and the bigger companies with deep pockets seems to be able to buy their way through illegal label claims.

    Take my word for it, I am just as frustrated, if not more!!!! than you are, since I’ve seen the deceptions and games of this industry firsthand for over nine years. I could take you to websites and ingredient labels for SO many companies and show you illegal claims. Those of us who value integrity and following the ‘law’ in what we say - well, don’t even get me started on the claims about ‘human grade ingredients’ !!

    Thanks for listening :)

  110. HomeGrown says:

    Wow Evy! Thanks for your post. I will be visiting your website and if I can find your food here I would not mind trying it. (Not much into ordering online).

    As I stated before re: the IAMS food. I have an unopened bag of Lamb and Rice food w/expiration date 6/19/08. The numbers are:
    190608 70504173 F5 US30940. Pretty close but not quite. Plus different type. If Itchmo wants it I will send it. I want nothing to do with it and will dispose of it when this is over anyway.

  111. Helen says:

    mittens, if Mars is all they are willing to eat and they have been ill, feed it, feed it! I have yet to see a pile of complaints about any of their products causing toxic illness. Many of their ingredients are low-grade junk, but they do not seem to be poisoning. (unless you count all the complaints about Nutro-including my own complaints) since Mars just purchased Nutro. Many of us have cats who will not cooperate. First order of business is keep them alive. If they remain alive, you can work on persuading them to eat better food. :)

  112. HomeGrown says:

    This WILL eventually be over won’t it? Not that it seems it will be any time too soon.

    Another thing I learned today and wasn’t real happy about was that I went to look at food processors for making my homemade pet food. While I was looking for place of origin what did I see? Okay, Made In China and then in small letters on the back of the box was a warning about the cord containing lead! I can’t remember the exact wording, but basically warned pregnant women about it and said to wash your hands after touching to cord! OMG!

  113. Lorie says:


    Hello, Just finished my 4lbs bag getting ready to open the 20 lbs one tomorrow. My tortie has stopped shedding so much and has no more dandruff AMAZING. At first they were drinking a ton lik eyou said but now everything is routine as usual thank you so much for caring. Geisha is still a shedding full all that long hair would be impossible not to shed but appears not as oily at roots. : ) After 9 weeks both seem to be acting very playful and back to normal. Lorie


  114. mittens says:

    my ‘purina puke’(Pukrina?) has been the canned friskies and 9 lives ground ONLY-NO cuts or flaps( my cats would never eat that shee-ite. and it seems the cuts and gravies styles were the main but not only of course wet food problem. my cats always hated it.)they like the ocean whitefish best and the salmon. ive always had 5-6 cats at a time .those those tiny Fatal Feasts were never an option. i have a herd o’ cats. they would never eat ‘iain’ts( alive) ‘or ‘puk-e-nubia’-ever dating back years.

    ive been loathe to switch them out because, well, who knows what’s next on the chopping block and ,again, some of my cats are tested every few months for kidney probs-sort of a built in monitor.

    i just got two feral torties from a rescue and they were giving them dry pukrina ‘kitten chow’ so i continued doing so as they didn’t seem to know what to do with wet food.ive been replacing it with evo slowly. my older cats are freakin addicted to the baby cats’ kitten chow though-they won’t stop stealing it.

  115. Evy says:

    Lorie ~

    I can’t resist responding. lol Remember when you were afraid to open that four pound bag of KumpiKat?? I don’t blame you after what you’d been through, but ain’t no recalls happening in my product lines. How can I be so confident? Cuz I know my manufacturer has actually fired supply sources!! They are a small company too in a small town whose economy relies on their success. If anyone knew how tenuous this industry is, they did and took many safeguards to protect a good thing.

    Whenever I have asked to review certifications they have never flinched a moment. When I asked to see their reviews from the American Institute of Bakers (they hold their plant to human bakery standards) they were proud to display their ‘excellent’ rating year after year.

    Again, I don’t claim that they or I are the only ones out there who see all types of animal food as sacred, but it is so sad that the pickins’ are so slim. And to answer publically an email I got that brought up a good question - yes, the law enforcement agencies buy Kumpi at market price, they aren’t getting it for free.

  116. HomeGrown says:

    You know Evy, I am impressed with the way you speak “human”. For being the President/Owner of a company you sure are down to earth. Not at all like the Stepford-CEO PR talk we have grown to dispise.

  117. Helen says:

    Homegrown, there is a post in the forum at thepetfoodlist titled “Kumpi saved my cat from a burning building”, which was a joke made because there were so many threads in the forum shouting Kumpi praises. Those posts are a great read. :)

  118. HomeGrown says:

    Thanks Helen, I will have to go look. I was looking at the Kumpi site and it isn’t available in my area. Wondering if I might be able to convince a store to order it in.

  119. Lorna says:

    From the beginning of this tragic mess I have thought that all major companies’ foods would be implicated.To me it is clear that they are all competing for market share,and the cheap/poisonous protein-boosters would be known by everyone,and used in order to remain competitive.

    So even now,I find it hard to believe that only 20 - pound bags of the alleged Iams Large Breeds , with specific numerology/dates, should be subjected,allegedly,to testing for CYA.
    Am I just over-the-top cynical ,or do others have the same thoughts?

  120. Evy says:

    Have mercy, I am literally laughing out loud. Thanks HomeGrown and Helen. It’s easy for me to be down to earth, because I am no different from anyone else here at Itchmo (except for the goons from corporate pet food companies that lurk) - my trade is dog behavior and I enjoyed it so much. My style was getting the owner to do more work on *their* behavior than their dog’s lol. I loved when people asked me what I thought the most difficult breed of dog was and I’d tell them, wrong question LOL.

    I just got freaked out when my dog died less than two months after his fifth birthday. I am in my 50’s and back in the day, it wasn’t a thing to worry about a large breed dog until they were 15 years old or so. I was still teaching for the first six years of this company and thought I was some freak of nature when I kept telling my students NO eight years is NOT senior!!! Mike P. has been buying Kumpi for five years and he has three St. Bernards and one is over ten now and kicking St. Butt :)

    But my vet said.

    But I read online.


    I have frustrated some people who have contacted me about becoming a distributor. It takes way more than money. I won’t connect with a store that I can’t get direct reference to from someone I know and trust. Plus, they can’t sell any pets in their stores. I’ve got a list so long and I’ve been accused of being a bad business woman :) Well, got news for ya folks, the business part of it is secondary.

    The minute that food leaves my watchful eyes (haha ask my two employees about heat compromising the food - Kelly actually called today while bringing me some in her car and asked if it’s ok for her to stop and get a soda on the way here - yes I am freaky careful about the product) I’ve GOT to know it will be cared for and not sitting in glare sunshine at 3 pm or torn (oxidation begins) and retaped for ’sale’, etc. Man, it’s like this company is like my baby. I wasn’t trying to start a pet food company, but now that grass roots has kicked in, I’ve become even more paranoid about who distributes it. I’ve said no to Petsmart, Petco, Costco. Well to brokers for them. Too close to corporate for me.

    I know each of my retailers personally - a few are ex-students of mine lol. I just don’t want to be naive and ship off a ton of food for sale to someone who doesn’t care about it the way I do. I’ve been told THAT is naive, but sobeit. At least I know wherever a bag of Kumpi product is bought, it’s safe, it’s good and just what I would sell myself.

    Ok, I type too fast lol.

    Question to y’all. My webmaster brought up a good point today. He suggested that I offer to IM with folks - I have an msn account, but haven’t used it in years. I type so fast it wouldn’t be a problem. He was thinking to post my msn handle on the sites under ‘contact us’ and offer that as a way of ‘talking’ with folks. Are there folks who’d be more comfortable doing the IM thing vs. a phone call??

    Just wondering :)

    Gonna go git some dinner - working on my Kumpi Burger recipe LOL. j/k (maybe)


  121. HomeGrown says:

    Evy I think that would be a great idea if you can handle the volume.I am guessing people will flood you. You care and that is what people need to know from the ones who make the food for their pets, now more than ever.

  122. Evy says:

    Thanks for the feedback. On the same token, now is when people are needing answers more than ever and I am trying to consider all avenues possible. My home phone number is posted, my email address lol but I want to consider all options. I’ll be thinking on it :)

  123. Lorie says:


    I typed in IAMS plant code 4173 and this document came up if you scroll down it has all the people who run the plant and their desk phone numbers

  124. JJ says:

    Chuck regarding your post at 11:47 am. I just read a couple days ago about potatoes and feeding them to dogs. According to what the site said if the potatoes are cooked e.g. mashed they are safe. It is the raw potato I believe you are talking about right? I will call Evangers as I feed my dog the duck with sweet potato in it and if it were not cooked there would be lumps in the food from the raw potato. She has been eating that and other Evangers canned (no fish though, fraid of mercury in fish) for over 5 months now and there is nothing wrong with her. Let me know what you think. Thx.

  125. mittens says:

    it’s the potato eyes( those white growths that look like roots springing out) and leaves that are poisonous to cats and dogs. the meat of the potato is fine.

  126. kb says:

    cross posted at petconnection
    While we’re fighting to make our food safe, our frenemies in DC are weakening a bill.

    House Subcommittee Today Approves Language Slipped into Farm Bill that Prevents States from Protecting their Citizens

    Center for Food Safety Recognizes that Proposal Ties States’ Hands, Weakening Food Safety Protections at a Time When they Need to be Strengthened

    Washington May 24, 2007 – Earlier today, the House Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry approved new language slipped into the 2007 Farm Bill that pre-empts any state prohibitions against any foods or agricultural goods that have been deregulated by the USDA. The passage appears to be aimed at several recently enacted state laws that restrict the planting of genetically engineered (GE) crops, but could also prohibit states from taking action when food contamination cases occur.

    “Given the recent spate of food scares, it’s shocking to see this attempt to derail safeguards for our food and farms,” said Joseph Mendelson, Legal Director of the Center for Food Safety. “We need a Farm Bill that will promote stronger food safety standards, not one that attacks these vital state-level protections.”

    Full article here.

    What is it, one step forward, two steps back?

  127. menusux says:

    Canada is also looking for “monkfish”:;k=2581

    CFIA on lookout for contaminated monkfish
    Vancouver Sun May 25, 2007

    “The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is trying to trace two shipments of frozen monkfish from China that may contain a potentially deadly toxin.

    “Mary Ann Green, CFIA’s director of the fish, seafood and production division, said in an e-mail today the shipments had arrived at the same time as those sent to California seafood importer Hong Chang Corp. It’s not known which provinces received the shipments.”

  128. DMS says:

    kb, i wonde what it would take to boycott monsanto or whoever the gmo lobbyists are who are diluting this legislation. i will research, but we probably would not be able to eat anything ever again. It’s all cross-pollinated now or soon will be.

  129. kb says:

    I’d love to know which lobbyists were behind that. Why does our food have to be GMO or irradiated or cloned? Arrgh.

  130. Purina Puke says:

    Lorie Says:

    May 25th, 2007 at 6:07 pm
    Purina Puke

    what are you feeding a lot of people have issues with Purina?

    Oh don’t worry I don’t feed them Purina anymore. I’ve been on this site for awhile under a different name but several people were giving me trouble so I changed it. I feed my cats something else now. Don’t want to say what I’m feeding now so people can give me a hard time about that too. Don’t get me wrong most people here have been wonderful but a few people DID give me a hard time. Not trying to offend anyone, sorry if I have.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had trouble with Purina products. I used to feed them Cat Chow and Purina One.

  131. Zoe says:

    The Chinese and just about everyone else knows that pufferfish is poisonous, yet they send it disguised as monkfish and evidently it is being sold as monkfish. Now why would they do that?

  132. Purina Puke says:

    I never realized before that just changing what food you feed an animal can cause such a huge difference!

    Their energy level is higher. Their coats look better. They’re more playful. They overall seem happier and more content.

    I just want to thank Itchmo and the people here for going out of their way to educate people.

  133. Purina Puke says:

    P.S. I have to wonder if some of the people giving others a hard time on this site are really people from those pet food companies. If they can drive people away from itchmo, it’s better for them you know. *Shifty eyes.* Maybe more of us need more *under cover* names. LOL If we keep changing the names on them maybe we can confuse them. Hee hee hee.

  134. Anonymous says:


  135. Anonymous says:

    I saw on this form where the President of Kumpi pet foon was on here hawking her Co’ pet food. Is this where all the pet food co come to sell? What better place than where we are looking for food? All say theirs is the best, who next? Menu? Free advertising? If this is a manufacturs blog, then
    I B Gone

  136. Evy says:

    Anonymous ~

    Wow, you sound like a competitor. False claims. Taking things of out context.

    Purina Puke, these companies do thing you wouldn’t believe; far worse than trying to make someone look bad online. Pretty sad.

    It won’t drive people away from Itchmo - that’s only in their dreams!

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